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Oh, holy moly! We are done with the playroom. I still need to trim the top, but we are ready to bring the kids to the new home! Oh… I cannot wait to see my babies tomorrow!!! Here is a pic of the tile that we used for our kitchen. It is amazing in person! […]

Cook Off

When it comes to having a Cook off or just having a BBQ in the back yard with friends, I love to have just about everything from steaks to sea food to please everyone. Here is one of my favorite recipes of all times! Margarita Shrimp or Scallops 2 TBS triple Sec2 TBS lime juice […]

Welcome HOME!

I will be doing a whole blog post on where I got this BEAUTIFUL plaque for our new home, very soon! I just had to post a picture of it. We are going great on the remodeling. We are on day two (FULL day) and we have gotten the carpet down in the living room, […]


I am seriously on a roll here! We are a day and a half ahead of schedule with the house remodeling that we are doing before we bring the kids to their new home! YAY! I ripped up the carpet (NASTY stuff!) and we bought the tile carpet pieces and installed them. SO easy and […]

Volkswagen ac compressor

Don’t you just love this summer heat? Oh, holy moly, I don’t know where I would be without my air conditioning in my car. One of my friends has one of the new VW Bugs and if her Volkswagen ac compressor goes out, she never knows where to go, so I told her that I […]

We are HOME!

Oh holy moly! We are HOME! We are missing our babies, but it is nice to get moved in, settled, carpet layed, painting the rooms, etc. and not have to worry if the little ones will get in to the materials. I have tons of pics from our remodeling process, but since we just got […]

Walking down the aisle

Tucker did great walking down the aisle with Keira yesterday. I wont even get in to his behavior once he sat down. LOL! He looked so handsome in his suit! Tweet

How many boxes?

I am wondering how many boxes and things our UHaul will hold tomorrow? I will take pics before, during and after the loading process. I cannot believe that ALL of our things from our ENTIRE house is in our garage. Tucker is sleeping in his tent on a mattress pad in his room and Kam […]

Crest Whitestrip Contest!

For my wedding in 2003, I used Crest Whitestrips, but not as regular as I should have and nothing near what I have used them this go around. I have seen a dramatic improvement in my teeth! I no longer have the yellow crack in my teeth, my teeth feel better and look better than […]

My Little Penguin

Tucker looked so handsome in his tuxfrom the wedding yesterday!I do not recommend taking kidsunder the age of 10 to a wedding,at all! I am still trying to recoverfrom carrying around Kambry andchasing after Tucker. The next wedding,we WILL have a sitter or I will notbe able to go. Far too stressful on mommy! Tweet

Personal Loans

Moving day is tomorrow (Monday)! YAY YAY!! I am so ready! With the remodeling that hubby and I will be doing this week to our house, it is nice to know that if we needed some fast cash, we can apply get an Online Personal Loans Fast. We are going to get the UHaul at […]

My new best friend

We are in Madison right now for a wedding. My new best friend is Mandy…. My navigational partner. Really – her name is Mandy. What are the odds? I have a best friend, Mandy, that lives in CA! Oh my goodness! I love my TomTom (Mandy). If you haven’t had the pleasure of having one […]

Stuck on You Winner

WOOT! A winner was drawn atrandom and has replied! You can see theoriginal post here. Congratulations Terra! Tweet

Family Organizer Winners

I will be posting the winners for the Family Organizer contest soon. We are out of town for a wedding and I will be getting those randomly drawn and posted as soon as I hear from the winners! Tweet

Dad Gear ~ Contest!

Hubby loves our Courier Retro Stripe GreenDaddy diaper bag from Dad Gear! I love it too because he isn’t shy to want to carry the bag when we are out in public any more. We have found that when we are out, it doesn’t really look like a diaper bag, but more like a necessity […]

Journey to a new you

I have a good friend in Texas that had gastric bypass surgery and I am not too keen for the dramatic weight loss solutions and that is where I have heard people having good results from lapband. I recently lost 60 pounds after the birth of my daughter and I am back to my pre-pre-pregnancy […]


Seriously. When will the chaos end? We still have so much to get done for moving day on MONDAY. EEEKK. I did get our cell phone service changed over. I love my new phone! Its weird, but I am getting used to it. Can you tell I am a manic texter? LOL! But seriously… When […]

t-shirt printing

I used VistaPrint for my t-shirt printing, business cards and all of my printing needs. I was very impressed with their service and products! VistaPrint has TShirts25 for 25% Off. With their fabulous pricing that starts at $6.00, the possibilities of new t-shirts are just about endless! They are high-quality shirts are a great way […]

One Busy Mama!

At times, I really wish we hired a moving company to get in here and pack and move our stuff. This is the wonderful view of my living room. Ahhhh.. Gotta love the boxes everywhere. Tweet

Great Buy!

I got a great buy today! I bought an awesome 12 piece bedding set for our new room! Its so pretty! And no flowers (Hubby thanks me. LOL!) It was on sale from $300.00 down to $60.00! Click on the images below for a larger view of the bedding. Tweet


I am heading out the door to go buy paint. WOOT! I am getting this “Pony Tail” color for 2 walls in my kitchen, the dining room, bathroom off the kitchen, and living room. I cannot wait to get started! Tweet

Dream Jobs

Anyone with kids would probably tell you that their dream job is to be a stay at home mommy to their babies. I am finally able to do that. Previously, I would say that my dream job would be to get in to home decorating and remodeling. With the purchase of our first home, I […]

Planet Heros ~ Freebie!

Tucker LOVES Planet Heros! For those of you with kids who enjoyed Ace in Space and Here Comes the Sun, Fisher Price is offering another free Planet Heroes DVD…The Ace that Jumped Over the Moon. Order now and receive your free 16-minute episode within 12-14 weeks. These DVDs can be used as a gift topper […]


I have to praise Graco products and customer service. I love Graco and will always use Graco for all my baby needs. Right after Kambry was born, we had bad luck with her pink swing. The motor wasn’t working and we took it back to the local store 3 times, then on the second day […]

Fan for Kam’s room

I have to share the adorable fan that I got for Kambry’s room. Her walls will be yellow and pink and the room will be accented with green. I cant wait to get her room painted and see how the overall room looks! Tweet


Tucker loves his bodemi Reading Kaboodle. We use it for “Quiet Time” before bed time, the most. One hour before bed, we have quiet time and he lays down; no playing, and will watch a movie and get geared up for bed. When we got the bodemi Reading Kaboodle, he was excited! We take it […]

Little Einstein Milk with Omega-3 DHA

Tucker is really in to Little Einstein! Loves them! Well, when he has his biscuits and cereal for breakfast, he thinks it is neat to have his Little Einstein milk. I think this is a very neat concept and not to mention that it is very healthy for your little ones! Stremicks Heritage Foods is […]

Bath Toy Storage

Up until I discovered Boon’s selection of toys and bath toy organizers, we have had containers and a stretchy mesh type bag to keep the kids bath toys in. What a mess it made and not to mention that the stretchy mesh became brittle and moldy from the water. We love our Frog Pod! The […]

My Blankie

Everyone had or has a blankie, right? Here is the blankie that my mother made for me way back when. I was packing the basement and this was in my hopechest. Its amazing what memories that you discover when you start packing to move. Tweet

To prime.. Or not to prime…

We are buying prime and paint for our house. The previous owners had chalk board paint on the playroom walls and we will have to prime it a LOT before we can paint over it. What fun it will be. LOL! To prime or not to prime? The decision to prime is based on the […]

Tonneau Cover

We are about to make a 5 hour haul to move to our new home. It would be awesome to have a tonneau cover for our truck. Our belongings will be protected in our truck in the event that it will rain. It would also be nice to have for those trips to the hardware […]


We had Tucker’s 3rd birthday party and a going away party for us yesterday. Tucker had a wonderful time! I have tons of pics and videos to upload. Tweet

Smarter Solutions

Is your company looking for a leader – thinking Lean Six Sigma provider? Smarter Solutions is key for Six Sigma Training. They also provide deployment support, and business strategy development and implementation. With Smart Solutions, you can have one stop for your only solution for smarter solutions! With instructional technology and engage students in the […]

We are home owners!

YAY YAY! Closing yesterday went great! After closing, we went back to the house, hubby left to buy locks for the doors, and when he got back, I had ripped out 3 rooms worth of carpet and was starting on the kitchen. LOL! We Thoth about steam cleaning, but the carpet was so old, that […]

First Step Footwear from See Kai Run

Every journey begins with the first step When Tucker was taking his first steps 2 years ago, it never really crossed my mind about what kind of shoes he would need. Well, we got him a pair of shoes and they were awful; hard soled, wasn’t able to walk. Well, this time around, with Kambry, […]

Baby Food

I have been saving the plastic containers from Gerber’s baby food to store and freeze small meals that we eat. Spaghetti, noodles, finger foods that Kambry loves! It is so easy to re-use them and so convenient for space too. Tweet

Mindful Living

In today’s world, it is so hard to get that equal balance between life, work, kids, and everything in between. The Mindful Living television programs is a network that is all about different, innovative shows that will teach viewers how to create a lifestyle of happiness, health and balance. The series that I am really […]


18 hours until we close on our house. WOOHOO! We are getting up early, making the drive and signing for our home! The kids were just taken to Grandma’s house for the night since we are getting up early and will be gone all day. Ahhhh… the rush is on now! Tweet

Halloween Costumes. Its not too early!

Halloween is quickly approaching. I cannot believe that another spooky year has almost passed us by. It is not too early to think about Halloween costumes. I have begun to think about what the kids will be and after looking at the awesome and FUN selection of costumes that Costume Cauldron has to offer. Last […]

Las Vegas Wax Museums

There are so many things to do in Las Vegas. The last time that I went, we watched the races that were there, then we went sigh seeing. I can never get too much of Vegas! Hopefully when we have our girls trip this fall, we will be able to visit Madame Tussauds Las Vegas […]

Getting ready for closing day!

Closing day is approaching! WOOT! Friday is the big day! I am so excited. We are so excited! I am looking forward to this chapter in our lives. New house. New town. New adventures. So much to be scared about, but we are getting geared up and ready for the best! Tweet

Storage Saver

I have to share the best thing for mommies with small kids. I always cook a little more than we ‘need’ at our meals, but I save some for leftovers, make baby food for Kambry or freeze small portions for easy lunches for Tucker. The new Rubbermaid line is awesome! I think most of us […]

Virtual Makeover

A friend introduced me to the coolest website! Since we are picking out paint for the house, this is perfect! Enjoy! CLICK HERE Tweet

Blush Undershirt Winner

Congratulations to Amanda! She won the Blush topless undershirt!She was entry # 73! She has been contacted and replied. Tweet

In dire need of help!

HELP! Ugh! I am in dire need of help. Kambry’s bow collection is getting big enough to where we need some place to put them. I made a cheesy home made holder made from an infant clothes hangar and ribbon, but we have outgrown it. HELP! If you make bow holders, contact me! The bows […]

Almost three!

My baby boy is almost three! Where does the time go? Since we are having a small birthday and a going away party for us on Sunday, we may take Tucker to Chuck E Cheese on the day of his birthday. Its an hour drive, but I think it will be fun! I better charge […]