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Move over candles. Hello Scentsy! *Review & Fab Giveaway!*

Coconut. Lavender. Luxe Vanilla. No, I am not talking about food. I am talking about something so yummy, but something that you cannot eat. Your sense of smell is connected really well to our memory. When I am walking around, driving around, whatever – and I smell something; that may remind me of my childhood, […]

Parenting & Toddler help from ProActive Parenting *Review & Giveaway*

Who came up with “Terrible Two’s”? That’s what I want to know. What it needs to be is “Terrible Three’s”. We have tried everything from time outs to taking things away like toys, sweets or television. Nothing has helped. Why? We weren’t getting to the root of the problem. I have worked outside the home […]

Happy Happy Birthday to Trisha!!!!!

Keep in mind that I can NOT sing. Well, I can, but I don’ think you want to hear me. 😆 Happy Happy Birthday Trisha! I hope you have a fun, blessed and VERY happy Birthday! Love you girl!! Please be sure to stop by MomDot and wish Trisha a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Tweet

Travel lightly with the Evenflo Portable Highchair *Review & Giveaway*

With all our outside adventures, cook out’s and travels, I have thought about where we would put Kambry to eat. She can sit by us, but if she had a travel highchair, that would be even easier for us to feed her and better for her to be able to feed herself. We have found […]

More than Summer Fun with Crayola Play Sand!

We have a small sandbox that grandma found for the kids way back when at a garage sale. Aren’t sales just awesome?! When we got it, we thought about what we would fill the sandbox with. I didn’t want to get just ‘plain sand’. When I heard that Crayola had a new product out, Play […]

Splash in to Summer with the Max Liquidator Eliminator! *Review & Giveaway!*

Our weather has been gorgeous lately! We may not have a big size pool in our yard, but we have been thoroughly enjoying the kiddie pool on our deck and in our nice sized back yard. What is a better way to kick off summer than with some pool toys? Ahhhaa *evil giggle * we […]

Serious & Cool Sun Protection with My First Shades *Review & Giveaway

I have to admit that I think my kids are pretty cool! Tucker knows he is cool too. 😉 While the kids are showing off their coolness, I feel good knowing that their eyes are protected from the harmful sun’s rays. SERIOUS SUN PROTECTION Sunglasses for babies, toddlers, and kids up to age 5 have […]

Am I insane for having a Garage Sale?

Hubby, the kids and I went out this morning looking for Garage Sales. We found a couple, then thought ‘Uh. We have tons of stuff. Why not have one of our own?” Sooooo.. we went to the store, got some signs andgarage sale stickers. Sure, it will be nice for some extra cash, but a […]

Give dad the GS-6 gift set from Channellock for Father’s Day! *Giveaway*

Father’s Day is sneaking up on us. It seems as if all holiday sneak up on me these days. Now that we own our own home, hubby has been asking for tools, a ladder and home improvement things for his birthday and for Father’s Day. What dad doesn’t want, or better yet, need tools? I […]

Discovery Channel’s Josh Bernstein’s Camping Tips & Survival Kit *Giveaway*

My son has been begging to go camping. Begging, as in .. on his knees begging! We may not be able to go out in the wilderness and camp out, but we will for sure be doing some family back yard camping this summer. Discovery Channel’s Josh Bernstein’s recently teamed up with Benadryl and the […]

Summer Shoes from See Kai Run *Review & Giveaway*

When it comes to my girly girl, there is one shoe that has had my heart for so long; See Kai Run. I love how See Kai Run’s shoes are made. I love how soft soled the shoes are. I love how they look and I love how Kambry can walk in them without my […]

Server issues… Again!!

UGH!! I am sorry for the issues tonight. I have been on chat with hosting. WHY did I ever go with Hostmonster for hosting? UGH! It has been ONE headache after another!! Hopefully it is up for good and won’t go back down (or at least until next week). 😡 Tweet

WINNERS: Storytime with Kohl’s!

Congratulations to Shannon and to Cynthia C! They were drawn at Random for the Storytime with Kohl’s contest! Winners have been emailed and have 24 hours to reply. Tweet

Fresh Paint!

I have been kind of MIA on the forum this weekend. Here is why! I am so excited to share my before and after of my ogly hallway and bedroom. Keep in mind that we have a 1900 home, so the wallpaper is on top of plaster. This was such a joy. 😐 I just […]

Outer Banks foreclosures

In our economy, it is so sad seeing all the foreclosures on homes and businesses. This may be a sad thing to see, but it is also good for those that are in the market to buy. With Outer Banks foreclosures, you are able to view, walk through and purchase a foreclosed home, business or […]

Tiffani Kim Institute Medical Wellness Spa

Being a stay at home mommy is not an easy job. I never said it was. Now that I am a stay at home mother, there are times that I would love to just ‘get away’ and be alone. I have BlogHer coming up in July and I plan on heading to Chicago a few […]

Protect their skin with SunSkinz Suits

I love summer, but do not like the heavy UV rays that come with it. When we go outside, I make sure the kids are well protected with their sun protect spray and another thing that has been very helpful is their SunSkinz. To understand more about SPF in your clothing and sprays, here is […]

Denny’s Launches 16 Bold, New Yummy Menu Items!

I am a huge Denny’s fan! I grew up going to Denny’s as often as we could. Wish we had one in our town, but we don’t mind driving to find the nearest location, which is what we are going to do soon. (more details on that one soon! 😉 ) We are all looking […]

Wordless Wednesday: Kewl Kids!


Sea World and Busch Gardens Adventure Camps *Giveaway*

Summer has arrived at our house. Well, summer vacation for hubby has, anyway, so with this said, we are over here working on some travel thoughts. We would love to start a family tradition and go somewhere each year with the kids. One place that I have really wanted to go to is Sea World […]

WINNERS: Vicks! (5 winners)

Congratulations to the following winners for the Vicks contest! Winners are being emailed now! 111: Carolyn G 46: Tawanda 227: Amy L 134: Cindy 75: reva skie Tweet

WINNER: Kleenex & $50.00 Gift Card

Congratulations to Taylor C! Taylor was drawn at Random to win the Battle the Bug with Kleenex & Gift card contest. Winner has 48 hours to reply. Tweet

WINNER: Marriott $100 Gift Card

Congratulations to Lori M! Lori was drawn at Random to win the $100.00 Marriott Gift Card. Winner has been emailed and has 48 hours to reply! Tweet

Gorgeous baby gifts from Sue Berk Designs *Review & Giveaway*

I can completely relate to Sue Berk with this review. Sue Berk Designs was founded in the Spring of 2002, by Sue Berk. She does not have any formal training in Art, but always had a love for it. When you find that passion in your life, such as Sue Berk has, you follow through […]

Hold those yummy ice cream cones & popsicles with HearthSong Dripsticks *Review & Giveaway*

What do you think of when you think of Summer? I think about sandals, shorts and of course ice cream and popsicles! We love to have ice cream cones and popsicles, but they are messy and the kids usually end up crushing the cone or losing their stick. When I received Dripsticks from HearthSong, I […]

Tons of fun with the Matchbox Croc Escape Pop Up Adventure Set!

Dinosaurs. Rarh! Treasures. Oh my! It may be summer time where the kids need to be playing outside, but there are days lately that the kids are inside playing. There is one play set that I can honestly say, as a parent, that my kids play with on a daily basis: Matchbox Croc Escape Pop […]

Elmo and Abby’s Birthday Fun on DVD 6/02/09 *Review & Giveaway!*

I always find myself watching the kids’ DVD’s. 😆 With the new Elmo and Abby’s Birthday Fun DVD, this has to be the cutest DVD! It not only shows Elmo, Abby and their friends playing games and having fun, they show you so many ways that birthday’s are celebrated. On this DVD, there are tips […]

Happy Heinys Cloth Diapers *LOVE THEM!* Review & Giveway!

I have heard of so many mom’s out there that are cloth diapering. Why? Is it because of the economy? Maybe. Do they want to save money? Of course! Who doesn’t want to save money in the long run? I became addicted to cloth diapering several months, meanwhile on the search for ‘the perfect cloth […]

Finish off that Summer outfit with a gorgeous handbag from Elliott Lucca! *Giveaway!*

While getting ready for Summer, what will complete that summer outfit? How about a handbag from Elliott Lucca? I adore these handbags! I have had my eye on a cute pink one, or something in a fun purple. Those are my colors 😉 Big celebrities have been spotted with Elliott Lucca handbags, so why not […]

Summer Sandals from Eleven Collection *Review*

With preschool over with for the school year and summer here in full force, comes shorts and sandals. I have to say that I have looked a few places for some sandals for Tucker that I liked. I know; I am not wearing them, so why do I have to like them? As a parent, […]

Trying out a new subscription feed

I am doing a test for Mommy Goggles. I added a new “Subscription Feed” on the right sidebar. I have no idea what this is, really, or how it works. Since the regular subscription feed has it’s issues, I thought I would try a new WordPress Plug-in that I found. Wish me luck! LOL Tweet

We ♥ My Tot Clock! *Review & Giveaway*

I think just about any parent can relate to time out’s, naptime, bedtime, and praising and encouraging our little ones. With Tucker, we seemed to have skipped over the terrible two’s, and are now going through some ‘terrible three’s’. When I first heard about My Tot Clock, I was so excited to reach out and […]

Fisher-Price: Kid-Tough Walkie Talkies *Fun Review!*

We all know that kids are rough. There’s no way around that. I swear, my son has to be the roughest child out there. When it comes to his toys, I like knowing that he can play with something, drop it, and the toy still work after the crash. With Fisher-Price, they have come to […]

Milano says “Happy Memorial Day Weekend!”


Oscar Mayer: America’s Frank Feedback

I was recently asked by Oscar Mayer to try out their yummy Oscar Mayer hot dogs. Of course, I jumped at the opportunity! I was given a $15.00 gift card to go buy Oscar Mayer hot dogs and all the fixin’s, so I went shopping! I bought Oscar Mayer hot dogs, chips, buns, sodas (some […]

Memorial Day ~ Weekend: What are your plans? Tell me!

  Memorial Day is a United States federal holiday observed on the last Monday of May (May 25 in 2009). Formerly known as Decoration Day, it commemorates U.S. men and women who died while in the military service. First enacted to honor Union soldiers of the American Civil War (it is celebrated near the day […]

Step in for Day 5 of 5: Summer Block Party!

Today is day FIVE of fun in our five day Gear up for Summer Block Party that I have going on with 9 other fabulous bloggers. We have two more fabulous bloggers and some more great Summer prizes that are being given away!   Jacqueline over at Blessings Abound is giving away a $25 Gift Certificate to Layers […]

Blog-Link-A-Thon! (Updated!)

I want to share with you the Blog-Link-A-Thon. I am very excited to be a part of such an amazing group of bloggers! 1. Lori@Not Always Charming 2. Fairy Blog Mother 3. Crazy Adventures in Parenting 4. Engineer a Debt Free Life 5. Sweet ‘n’ Sassy Girls 6. Good Golly Miss Blondie 7. SavvySuzie 8. […]

Maybelline’s Pulse Perfection Vibrating Mascara *Review & Giveaway!*

As a proud member of the More than 11 moms for Wal-Mart, I had an opportunity to check out a new product that is not yet on the shelves. What is it, you ask? Mascara from Maybelline. Not just ANY mascara, the first vibrating mascara. I know what you are thinking… ‘what in the world?’ […]

Kick off your Summer with Better Sleep at our Memorial Day Sale

I swear, we have had the same hard, lumpy, old bed for – well… I am over here calculating how long. It was hubby’s bed when we met and we have been together for 8 years. Who knows how old it was before he got it. EEkkk just the thought creeps me out. 😆 I […]

Step in for Day 4 of 5: Summer Block Party! *Review & Giveaway w/ One Step Ahead!*

Today is day FOUR of a fun our Gear up for Summer Block Party that I have going on with 9 other fabulous bloggers. Today, we have two more fabulous bloggers and some more great Summer prizes that are being given away! Moi included 😉 One of which is Victoria, over at Life Starring Ellie […]

Seeds of Change: Tasty Organic way of life! *Review & Giveaway*

To be honest, I have never thought about feeding my family 100% organic foods that are gluten free until I started reading that gluten may be a cause to my son’s behavior issues. We have been trying out some new foods and I already see a change. I am really excited about the yummy foods from […]

Flash Drive

I remember when the whole flash drive craze started. I had no idea what they were. I now have several. In fact, I have a cute pink one to take to BlogHer this summer. I rarely use CD’s anymore. Even hubby had everything on his flash drive that I gave him. I wonder if they […]

iphone accessories

Are you curious about the iPhone, if you don’t have one? I know I sure am! I have been looking at them, drooling and wishing that I had one. The little things are so powerful, it seems! With the new iPhone comes the need for iphone accessories. Who can live without a car charger or […]

Copper Sinks

In our house, our sinks are so old! We just redid out kitchen in which we were out looking around and saw some copper sinks. This wasn’t what we wanted for our kitchen, but I have some mega ideas for our upstairs bathroom. Our house is 1900 and these sinks are gorgeous! We have a […]

Scoop up the Summer Deals with Old Navy Weekly! *Giveaway!*

I don’t know if I told you all, but for Mother’s Day, after we had a nice brunch, I took myself shopping. What? Yourself? 😆 Yes. Hubby waited with the kids, and I went to Old Navy, baby! I was on the lookout for some comfy, lightweight and nicely priced summer dresses. I not only […]