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10 days of a Birthday Bash

On October 1, 2008, my baby girl turns ONE year old! Where does the time go? On October 1, 2007, Kambry Paige was born in to our lives. In celebration for Kambry’s first birthday,I am having some new and fabulousgiveaways, starting today! Be sure to checkout the Contest tabto see what is new! PS: Mommy […]

Oscar de la Renta

We all see the beautiful clothes that the stars wear and most of us drool over them. Come on. Admit it! I know I am not the only one that does that. Oscar de la Renta has gorgeous clothes and accessories! What I would give for a pair of the shades that Marissa Collections has […]

Munny Journey

My kids are 3 and 1. They are not too young to start saving and to start teaching them the value of a dollar; or even a penny, a quarter, any amount of money. Munny Journey can help both the parent and the child. Munny Journey is a Keepsake Journal for Baby’s First Money. It […]

Kodak Easy Share

What do you think of when you hear Kodak? I think of pictures, quality, reliability, among a few other thoughts. I have to say that I am so impressed with how far Kodak has come with their digital cameras! They came from one of the first digital cameras (which I owned way back when) that […]

Fun times in blogger land

I love to type. I love to blog. To me, it is therapeutic and I have fun. I love what I do and that is what matters. When you love what you do, it makes getting your word out there, that much better and you are heard even more. I will say that I type […]

Flavor Debate ’08 with Baskin Robbins

Ice cream! Ice cream! We all scream for Ice Cream! I remember, as a kid, going to Baskin Robbins every week with my family. Talk about a treat! My specialty was one scoop of mint chocolate chip with one scoop of Pralines ‘n Cream on a cone. I loved and still do order this mixture […]

Crayola Beginnings Washable Triangular Markers

Mama! I want to color! Mama! I love to color! These are phrases heard in my house every second that my son is awake. He love to color and as a mommy, I love to let him color. With the 5-count Crayola Beginnings™ Washable Triangular Markers, I do not have to watch over him every […]

One Step in the Right Direction

We have been having a hard time with Tucker some days with throwing fits in our home, not picking up the toys, wanting what he wants.. WHEN he wants it. I have been reading on teaching responsibility to kids and I saw a reward chart from One Step Ahead that I really wanted to give […]

Sensible Sippers

With the little ones back at school schedules are hectic again. Face it; we could all use help finding convenient and healthy snacks. Parents and kids unite – R.W. Knudsen Family’s Sensible Sippers will delight both. Parents will love that they are Sensible: ** 50% certified organic juice, 50% water to reduce calories and sugar** […]

Sesame Street Building Sets ~ CONTEST!

Your child will love creating all of his favorite Sesame Street friends!The colorful chunky parts make it easy for small hands to snap, stack and plugtogether. These fun sets also include educational activities for you to sharewith your child. We have so much fun with the new Cookie Monster Building Set! What is great about […]

Beautiful Mommy Jewelry!!

I think that we all are proud of our families, aren’t we? What is a better way to show off your love than to carry them with you at all times by wearing them next to your heart? When I received my gorgeous silhouette heart necklace from Mommy Jewelry, my jaw dropped, I was speechless […]

Color Wonder Glitter Paint & Large Paper

I think my favorite part of our days at home is craft time. We have so much fun! Tucker makes projects of all kinds and he learns in the process. We love Crayola’s Color Wonder markers and paper. Love them! Where were these products when I was a kid when my brother would color on […]

Galco Holsters and other police needs

I have a good friend that is on the police force. I asked her if I could ride in the front of her police car, but she wouldn’t let me. Maybe next time. LOL! She has all kinds of gear for her job and I am amazed at all that she needs. If you are […]

Beautiful Walker Babe

We just got back from my sister in law’s wedding. We had a great time at such a beautiful wedding! Miss Kambry was a cutie and a half in her hand made dress; made by grandma! I still cannot believe my baby is almost one! Tweet

Coupons for VistaPrint!

Holidays. Holidays! Holidays!! Hard to believe they are almost here, isn’t it?! Here is a perfect Christmas solution for those hard to give people. What would they think about receiving photo calendars with their children, grand children, and loved ones on them? I made one for my dad a few years back and he just […]

Family Wedding!

We are heading out in the morning at 4am for a 5 hour drive back home to my sister in law’s wedding on Saturday. Dreading the drive, but I will have my laptop. Imagine that. LOL! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and I will check in throughout the weekend! Tweet

Thomas & Friends: The Great Discovery

All New, Direct-to-DVD Movie Thomas & Friends: The Great Discovery is The Biggest Event Of The Year For The #1 Preschool Brand! Set to release on September 9th.Everyone’s favorite blue engine puffs into new and uncharted territory in Thomas & Friends: The Great Discovery Movie, the first-ever feature length Thomas & Friends DVD release, and […]

Lucky Me: Mom Tote

I am one lucky mommy! (see this post)I love wearing my babies on me. Its those cute constant reminders to me and others around me, that I am proud of my babies. With my Mommy Tote and Tee, these proudly show everyone how I feel. Well, diaper bags just don’t cut it for all the […]

Acne Treatments

I don’t know if it is the weather, the season, stress or just my changing skin and age, but I feel like I could use some acne treatments some times. My face breaks out and its just wacky these days. Ugh! I have been looking for some solutions to try out. Hopefully I can be […]

Cell Phone Service

Is there TRULY a reliable cell phone company out there? Ugh! I am so sick of not being able to use my phone because of NO service. No bars and I roam when I go get groceries, just 20 miles away. Seriously annoying!! We had a great service, but then we moved, to what I […]

Fun at the Piano Bars

When hubby and I lived in Dallas, we used to go to some of the fun and fabulous Piano Bars that they have. Oh, so much fun! One of our first dates was at one. If you have not had the joy of having a date night out at a Piano Bar… You are missing […]

Umi Shoes

With as fast as kids grow, this comes new clothes and of course, shoes. Did you know that a child’s foot changes dramatically in the early years — starting out broad, fat, and squarely shaped, then developing into a more conventional tapered foot? The growth of a child’s foot is sporadic, uneven, and can happen […]

Cook in confidence with LeCreuset

I love to cook! Up until now, I have dreaded the clean up of my pots and pans. When I first started making my first meal in my Le Creuset Saute’ Pan, I was honestly expecting my food to stick. Why? Because this is what I am used to with my current pots and pans. […]

Joys of Construction

We live in a pretty small town, I guess you could say. There is not much of a selection for anything here. We have very limited shopping, hence why I decide to drive 30 miles away for my needs. What about construction companies? I wondered the other day what they would have to do if […]

Wordless Wednesday


Flip and Tumble

When we go to get groceries, or shopping in general, I always take my Flip and Tumble bags with us. What are Flip and Tumble bags? They are bags that are designed for those of us who only seem to remember our reusable bags the moment we need them. A stretchy pouch makes it a […]

More winners have been emailed!

Winners for the following contests have been emailed! Please check your emails and reply back to me with your info!Avis $50.00 Gift Certificate The Frog and the Princess Luxury Boutique $50 gift certificate Kids Lunch Box Cards Expecting Family Organizer ~ Giveaway! (15 winners being emailed) Robeez Mini Shoez When these winners reply, names will […]

Pizza Hut Winners!

The THREE winners for the Pizza Hut contest have been emailed & have replied! Congratulations to:CatarooAmyPeg have replied and their prizes are being sent! Congratulations! Tweet

Fall Styles from Eleven Collection

I am so incredibly giddy with excitement over the Fall collection of shoes from Eleven! We spend so much time (literally!) looking around for the perfect shoe that is long lasting, made durable, looks great and feels good on Tucker’s feet. There is nothing more annoying that clunky and heavy shoes. Eleven offers the best […]

Goosebumps DVD Collections ~ CONTEST!

I remember Goosebumps from when I was younger. They are still around and still going strong! Tucker loves his Goosebumps DVD collection! I thought, at first, that they may be too scary for a 3 year old. Not at all! They are so much fun to watch. We watch them during our quiet time, before […]

Cole Family Christmas

We are really in to story time in our home. Tucker loves his stories and we, as parents, love this bonding time with our kids. I am looking forward to the holiday, not only for family time together, but for the beautiful holiday stories that I have planned. A recent book that I read and […]

Mead Writing and Learning Fundamentals

When you hear the word “Mead”, what do you think of? I think of school. I remember my notebooks that I had. I remember taking my Mead paper and notebooks to school when I was a kid. I just asked hubby what the word “Mead” brought back memories of notebooks. I smiled and showed him […]

Enfamil Coupons Available

I have two Enfamil Coupons. $4.00 $5.00 If a reader would like these, please email me and let me know. I hate to see them go to waste, as we are in the process of weaning Kambry from formula. Tweet

Need blog commenter to please email me

Hi folks! If Karen is reading this, please email me at Thanks! 🙂 Tweet

Who needs tunes?

I don’t know about you, but am madly in love with my iPod! I take it everywhere with me. We listen to the kids’ songs in the car, I hook it up to my stroller and we jam and stroll and I listen to it on a daily basis in my iHome system in my […]

Spot Shot Instant Carpet Stain Remover

With kids, we can never be too prepared when it comes to keeping our carpets clean from ‘kid stains’. When I received the Spot Shot Instant Carpet Stain Remover, I had to test it myself. It WORKS! How often can we say that a product works for those kid stains like food, chocolate or gooey […]

Many Hearts. One Family.

Family means so many things, so many words, so much love! When we are blessed with such a joy, how perfect is it to wear your family on you at all times? The story behind Alexa’s Angels is such a warm story. Beth Lang (owner of Alexa’s Angels), along with her mother, are a perfect […]

It’s Zoo’thirty

I hope you all have a wonderful Saturday! We are taking today to drive to Omaha to take the kids back to the Omaha zoo. Tucker is so excited! Hubby is too since he has never been to this zoo before. It is amazing! Winners will be drawn this weekend and posted. Good luck to […]

Can you say mama?


Love You Forever

We recieved the best gift of all time from a good friend, Meagan. We are really in to storytime in our home and every time I read “LOVE YOU FOREVER”, I cry. This is the best book I believe I have ever come across. It hits me hard, for more than a few reasons, but […]

Beautiful Pearls

I love jewelry. Who doesn’t? Hubby bought me some beautiful pearls when he was in Las Vegas a couple of years ago. Now you can buy beautiful pearls from Beads of Cambay, from the comfort of you own home. I don’t know about you, but I love shopping in my jammies! Beads of Cambay are […]

Going to the zoo tomorrow!

I am so giddy with excitement! We are going back to the zoo tomorrow! With hubby’s busy schedule, we do not see too much of him, so we are making a family fun day on Saturday and going to the zoo and out for pizza. I am excited and Tucker is too! Tweet

Family Driving Safety

Before having babies, I never really thought a whole lot about the need of a power steering rack. Having little ones in my car, I am very concerned with their safety. Having a reliable steering rack for my van is SO important to me! Make sure that your vehicle is ‘family ready’ by visiting […]

Halloween Savings with One Step Ahead!

Amazing Halloween Savings with One Step Ahead!Offer Terms & Conditions $10 off your order of $75 or more with the purchase of any Halloween costume – enter the code 10SPOOKY in the “Promotion Code” field during checkout – your shopping basket must contain at least one (1) Halloween costume along with a merchandise subtotal of […]

Best Sleep Ever

I have been begging hubby to let us get a new mattress set. Ours just kills my back. Ugh! After looking around, prices are just outrageous these days! Well, we started looking online and saw a company called Overnight Mattress. Overnight Mattress is a memory foam mattress manufacturer who sells direct to the public. You […]

Lucky Me Tee

As a mommy, I am very proud to ‘wear my kids’ pride on myself. My little ones may be monsters at time, but I love them every second of every day that they are monsters. I have found some amazing and fun shirts for us mommies to wear our pride. Black Long SleeveV-neck Mommy of […]