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Learning For The Little Ones

I wanted to let you all know of an anazing giveaway over at Kristin’s blog!Go check out what you can win! You can enter to win a Easy PC Toddler’s Learning System and My Home Game! Tweet

Living the Dream!

Did you ever dream that your life could be what it is? Would you wish it to be anything other than what it is? Not me! I have found the perfect line of t-shirts for all of us moms from! These tees are sassy, fun and very true! I have the Mini-Van mom shirt […]

Dole Fruit Cups ~ YUMMY GIVEAWAY!

Our family loves the Dole snack packs and pineapple chunks. Yummy! Tucker looks forward to our snack times at home and loves to help make them. You can see in this video how much my kids LOVE the fuit cups! (video uploading now) Dole has some fabulous recipes on their websites that you and your […]

Protect our youth

A few years back, I felt the needs to see what keystrokes were needed at my computer. I have found that installing a keylogger will help with those curious keystrokes and actions done at your computer. As a parent, I would like to know that when my child is on the computer, there isn’t any […]

Things to do with your toddler

If you are anything like me, I am always looking for new things to do with my toddler. Kambry is easy to please, but Tucker get bored so easily! Thanks to, I came across these fun activities that you may enjoy!For toddlers on up Jazz up coloring: Print out Keith Haring’s imaginative artwork Make […]

Sleepy Wrap ~ GIVEAWAY!

I love to wear my baby! It is a proven fact that carried babies are happier babies. I wear Kambry everywhere that we go. It is just easier to wear her and let my toddler roam around or sit in the stroller. CARRIED BABIES.. ** Cry Less! (43% less overall and 54% less during the […]

Galloping Minds – Preschooler Learns Spanish

I believe that it is beneficial for all kids to learn another language. It is made easier for us parents to help them learn with great DVD’s line those from Galloping Minds.Galloping Minds – Preschooler Learns Spanish- is a fun-filled bilingual dvd appropriate for toddlers and preschoolers to help them grasp the Spanish Language.Spanish and […]

Business Decisions

I am really considering looking in to accepting credit card processing. I have been doing some business from my home and checks aren’t always that reliable. It would be nice to have a merchant account and to be able to accept credit cards and with Online, they will allow me to accept credit cards […]

Busy Body Book ~ WINNER!

Congratulations to kaycee!She was the winner of the Busy Body Book contest that was here! She has been contacted.If no reply within 2 days, another winner will be drawn. Stay tuned for more amazing reviews & giveaway! Thank you to BusyBodyBook for a great giveaway! Tweet

Nana Star

Join a little girl’s magical adventures as she promises to bring a lost baby star home where he belongs. It won’t be easy–he lives high up in the heavens. Everyone knows about the North Star and the Wishing Star but it’s only a matter of time until we all know about “Nana Star.” Teaching children […]

Merchant Advisors: Credit Card Processing

Not only does Merchant Advisors offer sba loans, they also offer credit card processing and many other merchant services. Merchant Advisors is not a start-up loan provider or a credit center, they are a great resource center for start-up capital for the business that you have created. They are a part of the Small Business […]

Chatterchix Collectible Cards

There are so many new ‘fads’ out there and I think I have found one that is truly adorable and perfect for any tween! Move over Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokémon and baseball trading cards, there’s a new girl in town called Chatterchix™. Collectible cards will never be the same once girls get their hands on these glossy […]

TOKI: Drinkable Skin Care

Drinkable skincare? Yes, it is true! TOKI is the first natural collagen drink that is clinically proven to reduce lines and fine wrinkles. Not only does it work; it tastes good too! TOKI®When the Japanese began exporting their exotic porcelain vases in the seventeenth century, the world was suddenly exposed to purity never before seen. […]

Parenting Powers: Get your parenting powers back!

Are you tired of Nagging? Do you want to take your parenting powers back in control? I am a new stay at home mom. I have worked pretty much all of my life and now that I have the wonderful opportunity to be a stay at home mother to my babies, I have had a […]

Tutor our Youth

Today, I believe that school work is harder than it was when I was in school. Not everyone can afford a personal tutor or afterschool program. I recently heard of and I am very impressed with it and the help that they offer. Many kids need a helping hand to make the mental switch […]

First Class Comfort

Kambry looks adorable in her Jet Setter onesie from PLANEWEAR. They were designed with an aviation theme, PLANEWEAR makes great gifts for Jet Setters, Pilots, Flight Attendants and families that go places. We love to make a statement when we dress our kids and PLANEWEAR allows us to do that. Fun clothes! Bodysuits Choose from […]

2008 Hips & Curves ~ Contest!

2008 is the year for Hips and Curves for Fabulous Full Figure Divas! Do you love your hips and curves? Let me know! With this extra long “2008 – Year of the Hips and Curves” tank top, you will be distressed in design for a vintage look. This Tee is 100% cotton 2×1 baby rib […]

Debt Consolidation

I have posted before about bills, budgeting and controlling your finances. I have an amazing Excel spreadsheet that I made and it helps us manage our finances very well. I also keep our bills, budget and bank account in my computer check program, Microsoft Money. Love it! With our budget and allowances, we are able […]

Belli Skin Products

Being a mother, we try all that we can to look and feel our best. Since trying the Belli skin care line, I not only feel my best, I look my best as well! With the wonderful opportunity to try out the Eye Brightening Cream, moisturizing hand sanitizer, Stretch mark minimizing cream and body firming […]

Gold Exchange

I think we all have some extra jewelry that we could get rid of, but would still like to make a profit on. Did you know that you can Trade your Gold for fast cash? Now you can. No pawn shops! No middle man. You can deal directly with the exchange that is receiving your […]

Who is in the hot seat? Solve the hot seat!

Have you ever been in the Hot Seat? There is enough chaos in today’s world. I can completely relate the Hot Seat video that I saw on The Responsibility Project’s website; coming from a working environment. We can all make the world a better place if we all just tried. Whether you are a kid […]

Rockin Baby Slings are Rockin!

I love to ‘sling’ Kambry when we are out and about. It is so much easier for me, with a toddler as well, to put Kambry in my Rockin Baby Pouch and let Tucker walk beside me when we are out. I have tried out a few slings and pouches and Rockin Baby has […]

Business Loans

Merchant Advisors is not a start-up loan provider, they are a great resource center for start-up capital for the business that you have created. They are a part of the Small Business Administration, and they are an independent agency of the Executive Branch of the Federal Government. There are so many things to consider when […]

Wordless Wednesday

I know it’s supposed to be WORDLESS Wednesday,but how can I not LOL at this picture? Tweet

stellarocco designs: Organic Tee ~ CONTEST!

I love my Ginkgo :: Organic S/S Top :: Moss Green by stellarocco designs! It is light weight, longer in the length and comfy. I love the sleeves on this shirt. Some tees that I have, I just don’t quite care for because the sleeves are either too short or they are too fitted around […]

Home Theater Seating

I think even Jon can agree with me on this one, but if you have a big screen TV, it would be awesome to have home theater seating. Whether you have a 20 inch TV or o 60 inch TV, how comfy do you want to be when you watch your screen? Very! It would […]

Custom Website Design

We al get busy in our lives but we are in need of our website to look up to date and professional. Who is going to build your website when you do not have the time? If you need professional web design for your website, then let Network Solutions build that business site that you […]

Aquasana Shower Filter

Who else guarantees the best tasting, healthiest water on Earth, other than Aquasana? No other home water filters, at any price, have ever produced better results than Aquasana! When we made the decision to move to a home of our own, in a town that we knew nothing about (including water quality), we researched water […]

Meet the newest member of the Boon family!

We have and LOVE our Frog Pod. Well, if the Frog wasn’t cute enough, there is a new addition to the Boon family! Joining the Frog Pod in the fight against moldy bath toys, we are pleased to introduce to you the Bug Pod. With all the same features as her brother, the Bug Pod […]

Halloween Costumes

I love Halloween and I love halloween costumes! I am really hoping that this year hubby and I can get Couples costumes and make it to a local Halloween party. I can admit that I have never dressed up, while as an adult. Mom used to dress us kids up in the worst costumes ever. […]

Bathroom Faucets

Well, the renovating process continues. I have just about finished the upstairs bathroom. Do you realize how hard it is to paint and get these things done with two little ones? Ack! LOL! I would love to replace the bathroom vanity and get some nice bathroom faucets that will tie in well with the colors […]

High Vistaprint Coupons!

I have posted about VistaPrint on my blog before, but I have to say that I LOVE them (yet once again!) I just recently made a new order and I ordered some adorable thank you post cards to send out to the companies that I work with and they came out amazing! I was not […]

I am back!

Oh My Gosh! I am SO SORRY for my blog not being live today on my blog. Ack! I tried to go on to my hosting place and create a misc. webpage for my kids for a Holiday Gift List for our family and I boofed my site. UGH! THANK YOU to Laurie and her […]

Black Friday Sale Info

Seriously! Can you believe that half of 2008 is already gone?! With the holidays just right around the corner, I am thinking more and more about starting my shopping for the holidays. I usually start earlier, but with our move and everything going on, it just wasn’t possible. I am saving money and I do […]

Wallpaper is SO much fun. (Not!)

Why in the WORLD do people put up wallpaper? Ugh! I have spent two days on Kambry’s room and I am not even half way finished yet. Water, sponges and a spray bottle of half Downy and half water are becoming my best friends right now. Before: (Click on the images to view this lovely […]

Table Topper: Disposable Placements ~ Contest!

Germs. Ew! I think we all hate germs! We take the kids out from time to time and we always take our own portable highchair and our table toppers. What are table toppers? They are awesome; that’s what they are! Table Toppers are disposable, stick-in-place placemats that are easy to travel with and easy to […]

Charm Bracelet

Does anyone have one of these charm link bracelets? It is so hard to find any links for them anymore! I love my bracelets and would love to continue! Tweet

Around the Table: Make dinner time more interesting

Reconnect with your family using 100 intriguing questions with Around the Table™ Games, such as: What was dinnertime like when you were young? What worries you most? I wish we had one of these when I was growing up. What a GREAT concept! I would love to be able to ask questions to my family; […]

Leap Frog: Learn & Groove® Animal Sounds Guitar

Kambry jams with her Learn & Groove® Animal Sounds Guitar! She will sit in the playroom for quite some time while pushing buttons and she even started to dance to her guitar. Its pretty cute! Tucker will sit down with her and count with her while helping her with her Guitar. Appropriate for Ages 12 […]

Candlewick Press for the BEST children’s books

My favorite part of the day is quiet time with my babies. This is our time at the end of the day to sit down and relax after a full day. Since moving in to our new home, we have a playroom that is just off of the living room. We have a quiet time […]

Cotton Babies: bumGenius Organic Cloth Diapers

Oh, how do we love our bumGenius Organic One-Size Cloth Diapers? How can I count the ways? Not only is it pretty on Miss Kambry, but it doesn’t look like your typical diaper cover. She totes around the house in her Blossom cloth diaper in pride. Can you tell? We have looked around for a […]

Frownies on… Frown Lines Gone

I had a wonderful opportunity to try out a wonderful product called Frownies. The Forehead and Between Eyes patches are great! They help eliminate the lines that we women get from frowning at our husbands. (Oh, like I am the only one that does that!) They are easy to use. You just wet Frownies Facial […]

T.J. Maxx Launches Initiative to Benefit Save the Children’s United States Literacy Program

I love shopping at TJ Maxx and when they are pulling together to do something good for our community, that is great and is so touching! T.J. Maxx Launches Initiative to Benefit Save theChildren’s United States Literacy Program As children across the country prepare to go back to school, national off-price retailer, T.J. Maxx will […]

New to Canning

I am new to canning. My first project went over with great success. I dont have any canning supplies, so I just used a tall pot, bought some jars, made salsa from scratch, and pulled the hot jars out with my broken tongs (LOL!) and a potholder…. which by the way, I do not recommend. […]

You Can Make This

Just when I am looking for a website(s) that has activities for my kids, I find You Can Make This! What a perfect website! When you think of the internet you envision ultra-hip, fast-paced websites with blaring music and slick, moving graphics. So you might be surprised to know that there’s a website that exudes […]


I love the sun. Who doesn’t? Well, that sun can damage our skin after a while and there’s not too much we can do about it after time. Summer weather can ravage our skin – from extreme heat and the scorching sun – our skin takes a beating every time the temperature goes up. For […]