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Contest is closed!

Thank you to all that entered the One Step Ahead contest! Winner will be drawm randomly and will be notified and posted by by May 15, 2008. I HOPE to be able to have time this weekend or early next week to get it completed! Post is here Winner will be chosen at RANDOM and […]

Infant Constipation

Tuesday, April 29, 2008 Kam has been really cranky and we think that in between the ear infection that we think she may be getting, she may also be a tad constipated. I was reading up on some home things that we can try. We gave her 1/2 tsp of Milk of Magnesia and so […]

What I Know Now

Tuesday, April 29, 2008Now that I am a mommy.. I have learned so many things! Spider man band aids DO go with everything. Especially skirts. The new words I come up with when I stub my toe are endless. Words such as: Owiemoofa, heemiecaca… among other countless words. I never thought I would use mommy […]

Free subscription of Interview magazine

Tuesday, April 29, 2008 I just came across this and it was too good not to pass on to my fellow readers! Click here for your FREE one year subscription to Interview Magazine! Enjoy! Tweet

Refreshing Rebates

Tuesday, April 29, 2008 I have a few friends that have already gotten their IRS stimulus rebates already. What are you going to use yours for? With our 2007 refund, we paid off all debt (with the exception of vehicles and one emergency card that has a small balance) so with $500 of our stimulus […]

Menu Plan Monday

Monday, April 28, 2008What’s on your plate for Monday? We had Tacos. Tucker LOVES his tacos! Tuesday, we will probably have homemade Belgein waffelsWednesday we may have a fin for yourself night since we have food day at work (Gotta love those days!)Thursday, I am thinking that Spaghetti will be in store with yummy garlic […]

Learning is fun!

Tucker is really in to counting, learning his colors, shapes and all the questions that he asks are just unbelievable. His speech has really gotten so clear in the last month! Its so amazing (yet sad!) to see my little boy growing in to such a smart little man. :*( Tweet

Free Business Cards

Sunday, April 27, 2008 Have you been looking for the perfect business cards? What if I was to tell you that you could get them for free with free shipping? Stop by Unlimited Free Business Cards and register for an account to get your Free Business Cards with FREE shipping! There are thousands of templates […]

Holy Gas!

Sunday, April 27, 2008 I about had a heart attack when I filled up yesterday. Ack! Our prices are right around $3.49 a gallon. I saw it elsewhere locally for $4.14 a gallon, but when I drove back by 8 hours later, it was back to $3.49. What is gas in your area? Thanks to […]

Oopsie Dazie!

Sunday, April 27, 2008 What a FUN name for such a FUN product and company! We were sent several selections from Oopsie Dazie’s collection of bows, clips, ponies and beautiful bands. All managed to stay in Kambry’s hair and the bands actually stayed on her head. Tucker kept walking up to her, patting her on […]


Saturday, April 26, 2008 I do not think that I am alone when I say that those child proofing outlet covers are the hardest things to remove; are they not?! I found a product that has changed my mind completely! The WedgEZ is the ONLY Outlet Plug Remover that will help you easily and safely […]

Springy Weekend

Where in the world did the Spring weather go? It was mid 70’s last week and this weekend, it barely made it to 50 degrees. I am ready to put away the coats and winter attire, thats for sure! Do you Spring Clean? I am starting mine on May 5th and I plan on holding […]

Thought of the day

It’s just as difficult to reach a destination you don’t have, as it is to come back from a place you have never been. Tweet

Friday’s Feast

Friday, April 25, 2008 On Fridays, we have food day at work. YUM! I love food days! Any occasion for a girl at work to bring in her home made Italian pastry cookies is the best day ever! I am bringing in BBQ Smokey weenies. Usually I bring in Meatballs, but BBQ Smokies was a […]

One Stop Printing Source

VistaPrint offers the best printing at the best prices in town! I, personally, have ordered from VistaPrint and the service, and not to mention the quality, cannot be beat. The turn around is amazing and the products are the best of quality that I have seen. I send out a lot of cards to family […]

Post-it Bandit

Thursday, April 24, 2008 I read today in a parenting magazine some fun things to do with your toddler at home. I had to laugh at the idea of giving him a pad of post it notes, a pen and letting him go around the house and write on the post its and put them […]

Bows 2 Cute are just TOO cute for words!

I had a wonderful opportunity to review some “Baby No Slip” hair bows and clips for Kambry from Bows 2 Cute. I was sent an adorable Lady Bug clip (which just so happened to match the new dress that I just got Kambry!) as well as another very colorful clip. I love to have bows […]

Mother’s Day

Wednesday, April 23, 3008 Mother’s Day is right around the corner… Literally! My first Mother’s Day was after Tucker was born. He was 10 months old. It was still SO COLD out. The hubby made plans for all three of us to go out on the Mississippi River on a River Boat for a brunch. […]

Got Art? You can now!

Imagine receiving your choice of any masterpieces in our online art gallery in less than 10 days. Own your own oil reproductions masterpiece with Oil Paintings Reproductions. You don’t have to be a millionaire to enjoy a genuine oil painting of Claude Monet’s ‘Water Lily Pond’ or Van Gogh’s ‘Starry Night’ in your own home. […]

Zoobies Giveaway!

What is a Zoobie? Zoobies are a wonderful creation that is a cuddly plush animal, a soft pillow and an amazingly warm blanket. My son LOVES his Zoobie! We adopted Jafaru the Giraffe and Jafaru goes everywhere that Tucker does! You can see more in our previous post here. Would you like a chance to […]

Shining Saturday!

Ahhhh… refreshing day! I woke up at 6:00am and headed to the gym, worked out for about two hours, showered and came home to get ready for the March of Dimes walk. We, as a family, decided to walk at the March for Babies walk together. In the past, I have gone by myself or […]


TGIF!! Does anyone have anything planned for the weekend? We have a family fun night tonight planned with pizza and swimming, then our annual March of Dimes walk tomorrow morning. Miss Kam is growing so fast and Tucker too. Life is too short to skip the cuteness of the world! Tweet

What’s for dinner?

I just got this in my inbox and it sounds yummy! I think we will try this tonight!Wild Rice, Chicken Caesar Wraps 1 package seasoned wild rice 3-4 boneless chicken breasts 1/2 cup. caesar dressing (add to taste) 1 package 6 Directions Cook rice as directed, and while it is simmering cook chicken in a […]

Cannot wait!

I cannot wait to go see this movie! Baby Mama. I laughed so hard during the trailer that the hubby thinks I lost my marbles Tweet

Chubby Jump!

I love seeing chubby little legs bouncing in the Jumperoo! This has to be one of the best inventions ever! Tweet

True Lemon ~ Free samples

I received my free samples in the mail. As I sit here, I am drinking my water with the lemon in it. YUMMY! People love using True products for flavoring water (as alternatives to sweetened water enhancers, flavored waters, diet sodas or sweetened drinks) as well as for adding to their hot/iced teas, beverages or […]

The Key to Happiness! The Sedona Method!

Would you like to be more in control of your emotions? Do you know someone that would like to learn how to gain their own control? In the end, they themselves are the one who suffered the pain both emotionally and physically. So how can we free our emotion? The Sedona Method is helping people […]

What’s for dinner tonight?

Tonight, we are making (as a family), breakfast! We love breakfast in our house. With the hubby and I being more aware of what our family consumes, we had some scrambled egg whites, turkey bacon and some toast with ‘I cant believe its not butter’ on it. Yummy! Tucker loves to help make meals so […]

Home Magazine (Free Subscription)

I ordered my FREE Home Magazine subscription on April 11th and I received my first issue yesterday (April 15th!) It took 4 days for it to process and get to me. The label on the magazine says that my subscription is good until May 15, 2009. If you want your free one year subscription, check […]

Tiny Talk Tuesday

Tiny Talk Tuesday Tucker’s new thing is “Huh?” and “Just a minute!” Mommy: “Tucker, are you ready to go? We are going out to dinner.” Tucker: “Huh?” Mommy: “Ready to go?” Tucker: “Are we going in the sil’ber (silver) car?” (Mommy’s van is silver). Mommy: “Yes.” Tucker: “Just a minute!” It is really funny when […]

Adoption is complete!

Well, we decided to adopt Jafaru the Giraffe for Tucker and Tama the Tortoise for Kambry. We went to the store to look at the Alligator, but when Tucker saw it, he ran. LOL! It was pretty funny, then he saw G’Raff (as he calls him!) and he cuddled him and we took him home […]

Adopting a Zoobie tonight!

Which one will Tucker choose? We are going tonight to look at them and adopt one! He said last night that he really liked the Alligator one. These are the neatest things I have seen in a long time! Stuffed animal that turns in to a pillow, then to a huge cuddly blanket. I cannot […]

Beautiful Bumblebee Baby Creations

I am very excited to let everyone know about Allison’s wonderful giveaway that she is hosting! When I visited Bumblebee Baby Creations , I immediately noticed some great items! My son would love to have the I’m A Fireman! T-Shirt and with his 3rd birthday approaching this summer, I may have to get him the […]

Travelling Sunday

Kam and I are flying back home today. I am excited to see my boys, but sad to leave. :*( We didnt get to do as much as we planned on doing, but we had a wonderful and fun time! I hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday… Until next time! Tweet

Shrinky Dink Saturday

I am in Ohio for the weekend. Kambry and I have been here since Wednesday evening. We are visiting friends and are having a great time! I miss my boys, but it is so nice to get out of the house from time to time. We are about to make Shrinky Dinks. I haven’t made […]

Saurday Shout Out!

Just giving my readers a Saturday shout out! ” The ability and energy to do something lies in the self-interest of wanting to do it, if we can just put fear and doubt beyond our imagination.” Tweet

FREE One Year Subscription: Home Magazine

I thought I would pass this along. I have gotten a few FREE magazines in my mailbox recently and the one for HOME magazine is one that I couldn’t pass up! Click HERE for your FREE one year subscription! Enjoy! Tweet

Mommy & Me!

With the thought of Mother’s Day.. I was just thinking that I do not have too many pictures of my mother and I together. I hope to get some of the two of us this May when I go visit her with the kids. Tweet

Half a year!

Hard to believe my princess is half a year old already! When I got home from work on the 1st, DH had this on Kambry’s car seat. I had to take a picture! How sweet is this? Tweet

My City

MyCityFaces.comwas started out of the need for everyday people to advertise themselves in a personable and professional manner, and for others to find the right person for everyday needs. To help, we’ve built the premier Web service for bringing people together…Face to Face! MyCityFaces.comcombines service-specific targeted search with user-friendly profiles, to help our guests find […]

Playroom Swimming

We were playing upstairs in the playroom today and Kambry was sitting up so well in the baby bathtub. See…. There IS another use for a baby bathtub afterall! Tweet

Sleepytime Soothing

Of all the infant crib toys that I tried with Tucker, I saw the Fisher Price – Rainforest Waterfall Soother when I was pregnant with Kambry and decided to splurge on it. At first, I really was not fond of the idea of paying over $30 for a crib toy, but after the past 6 […]

Earn money doing things that you like to do!

Do you want to earn some extra money? UniqPaid pays you real cash for signing up for offers of great services and purchasing of FREE STUFF. You will get paid to complete offers! is an international program. Memberships are available worldwide. They pay you Real Money for signing up for Free Offers, for reading […]

What Do You Do All Day?

I have to post this! My mother sent this to me and I just laughed! A man came home from work and found his three Children outside, still In their pajamas, playing in the mud, with empty Food boxes and wrappers Strewn all around the front yard. The door of his wife’s car was open, […]

Lisa Leonard Designs Giveaway!

I recently saw some new designs by Lisa Leonard and I have to say that I want them all! They are so beautiful! My only problem with this, is that there are just too many designs for me to pick from! NEW! Tiny Squares. Two hammered squares (About 1/2″ each) are hung from a thick, […]

My own domain!

WOOHOO! I have bought The blogger domain will automatically forward to YAYAYAYA!! Tweet