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Free Sample of GoodNites Sleep Pants

We are in the process of potty training DS. He is doing great! At night time, we like to put a pull up on him, but he also pulls on a regular pair of big boy underwear. I guess its knowing that he has his big boy undies on that helps him go on the […]

Free Sample of Tide with Dawn StainScrubbers

“New Tide with Dawn StainScrubbers gives you a powerful pre-treating boost that unlocks and removes tough stains. Plus, 2X Ultra Tide with Dawn StainScrubbers is concentrated to give more active ingredients in every drop.”CLICK HERE Tweet

Free Sample of Parent’s Choice Baby Formula

Parent’s Choice is giving away samples of their baby formula.Choose between Milk Baby Formula, complete nutrition for your baby’s first year, and Gentle Baby Formula, for babies experiencing fussiness or gas.Click HERE for your free sample! Tweet

Warm Goodness

My co-workers think I am nuts for liking my Chocolate Malt-O-Meal, but being sick, there’s nothing else that is agreeing with my tummy. This wishy washy weather we are having (50 degrees and sunny one day, 30 the next and snow) is really getting to me. DH has been very supportive to my baby needs. […]

Jammin’ It

Being sick, I want to be as comfortable as possible. I LOVE my Gap pajamas! They are so comfy! I have been lounging around all weekend in them. Just give me my bottle of water, Lifetime TV, jammies and cozy blanket and I am one happy camper! Thank goodness DH is here to bring me […]

Weekend Wonders

There’s nothing better than a lazy weekend. I started to clean the house, but since I have been sick, I could really care less about cleaning right now. The kids and I are just hanging out all day today. Tucker and I are watching Nemo, about to eat lunch and Kambry is napping in her […]

Free Subscription!

WOOHOO! I got my 1st issue of Star Magazine today! I filled out a survey on March 2nd and my 1st issue already arrived! I have never really read in detail a Star Magazine, until today. I must say that I am impressed. I like this magazine! There’s nothing like keep up with the stars […]

Charge it?

I made an excel spreadsheet that has all of 2008 budgeted. Well, I conquered something that technically wasn’t supposed to happen until June (scheduled). We got ALL debt paid off ahead of schedule! All credit cards are zero balances! This is a huge sigh of relief and feel so good! The 6 cards that e […]

Moving Trucks

Ah, the joy of moving. With moving, comes boxes, packing and hauling your stuff to your new home. We haven’t had much luck in the past with our own moving trucks. I already told hubby that if we had to move again, we would definitely be getting a mover. How easy and less stressful would […]

Camping ‘In’

For Christmas this past year, Gamaw bought Tucker a Pacific Play Tents Train Bed Tent from Toys R Us. OK I have to admit something **blush** I get in this tent with him. Shhh! LOL! This tent fits on top of his twin size bed and oh my gosh.. It makes bed time fum and […]

Perfection; All bottled up!

When I was pregnant with Tucker, I never really gave much thought to bottles. Why? I thought they were all pretty much the same. We had issue after issue with feedings with him. I did not want to go through that this time, with Kambry. I received a sample of an Avent bottle. I thought […]

Splash in to life!

When I was first given a Trident Splash gum, I thought “Oh, I don’t know about that!” I popped it in my mouth and I loved it! A co-worker and I are always bringing in new flavors for the other one to try. If you haven’t ventured out yet to try some, you have to! […]

Calorie King

I posted about Calorie King in yesterday’s post. I have to admit that a friend had this book in her purse and I thought “Uh.. Ok.” LOL! I didn’t quite understand the whole point of it. I went and bought it shortly after I heard her rave about it. It is amazing! I was with […]

Wings! Wings! More Wings!

What in the world is it about Buffalo Wild Wings that had me at hello? I love this place! What is funny is that DH knows how much I like this place and he waits outside for the grand opening (with a ton of teenie boppers. LOL) because the first 100 people in the door […]

Tracking Devices

Do you ever just feel like you are being watched? I give high fives to Statcounter. I subscribe to them on all of my websites (Photography, family website, Blogger, MySpace) and I find it interesting to see who is stalking me. I get hits from all over. Statcounter rocks! Tweet

Blog Off!

I have to laugh at my new shirt. I saw this last night at Steve & Barry’s and just laughed out loud in the store. My friend that was with me probably thought I was a looney toon because I was laughing at this. Tweet

Weight Loss

I dont know about you, but I am more motivated when I have a group surrounding me that knows what I am going through. I started out as a member on way back in 2005, after the birth of my son. I loved the support, I stayed motivated and lost 105 pounds while on […]