1800Baskets Home for the Holidays Extravaganza

At the end of November, I was lucky enough to attend an event in Chicago for 1-800-Baskets.com & Celebrations. I am posting this a bit later than I usually would post about an event. December was a hard month on my family, so some things were a bit delayed.

Anytime I give a gift, one thing that I love to do is to make more of what I am gifting. During this event, I learned so much about gift baskets and how to present them.


Presentation really IS everything! When I walked in to this room, my heart melted! The smell of roses was simply stunning and the appearance of the table presentation was gorgeous!


See the champagne glasses? That, my friends, is Shawn Rabideau’s Cranberry Mimosa Twist. This was the best drink I think I have ever tasted! Great party drink idea, that’s for sure!

You can easily use food as part of your table décor, as well as decorative boxes, flowers and your favorite serving dishes.


I was able to meet Shawn Rabideau, Expert on the 1-800-FLOWERS.com blog & on Celebrations.com, where he taught us so many things on how to plan for your get-togethers, parties, celebrations, and even how to reuse a wreath from a previous holiday.

We were then lead to the decorating room so that we could see how baskets are made, and we were able to have our own hands on! Talk about heaven on Earth!


At my station, I was given everything that I needed to create my own gift basket.


I was given Glue Dots to help keep the items in place.


My basket came out beautiful, if I say so myself!

I was quite proud of my bow!


One question that I asked was “How do you determine what goes in each gift basket?” They replied that they have several companies that they work with and they go through their products to determine what type of product goes in each basket arrangement. Also, they work with prototypes and do outside surveys and they outreach to consumers asking their opinions and thoughts on what they like and would like to see in the gift baskets. I love this process! I remember growing up and we would receive a gift basket that we didn’t care for. While the though overall was nice, we didn’t use or eat half the thing that came in it. It is nice to see the process that Celebrations goes through to for their gift baskets.

Once we got our gift baskets created, we had the chance to go through some fun and affordable table decorating ideas, using a lot of things that you already have. I never would have thought to use things like popcorn, popcorn balls and even candy with dishes that you already have to decorate any table. Did you know that Baskets.com goes through as much popcorn to fill Soldier Field? That is a LOT! The popcorn & adorable popcorn tins are from The Popcorn Factory. Looks yummy, doesn’t it?



You can easily use candy, treats, food and even make a fun and yummy cookie tree as your centerpiece. With your napkins, how cute is it to put a bell on them, to create a fun napkin ring!


The Cookie Tower is from Cheryls.com. It was beautifully set up and smelled amazing!


With gifts that you buy from Celebrations & 1-800-Baskets.com, just about everything serves a purpose more than just for box decorations. You can easily use the decorative cardboard that the treats come in, to put around a candle for a beautiful decorative table piece.


Just as we were leaving this room, it was really neat to see the area where the gift baskets are plastic wrapped and prepared for shipping.


Seeing how the gift baskets are created was beyond neat to see! We were then taken to another section of the building where we learned some fun ideas on decorating that table, presentation, and we even learned about the different chocolates and wines that Celebrations sells.


With your table decorations, you can use so many things to make your table gorgeous; pine cones, ball ornaments, flowers and so much more!



When we travel for the holidays, the kids have their own ‘kids table’. The kids table is usually a plain table, so I wanted to introduce you to a fun way to keep the kids entertained at any event.

You can add paper on the table; add crayons so that they can color, but another thing that I saw that was a fantastic idea was to add peanut butter, popcorn and a pine cone. What is this for? The kids can color or they can make a bird feeder from this arrangement.


While in this area, we were taught so many things about wine parings with chocolate and cheese. I have only been wine tasting a handful of times. I was very excited to taste some different wine from Wine Tasting.com and to learn about the different flavors that are brought out when you pair it with cheese and chocolates from Fannie May.



What pairing do you prefer? I, myself, love wine and chocolate. Yummy together! The chocolates are from Fannie May and have to be the best tasting that I have ever had!

I have heard of chocolate covered strawberries, but I had never heard of or even thought of chocolate covered apples. These were amazing!


There are so many gift ideas that are offered by Celebrations.com and their sister companies! I wanted to also invite you to check out a Party Planner online invitation ability that is on the website. The Party Planner has the best online invitations available on the web. It’s free to use and you can create the most sophisticated and personalized invites with it. There are more features when you upgrade as well.

For more information, please check out the following websites!

Celebrations on Facebook: www.facebook.com/partyideas

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  1. Wow, that looks amazing! Seeing pics of so many beautiful things in one place is almost breathtaking, I can only imagine what it must have been like in real life. Your bow looks fabulous and I see you have coffee in your basket – that’s my favorite kind of gift basket!

  2. so cool! looks like loads of fun!