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Mommies aren’t supposed to get sick!

Ugh! Seriously. Mommies should be immune from getting sick. I have been downing the Orange Juice, cold meds and I think I blew my nose and part of a toe came out with all this gunk. Blech. I am heading to bed. Night all! Tweet

WINNER: Recaro Car Seat

  Congratulations to Bridgete K. She was drawn at Random for the Recaro Car Seat. If no reply in 2 days, another winner will be drawn. Tweet

WINNER: Little Miss Matched Socks

Congratulations to Becky! She was drawn at Random for the Little Miss Matched Socks. Winner has been emailed. Tweet

WINNER: Daddy Diaper Changing Toolbox

Congratulations to Melanie! She was drawn at Random for the Daddy Diaper Changing Toolbox. Winner has been emailed. Tweet

Stephen Lovely – Irreplaceable: Book Review

Once I first heard about Irreplaceable, I had read mixed reviews on it, so I had to get it and read it myself. I am the type that has to see it before I believe what I read online about a product. I will be honest and tell you that I am not finished reading, […]

Spring Cleaning Starts March 1st! Fab products, giveaways & more!

Spring Cleaning is in full force here on Mommy Goggles! I was asked to team up with two fabulous bloggers for Spring Cleaning 2009. Starting March 1st, I along with Amanda from Mommy Mandy and Caryn from Rockin’ Mama are working with some AMAZING companies and products to help get you clean and organized this […]

Jack and Lily Quality & Adorable Shoes: Review & Giveaway!

Having a boy in the house tends to bring action heroes, superhero capes and cars. When Kambry was born, I just knew I had to have her in the cutest things and what better than some adorable shoes? Oh My! When I saw the line that Jack and Lily has, I fell head over heels! […]

I have a confession to make!

Yes. I have a confession to make! 😀 With AMAZING sponsorship, I am going to BlogHer ’09! Amazing doesn’t even  begin to cover the emotions that I feel right now. What a great opportunity business wise, as well as personally, this will be! I am more than excited to be a part of such a […]

Friday Night Live at MomDot Tonight!

  Here is a sneek peek at the prize drawing that is being offered on MomDot! Show up. Be there or be square! 8:30pm central time 😉 Tweet

O’Yikes! Messenger Bag

  I travel quite a bit. Yes, I am a stay at home mom, but I admit it. I am addicted to traveling. My friend, Laurie, thinks that I have ADD. I am not going to deny or confirm that. I have never been diagnosed, yet for some reason, I cannot seem to sit still […]

WINNER: Gracie’s Gear and Training

Congratulations to Joanna! She was drawn at Random for the Gracie’s Gear and Training’s Support Bra. Winner has been emailed! Tweet

WINNER: Mutsy Grow Up Booster

Congratulations to Mary! She was drawn at Random for the Mutsy Grow Up Booster. Winner has been emailed. Tweet

WINNERS: Snapily 3D Photo Cards

Congratulations to entries #25 and #3 for being drawn at Random for the Snapily 3D Photo Card Contest! Winners are being emailed this morning! Tweet

Blog Copyright Information

I have to post this. Why? Because I have been copied on my blog via posts, images (yes, even if they are researched, but also because they are my OWN original IDEA) and even my own kids’ images have been ‘taken’ and posted on other blogs to use ‘as their own’. With this said, I […]

Nintendo DSi & Fire Emblem available April 5, 2009

I can remember playing Nintendo Game Boy like it was yesterday. We used to fight over who would get to play the Game Boy. I never won. Bummer! Technology is truly amazing and catches my eye ever single time I read about it! On April 5, 2009, Nintendo launches a new Nintendo DSiTM system. The […]

Explore the fun with Adobe Premiere Elements 7 with Plus Membership!

I have had the absolute PLEASURE to work with Adobe with their fantastic software: Adobe Premiere Elements 7 with Plus Membership. Up until now, for my Vlogs (video reviews), I have been using the program that came standard with my laptop. It has been ok, but I needed something a bit more. I am […]

Elmo and Friends: Tales of Adventure on DVD March 3rd!

I am so excited for March 3rd to get here. Yes, I get easily amused when a new DVD comes out that I know my kids will enjoy. This time, it is Elmo and a jam packed DVD filled with tons of fun for your little ones. Get ready to embark on an exciting adventure! […]

Protect-A-Bed Discount Code!

  In January, I had a great and well needed opportunity to review some mattress, pillow and crib protectors from Protect-A-Bed. I believe in these products and I wanted to pass on a nice savings on to you. Protect-A-Bed would like to offer readers who are considering purchasing a mattress protector or pillow protector, a […]

Invited to my first Blogger Event!

I am so excited! Why? I was invited today to attend a fabulous Mom Blog Conference in April! How can I have not gone to this place sooner, with as close as they are to me?? More details to come soon! 😀 Tweet

Do the Potty Dance with PullUps

The Potty Dance craze has every Big Kid® moving and shaking to the potty! Show us your little one’s cute, cool, and even crazy Potty Dance moves for the chance to win a $5,000 Big Kid® Room Makeover! In conjunction with the Potty Dance, PULL-UPS® and M80 is hosting a contest called, The Potty Training […]

Click to Empower: Domestic Violence Survivors

As a domestic abuse survivor, any information regarding domestic abuse, I love to pass on to you, my readers. The Allstate Foundation’s Domestic Violence Initiative has a wonderful new website that I wanted to share with you all. I am very passionate about fighting domestic abuse and this site is truly amazing! The recent activities surrounding Chris Brown and Rihanna are unfortunate but they do shine a spotlight on domestic violence and provide an opportunity to increase awareness about the issue and […]

Spring Summer 2009 Collection Available from pediped™

We are huge pediped™ fans in our house. Kambry had a pair of pediped™ when she was just a baby and they were the cutest shoes! They are in her ‘keepsakes’ box in her closet because I loved them so much! I wanted to show you some of the new shoes that were just released […]


Hubby got me a watch for my birthday last year. I love it and love watches in general. Ah, who am I kidding? I love jewelry in general. LOL I recently saw some Blancpain watches that really did catch my eye. I love the watches that are offered here. I am over here making my […]

Programmer Jobs

I grew up in a computer household. I think that is why I have my fascination with computers the way that I do. My dad always had programmer jobs and this helped me learn at an early age what my real passion in life was. I may not have gone to school for programming, but […]

Wine of the Month

I love trying out new wine. I never really was in to wine until my mother had me try some at her house. I never knew that there was a wine of the month program out there. This would be better than a fruit of the month club. LOL I may have to check in […]

Captain Planet returns on February 25!

Tucker watched Captain Planet for the first time just about a month ago and he is madly in love with this group of characters! You can watch Captain Planet on, which is an Earth-first Web site with environmental news, insights and expert contributors.  Back in the early 90’s Captain Planet and the Planeteers were fighting […]

Little People Celebrate 50th Birthday

I can remember being a kid and playing with the Fisher Price Little People like it was yesterday. I cannot tell you how many hours of fun I had playing and pretending with the Little People sets. The Fisher Price Little People set that clearly sticks in my mind is the Farm House. My grandmother […]

Rembrandt: INTENSE STAIN Toothpaste

I may be one of the few, the rare, the odd, but guess what? I have only had one cavity in my entire life. I am 33 years old and I was 18 when I had a cavity. It was minor, but I take care of my teeth. They may not be as white as […]

Christopher Titus: Love is Evol DVD

We received a DVD just a few days before Valentine’s Day, but I wanted to save it FOR Valentine’s Day to watch. Why? I am odd that way. 😛  On Tuesday February 17th, Paramount Home Entertainment and Comedy Central released Christopher Titus: Love is Evol on DVD and we had a chance to check this […]

Boon Potty Bench

It seems as if it weren’t one child going through potty training, when another needs to start the potty training routine. Tucker was about 12 months old when we introduced a potty seat to him. We didn’t start ‘pushing’ the potty training with him until around 2 ½, in which he did very well with […]

Unpacking & Getting Re-Organized!

The kids and I got back last night and after dinner, playing and relaxing for a bit, we all passed out! Well, now there are suitcases, bags, toys, you name it .. all over our house. I have been trying to catch up, work on emails and do our taxes (YUCK!) today, so I have […]

Just Be Yourself with Just Be

Be me. Be yourself. Be us. Be who you are and who you want to be. This is what JUST BE is. JUST BE tees allow you to express yourself and still be comfortable. When I received my JUST BE shirt, I was so excited! I love the material. I love the look and I […]

Help your children achieve their goals with Goal For It

As a parent, I want my kids to have, set and achieve the goals that they set for themselves, as well as I love seeing them reach the goals that I have in mind for them. I found a website: Goal For It, that helps with just that!   Goalforit!, an online resource helping its users […]

Kung Fu Panda: Legendary Warriors DS Game

Most that know me, know that I am a ‘kid at heart’. Yes, I have a Nintendo DS. Yes, I get huffy when hubby steals it from me. (More like I gnarl at him like a bear) I love the DS and the games because they really seem to help me relax, have fun and […]

Flying home to my babies today!

I have had a WONDERFUL time visiting with Laurie and her family for these 5 days, but I am sure missing my babies! It was a well needed vacay for mommy.  My birthday was on the 19th and Laurie’s was on the 20th. We stuffed ourselves silly with Japanese Steakhouse….. twice. 😛 I fly back […]

Store & Protect Your Purses with PurseKeeper

I am a mega purse lover. I say ‘mega’, and I mean it. 😛 I have two purses that are my absolute favorites. I consider then an investment on my part, so I would love to protect those investments. Up until now, when I am not using a purse, I have just had it on a […]

WINNER: Naturally Knotty Tote

A huge congratulations to Gina! She was drawn at Random to win a gorgeous Naturally Knotty Tote. Winner has been emailed. Tweet

Orlando Vacations

I would love to make a family trip to Florida. I went this past summer to visit a girlfriend, but I would love to check in to the amazing and fun Orlando vacations. The kids are getting to an age where they may just enjoy something like this. I know I would! I am 33 […]

Blindness DVD Review

When we watch a movie, I love for it to have that suspense to add me to the edge of my seat. I like to watch a movie that will leave a mark in my mind and this is just what Blindness did. The entirety of this movie was great, the actors were the best […]

Just Peek It!

I have been away from home for a few days now, celebrating my birthday with my dear friend, Laurie, and I have had my Peek with me at all times. I am SO in love with it! It seems to be attached to my hip. 😳 I just got an email that I wanted to […]

Michael Angelo’s Yummy Giveaway at Mommy Mandy!

I just heard of some yummy frozen meals to help with our busy schedules. Go check out Mommy Mandy for your chance to enter! 🙂 Michael Angelo’s Signature Line Tweet

Miracle at St. Anna DVD

We are always looking for movies that will keep us entertained the entire movie and this is just what Miracle at St. Anna did for us. I love watching movies about the World Wars and the cast was very well chosen for this movie. Here is some info about this action packed DVD.  Acclaimed filmmaker […]

Get away with a Sweet Retreat from Dole

I cannot even begin to phrase how much my kids love Dole and their yummy fruit cups! We had the best opportunity to try out the new DOLE Peach Fruit Parfaits and the kids could not get enough of them! I love them, as a parent, because they are easy to travel with and they […]

One Step Ahead: Dri Nights Waterproof Mattress Protector

I recently posted about the Dri Nights Bedwetter Pants from One Step Ahead, and since I am in the night time potty training mode with Tucker, I wanted to share another great product for those day, or night time potty training accidents that may happen from time to time with your little ones. Hey, it […]

Happy Birthday to ME!!

Need I say more? 😀 I am out of town, visiting my good friend, Laurie and her family. I am very excited to be spending my birthday with her! Love you girlie! Tweet

Happy Birthday TO ME!

Happy Birthday TOOO MEEE!!! I am having a great day and it’s only 9am! I will check in a little later – we may go out for lunch and do some shopping. Love you all! 🙂 Tweet