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New look for Mommy Goggles.. What do you think??

What do you think? I am digging the new header! Thoughts? Thank you to Lauren for all your help! I have some contests to draw winners for. I apologize for taking so long to get those. Things were a bit chaotic around here lately. Winners will be emailed soon for the following contests: <!– /* […]

Handy Manny: Manny’s Green Team DVD 3/31/09

Hanny Manny. I love Hanny! I would say that of all the shows that are on TV, this is probably Tucker’s favorite character. He loves to pull out his toolbox and watch his favorite guy. Today a new DVD was released and we are so very excited to have this in our home. Now, Tucker […]

WINNER #2 StatCounter Contest!

Congratulations to Tiffani! She was the one that emailed me with a number as close to 45,000! 🙂 She is being mailed the following prize, in yellow! 3 Piece Clicks Utensils Set Yellow Features include : • Each box of Trebimbi cutlery contains a spoon, fork and kid-friendly knife. • Each piece has a stainless […]

WINNER #1: StatCounter Contest!

Congratulations to Laura! She emailed me a screen shot from the StatCounter contest! She wins: Turquoise Heart Shaped Pendant 2×2 speckled Turquoise-colored heart shaped pendant hangs on a black, silk cord with breakaway clasp. Matching bangle sold separately. There are two more prizes, so keep checking! 😀 Tweet

Ban Boring Meals with Lean Cuisine! *Review & Giveaway!*

I think we can all relate to ‘What’s for dinner (or lunch)? Man, I sure am not in the mood to cook!” I know that I get this way quite a few times. I may not be working full time outside the home, but I am working triple time inside the home. Kids take a […]

Have you ever? (Bath talk)

  Have you ever taken a bath so hot that you got out of the bath and itched?  Have you ever taken a bath so hot that your body was red from the water? Have you ever just layed in the bath, head under water, and just listened to your own heart beat? Have you […]

Organize your office with Office Max & Peter Walsh!

I have to have my office area organized. I wish I had a whole office area that I could go in to and pile up stuff and just forget about it, but that isn’t possible. With our home, we have 3 bedrooms and a very long living room, so with part of it, I turned […]

Sleep Number Bed Sleep Studies

I love sleep. Who doesn’t? Well, I think we need a new bed since ours is hard and ancient. I have heard so much about sleep and how the sleep that you get during the night time, will bring through to your mood and activity the next day and days forward. There are so many […]

Vincent Shoes for Summer Sandals & Shoes

Easter will be here when? In two weeks. 😯 Ack! Where are you going to go to and get your little ones’ shoes for Easter? What about summer shoes, sandals or rain boots? I am a huge fan of Vincent Shoes! When we received the MALIN sandals for Kambry, my heart skipped a beat. They […]

Understand your credit with

Before hubby and I got married, he decided to consolidate all ‘debt’ that he had and it really did save his credit. In fact, it made his credit even better. I managed to do my past credit card debt on my own, but if I had known that there were companies out there or a […]

Secrets of the Furious Five on DVD

Is the little one in your life a Panda Nut? LOL My son IS and I have found myself laughing out loud at the hilarious Secrets of the Furious Five DVD. If you are in the mood to giggle, be sure to check this movie out! On March 24th Paramount Home Entertainment released Secrets of […]

Watch the StatCounter Contest! Three winners today will picked!

I am going to do something to wake everyone up on this Monday morning! I know I need it, and I am sure you do too! I have three prizes to be awarded:   Turquoise Heart Shaped Pendant 2×2 speckled Turquoise-colored heart shaped pendant hangs on a black, silk cord with breakaway clasp. Matching bangle […]

PJ’s, Wii, Pizza and Lazy Days

Today, we are all hanging 0ut in our jammies, hubby went to get pizza and Cherry 7up (It’s my weakness 😛 ) and we are going to play Wii and just remain lazy. I love days like these! No blogging for me 😯 Happy 15th Birthday to K as well. I love you and hope […]

Little Jet Set XCase Mini Rolling Suitcase

We travel. When I say that we travel.. I mean.. we travel! I am always on the go with the kids, whether we drive or fly. Tucker really loves to pack his own bags and is really independent when it comes to toting his own suitcase wherever we go. I have been looking around locally […]

Spring Clean with Seventh Generation *Review & Giveaway!*

You would think with all the cleaning I have been doing, that my house wouldn’t need any more cleaning, right? Wrong. With kids, a cat and a hubby (mom’s are clean, but the rest of the clan in the house isn’t.. right? 😛 ) my house always needs some attention of some sort. When I […]

Pledge Fabric Sweeper

I had the pleasure to work with Family Review Network and Pledge Fabric Sweeper for an opportunity that was very well needed and very much appreciated! Pledge Fabric Sweeper is a great new product for people with pets. Now that we have a cat, Milano, we have some cat hair on the back of our […]

WINNERS: NeatReceipts $20.00 Gift Certificates

Congratulations to the following winners! They were drawn at Random for the NeatReceipts $20.00 Gift Certificates! Winners have been emailed. Tweet

J-41 Jeep Aquarius-Vegan shoes

I love Spring time. Why? We get to break out the fun clothes, Capri’s, shorts and cute shoes and put away the bulky winter coats. We get to break out of our shell and come out of hibernation, so to speak! Zappos is a GREAT place to get started with that. I am madly in […]

Wubbzy Pirate Treasure

Even with the kids’ channels that are on cable, I still find myself filtering through the shows that are on those channels. One program that Tucker cannot get enough of is Wubbzy. I wish all programs can be fun and educationally fun as Wubbzy is.    The newest Wubbzy DVD, Pirate Treasure is now available […]

YuckyDuck Cloth Diapers

When I first ‘heard’ about the whole Cloth Diapering craze, I thought to myself that I would never be able to do this. Disposable diapers are just too easy for me and I like easy. Well, I have since changed. I LOVE and ADORE cloth diapering. I think know I am addicted. I had a […]

Fun Spring Shoes from See Kai Run! *Review & Giveaway!*

Spring is here and we are starting to bring out the cute dresses for Kambry and with this, the adorable Dorothy sandals from  See Kai Run are the perfect addition to any Spring time outfit. I only wish these were made in MY size! I love the style, the color, and how the sandals are made. […]

Playroom Organization: Organizing Toys

I have been so frustrated with toys being everywhere and not being picked up. Some of this comes from Tucker’s toddler attitude, but some, I think, was sparked from not having a way to tell what goes where. I just spent 3 hours.. 3 HOURS in the playoom organizing. I filtered toys down from 3 […]

WINNERS: Woolite Powershot!

Congratulations to the following winners! They will each receive a Woolite Power Shot. Congratulations! Winners have been emailed. Windi ky2here tricia Rosanne Aimee W. Comments are numbered on the post. If no replies in 48 hours, another winner will be picked.   Tweet

Greeting Cards Online

I love to mail cards in the regular ol’ snail mail and I sure love to receive them too. Who doesn’t? Well, I am a big fan of sending and receiving greeting cards online. I think this is a fun way to express your feelings and thoughts – right away. I found a really neat […]

Clean Never Felt So Soft with Dial Soap *Giveaway!*

I have always been a big fan of Dial products, but these new products that I am about to post about really have topped that love! I had the clean chance to try the ever so yummy smelling Dial AntiOxidant Cranberry & Antioxidant Pearls Body Wash Body Wash. Not only are the beads in this […]

Only in a Woman’s World – Fresh Episode – HOT FLASH!

Oh my gosh! I have to share the latest and greatest HOT FLASH video that will make you ladies laugh and may be able to relate to. More details to come soon, so be on the look out. In the mean time, enjoy! 😀 Tweet

Bluenog Portal Software

When I was working in the human resources department at a job a few years ago, we worked off a Portal from our server. This really made work life and my life, as an employee, so much better. When you have a portal, it really is functional and very cost effective for those that have […]

How winners are chosen on Mommy Goggles

** I am making this post to show you all how winners are drawn here on Mommy Goggles. I am in no way stating that this individual was upset with the winner, complaining about the winner chosen, or anything of that sort. I completely see all sides of how winners are chosen (ie: this post […]

Lacura Skincare

Here in the Midwest, our winters are harsh. I say that lightly. They are VERY harsh. With my Eczema and dry skin, I have tried just about everything on the market and my face, forehead, eyes and even my lips continue to be dry, scaly and painful. I was asked to try out a new […]

WINNER: Beautiful Bellalulubaby Blanket!

  Congratulations to Caroline! She was drawn at Random for the Beautiful Bellalulubaby Blanket! Winner has been emailed and has 48 hours to reply. Tweet

Spring Clean out your closet with Huggable Hangars

While we are cleaning for Spring Cleaning with products, materials, machines and more, we tend to overlook our closets. I am about to clean out my closet and donate whatever I can to a Woman’s Shelter or a good cause, but what about the things that we are keeping in our closets? How are we […]

Outdoor Furniture

When we were house hunting, we really liked the deck that is on our house. I would have to say it was probably the decision maker. Well, with this deck, we now need some outdoor furniture. Our summers here in the Midwest are not too hot like they were in the south, so we plan […]

Wordless Wednesday: Wondering Eyes


Cuddle up & count the stars with Twilight LadyBug from CloudB

I call Kambry Bug, Buggy or Ladybug. I don’t know why. Maybe because Ladybugs bring luck? We have quiet time and set bed time in our home. It keeps us in routine and helps keep mommy sane. Kambry loves to sit in her crib and play before she dozes off to sleep. I think I […]

Clean with pure WATER with ECloth!

I am SO excited that my house is getting clean and organized this Spring Cleaning season. It may not STAY this clean for very long with kids in the house 😛 but I am enjoying the clean while it lasts! While most of my reviews have included fabulous cleaning products and tools for cleaning, this […]

To Catch A Thief – Centennial Collection on DVD 03/24

I love cozying up to an old movie. What better movie than with the classic and Centennial Collection- TO CATCH A THIEF? I am a huge Grace Kelly Fan! I adore her as a person and as an actress. I never thought I would be ‘in’ to watching older movies, but I really enjoyed watching […]

Fairy Tale Dreams with Bright Star Kids

Who doesn’t like to have fairy tale dreams? Kambry is now having sweet and sparkly dreams thanks to Family Review Network and Bright Start Kids. Our home is old (1900 home) and the wallpaper in this house was just not meant to come off; yet it was meant to stay there and torment us. All […]

The Birth of Cornelius CD

I listen to a lot of music. It is my ‘time to think’ so to speak. I like to broaden my horizons with the taste of music that I once had. I had the chance to check out a new artist: Corneille. When I received his CD titled “The birth of Cornelius”, I was hesitant […]

The dreaded ‘Drivers License Renewal’

Bad me. My license expired last month on my birthday. I have been putting off renewing. Why? I freak out at the eye test they make you do. See, I have a funky thing where I don’t look out of both eyes at the same time. I don’t know if it’s my lazy eye, or what, […]

Grohe faucets

Gotta love old houses, huh? I really do not think that our house has ever ‘really’ had anything NEW added to it. This is where my plans will be changing. I would love to redo my kitchen completely. I have so many ideas. I have been looking at the Grohe faucets and some other cabinet […]

Misikko’s fabulous Hana Elite Flat Iron *Love it!* (Review & Giveaway)

I have tried countless flat irons in the past. My hair is so thick that none have worked for me. I FINALLY found one that works, that has the ability to cool off or raise the temperature and that also is made with a rounded edge ceramic. Why the round edge? Put away that curling […]

LILO & STITCH: Big Wave Edition on DVD 3/24/09

Who doesn’t love Lilo & Stitch? I am a huge fan, as is Tucker. We started getting in to it when we watched some of the older releases on cable and, of course, we fell in love with these cuddly characters even more. I am really excited about the upcoming release; LILO & STITCH: Big […]

Bumping up my work out today

I have been slacking in bumping up my work outs, so guess what today is? Bump up Monday! 😛 I am going to up my time on my HealthRider H90e and kick up my iFit a notch. My routine has been stuck, so it’s time to get my rear in gear and sweat to the […]

The Coalition to Prevent Deep Vein Thrombosis

I have a family history of bad veins in my legs. It is not fun, at all! I wanted to tell you a bit about The Coalition to Prevent Deep Vein Thrombosis. Mothers and parents often lead very busy lives, consisting of taking care of the family, working, and paying the bills. These activities […]

James Morrison: Songs For You, Truths For Me

I am really excited to be getting a new CD from UK singer / songwriter James Morrison from his current album; Songs For You, Truths For Me. I will be posting about this even more after I have a chance to listen to it, so check back! 🙂 The new single and video is called […]

Bolt on DVD & Blu-Ray 03/24/09!

Are you in the mood to laugh? Are you a fan of Disney’s “The Incredibles”? I cannot tell you how many times I have watched that movie, so if you love that one, you will definitely love Bolt! The characters and animations are so much fun and the entire storyline will keep you tuned in. […]