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Has anyone seen this movie? “Splinter”

😯 Oh. Holy. Crap. I was SO sleepy this weekend and Amanda put “Splinter” on NetFlix. I was like 😯 Seriously! If you haven’t seen this movie – watch it! If you love scary movies – watch it! If you don’t like scary – watch it! I kept telling Amanda to turn it OFF. She ignored […]

Toshiba Portable Hard Drive! Are All Your Digital Memories Protected?

Memories come along once. Why chance losing those once in a lifetime memories? I used to back up everything on flash drives, CD’s, DVD’s hard drives – you name it. I like to do my research before recommending or purchasing a product, just like most of you do. I am really impressed with the way […]

$75.00 HP Server Discount Code!

I am an HP switchover and HP lover! My laptops are both HP and my Mommy Goggles blog is all protected and backed up with the fabulous HP LX195 Server. I wanted to let you know that HP is currently offering a limited time promotion (through July 14th) of $75 off the MediaSmart Server LX195. […]

Carefree Fresh Start Fund

I just applied to win $10,000 in funding to enact my personal fresh start plans. While 73 percent of women say they wish they could make a fresh start, the number one reason they haven’t been able to follow through is lack of money.* Carefree is helping women turn their wish for a fresh start […]

People’s Choice Award for the James Dyson Award

Dyson not only makes fabulous vacuums, but is also very active in our community. I applaud James Dyson for this! This week marks the beginning of the People’s Choice Award voting for the James Dyson Award. From June 30 through July 20, you can vote for their favorite entry of the James Dyson Award by […]

PhotoTherapy with the KODAK Easyshare W1020 Wireless Digital Frame *Fabulous Giveaway!*

For those that know me (in real life, or even through my blog readings), you may see that I have a photo obsession. I love creating memories. I love capturing memories. I guess you can say that it is my ‘therapy’. On a rainy day, I love taking my camera out and snapping pictures. On […]

Kodak Invites You To Get Feisty!

I love to send ecards, but when they give that extra laugh, that makes it so much better! I was just introduced to a site that had me rolling with laughter. Looking to make a friend laugh today? It’s easy now with the introduction of Kodak’s new e-card site, The site, which launched […]

Toys“R”Us Helps Parents Celebrate the Summer with Red Hot Bonus Days

We are huge Toys “R” Us fans! We don’t have one in our town, but we have been known to drive 83 miles just so the kids can pick out toys and we love to buy games there as well for family game night and for the Wii and Nintendo DS. I had to let […]

UMI Summer Savings & a chance to win a pair of shoes!

I LOVE UMI Shoes so I had to pass these fabulous deals on to you! *Please note, this is not a giveaway on Mommy Goggles (this website). This is a promo and contest that is available at Visit for more information. Tweet

Midwest Dairy Council *Gift Pack with $25 HyVee Giftcard Giveaway!*

I cannot tell you how much milk we go through in a week. I would have to say at least 4-5 gallons a week. The kids, well, we all do, love milk! If you havent heard, June is Dairy Month and I have teamed up with the Midwest Dairy Council to help give you some […]

Working on emails, drawing winners & locating my sanity

I am working on emails all day today, drawing winners and emailing last week’s winners off for your prizes. Thank you so much to everyone for your patience while I was away! I just saw this picture and had to laugh at it. I have been doing a pretty good job at keeping up with […]

Lovely airport adventures & ticket counter scare tactics

So as you may have read, I just got back from California… Yesterday! I had a blast with Amanda and her family and had an awesome time at Disneyland. The flight to California was pretty uneventful and very nice, actually. I had tossed around the idea of just taking a carry on, so that I […]

Taking off on a jet plane…

In about an hour, I will be heading to the airport. Amanda from Mommy Mandy and I had a fun time while I was here. I am excited to see my hubby and babies this evening though! Lots going on this week once I get home. Tomorrow is dedicated to drawing winners, clearing out my scary […]

best fat burner

Ahhhh what in the world is the best fat burner out there? I think all of us women have been on the look out for them. I haven’t seen anything. If you do, let me know. LOL! Seriously though, do your research and be sure to speak with your doctor before starting any diet routine. […]

diet supplements

Everyone has their reasons for wanting to lose weight. No matter what the reason is, always consult your doctor. If you are going to start taking diet supplements, do your research. Make sure you know the pros and cons for anything that you do, take or any exercise routine. There are a few out there […]

Disneyland was a blast!

I head home tomorrow. I am sad to leave, but excited to see my babies and hubby. I have a serious California tan going on, that’s for sure. 😆 I have about 300 pictures to go through and upload. Here is just one that we had a random person take with my BlackBerry. Sorry about […]

AMI Clubwear Contest!

Recently, found a website that has the most adorable summer dresses called AMIClubwear. I did book mark this site and I have gone to it several times and made out a nice wish list for hubby to go back and check out. Hey, you gotta make a wish list of things that you like so […]

Look great! Save money with Lacura Makeup! *Fabulous Review!*

A few months ago, I tried out a new skincare line that blew me away. What was it? Lacura! I have very sensitive skin, so I was reluctant to try something new, but ever since I tried it, I havent really wanted to try much of anything else. I am very excited to announce that […]

California. Starbucks. Fun. Beaches. Sunburns. Oh my!

Seriously. Is there any other way to wake up? 😆 I was in a Chai mood and Amanda had to have her caffeine fix. 😆 Disney was great! Loads of fun and we still didn’t see the entire park. I have taken over 280 pictures in just 2 days. 😯 I will upload them when I […]

Install Add In Tools for Microsoft Office

I use Microsoft Office on a daily basis. I love it! When I bought my new laptop that had Office 2007 on it, I was utterly confused. What a big difference Word is on the new platform. It does take some getting used to, that’s for sure. If it is so different, then why upgrade […]


I am not sure there is any permanent weight loss cure, other than watching what you eat and of course – moderation! I have heard about ephedra and have thought about looking in to it. I am all about extra energy that doesn’t make me jittery. I saw that the Chinese discovered ephedra more than […]

Sip Smarter with Wateroos *Yummy review & Giveaway!*

Having small kids in the house, we are always looking around for drinks and snacks that are natural, sugar free, gluten free, good for you, and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. We were just introduced to Wateroos. What is Wateroos? Well, you know those famous fruit juice boxes that kids carry around in […]

Confessions of a Shopaholic on DVD 6/23/09

Who doesn’t love to shop? I was fortunate enough to watch, laugh and fall in love with the characters from Confessions of a Shopaholic. If you haven’t seen this movie – watch it! If you don’t own it – buy it! Truly a great addition to any collection! I can, in a way, relate to […]

Discovery Kids – Nintendo DS (Kitten Corner, Dolphin Discovery, Puppy Playtime & Pony Paradise)

I am addicted to my Nintendo DS. I adore it; is a better word for it. It is a huge stress reliever for me. Tucker is almost 4 and likes to play the DS with me. You could probably consider it a bonding time for us. I love to play games by myself, but I […]

Checking in from the airport!

Here I am.. Sitting in the airport, waiting to board the plane. I have my Mini laptop with me, pulled it out and what do you know? Free Wi-Fi. 😀 I am in heaven. 😆 I am also traveling with a dreamy BlackBerry Curve 8900 and AT&T service. I received the BlackBerry Curve 8900 yesterday […]

Beautiful Bamboo Pashmina Scarf from Naturally Knotty *Love this review & Giveaway!*

A couple of months ago, I was introduced to a company that blew my socks off: Naturally Knotty. I recieved a gorgeous diaper bag that we still, to this day, and use on a daily basis. I have found myself using this bag as my purse and laptop bag as well. As you may have […]

Bumkins Flushable Diaper Liners *Review & Giveaway*

Kambry has been in cloth diapers pretty much since we moved last July. I am now a SAHM and thought “Hey, why not?” Once I jumped on the cloth bandwagon, I have never been happier! Disposable diapers get pretty expensive, so I was very thrilled to have made the switch. I have worked with Bumkins […]

Heading to the airport!

I am about to get the kids up, dressed and load up the van. Mama is going to California today! 😀 Amanda and I are going to Disney tomorrow. I am SO EXCITED! I have never been. I will badly miss hubby and my babies, but this mama needs a little getaway. I will be […]

Wordless Wednesday: Nothing like a cloth diaper and rainboots…

😆 Tweet


Seriously!!! I have been blogging for TWO YEARS now and since I moved to WordPress, I have NEVER.. EVER had a Google Rank! Guess what? I HAVE ONE!! 😯 Amanda brought it to my attention tonight while I was out on a date. Yes.. with my husband :lol:. Oh. My. Gosh. Seriously! I have only […]

Thank you Frigidaire for my Spa Basket!

While I wait for my new gorgeous and time saving Fridge from Frigidaire, they were so nice and sent me a Spa Basket with a note. Thank you so much for my “ME TIME” spa basket! Tweet

Save lots of $$ on Pedicures with the PedEgg! *Review* Love it!

I have to admit something. The last time I had a pedicure was the week before we moved to our new home last July. 😳 I love LOVE getting pedicures, but face it – they can get expensive. I would love to pamper myself with a pedicure every two weeks, but its just not in […]

Summer Fun with Skitter Ride on Toys! *Review & Giveaway*

I was just introduced to a fun ride on toy for kids. It is called a Skitter. Well, I say for kids, but the Skitter is good for ages 18 months all the way to 81 years. History We are an American Company based in Southern California owned by parent company WCNGroup. SkitterToys is the […]

Be nice to me. I might talk about you on my blog! *Review from Planet Mom TShirts!*

Have I mentioned what I will be wearing while at BlogHer? I will have another post with pictures on location from Chicago, IL coming next month, but in the meantime, I wanted to share this with you! Gone are the days of diaries. Enter… THE BLOG. Part journal, part entertainment and part therapy, blogs are […]

Happy Father’s Day Sunday!

Happy Father’s Day to all those dad’s out there! Here is a picture that I took of the kids on Friday, coloring daddy’s card, and a video to show you the voice that Tucker added to the Hallmark Recordable Card for daddy! Tweet

Father’s Day Outing Today (Do they look tired?)

… Do you think the kids were pooped today after our outing to Omaha? 😆 We had a great day today! Went and had lunch (At Hooters and BTW: they have Wi-Fi. How cool is that? 😆 ). We then went to the mall, shopped around, walked.. Kambry fell asleep in the sling while I […]

Manny’s Repair Shop

Father’s Day is this Sunday. My son is always wanting to help daddy in anything that he does. I would love to get this for Tucker! Handy Manny is a fun show and Tucker learns a lot; just like Tucker helps Daddy! Can I help?! It seems kids always want to be involved with D.I.Y. […]

Fun Summer shoes from Polliwalks! *Review & Giveaway*

Once upon a time, children’s shoes were taking themselves a bit too seriously, and feet were not having any fun. Then one day, a new brand named Polliwalks™ was created. Polliwalks™ brought fun back to children’s feet. All the children loved their Polliwalks™. They took them home, quickly became best friends, and lived happily every […]

Cool, Comfort & Cuteness with Nowali Moccasins *Review & Giveaway*

Moccasins are able to be worn in the winter to keep your feet warm or in the hotter months to help keep your feet cool and dry. At first, I thought ‘Moccasins’ can keep your feet cool? We had a chance to check out an adorable pair of Nowali Moccasins for Kambry. She loves them! […]

Dyson DC25 transforms into robot for Transformers *Dyson DC25 Giveaway!*

I cannot tell you what a mega fan my son is of Transformers! On Wednesday, June 24th, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen is out in theaters and guess what one of the characters will be? Well, ta-daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah…. Dyson’s powerful vacuum, the DC25. 😯 Dyson, the muchly-loved English company, is rather proud of their DC25 model, an […]

Winners! Winners! Winners!!!

Winners! TONS of winners have just been emailed. Please check your emails and reply. You have 48 hours to reply to claim prizes or other winners will be drawn. Congratulations! Things Remembered: #116: Mommy Daisy See Kai Run #19: Melinda My First Shades #125: Miranda My Tot Clock #162: Christine Sue […]

List of winner’s being announced Friday!

I am in the process of emailing winners of some contests that just ended. I will be posting all of those tomorrow. I am about to take a couple of Tylenol PM’s and call it an early night. This was a very busy week in our home. Friday is mega blog-work day for this mama, […]

Comfort and Beauty with *Review*

When I was working full time, outside the home, I was mega shoe fanatic, but for the reason for ‘looks’ and not so much for comfort. Now that I stay home with the kids, I look for not only looks, but comfort as well. I had a chance to check out a fabulous and gorgeous […]

Toddler Behavior: Doctor’s Appt Today… Wish us luck

I won’t be around until later this evening most likely. Hubby has a dentist appt this morning, then we are heading 1 1/5 hrs away to a pediatrician appt for my almost 4 year old toddler. We aren’t saying we want our kid medicated, but we need answers to the hyper activity, not able to […]

Wordless Wednesday: Love these baby blues!

With as DARK brown as my eyes are, I am suprised that my kids have this blue of eyes! Tweet

SlimPerfect Slimming Activewear *Review & $100 Giveaway*

I think we can all relate to wanting, or needing, that cute outfit, while wanting to appear slimmer. SlimPerfect is the ultimate place to get just that. SlimPerfect Inc. developed a versatile yet unique line of swimwear/activewear that is designed by a woman for women and was inspired by the need to feel comfortable, confident […]