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Assaults & Harrassment: Online and in person

Now that I am home and with my family after a long, but eventful & learning 7 days, I am taking this weekend to spend with my family. I was assaulted at BlogHer and now this person is stalking and harassing me via email, online, leaving ‘anonymous’ comments with her IP address clearly listed on […]

I WON A $2K GUCCI BAG from TJMaxx & Marshalls!!! #tjx

More details to come, but I WON A GORGEOUS Gucci Bag today!! 😯 Here’s one pic snapped with my phone. For those that know me, or don’t.. 😆 I am a complete handbag lover, so this was a treat! Thank you TJMaxx & Marshalls! Pardon the blue fuzzy on it. Gotta love tshirt fuzzies. Lori […]

Greg’s Tribute “Ode to BlogHer ‘09”

I seriously want to kiss you, Greg! I love LOVE your tribute to BlogHer ’09! It was PERFECT! I am seriously LOL over here! Watch and enjoy! What a creative and great voice Greg has. I *heart* you! Tweet

TJMaxx & Marshalls Event TODAY!

I seriously have been looking forward to today for a while now! I am so giddy about attending this fabulous event in Boston,. We have a FULL day of exciting things from breakfast, meeting the brands from TJMaxx & Marshalls, Family Fashion show and SO much more! I am so honored to be here! I […]

Wordless Wednesday: Cute hair & butt-dialing

I was lucky to get my hair done by Luke O’Connor while I was at BlogHer. I love him! I love what he did to my hair and I plan on doing it like this more! Thank you Luke! Oh yeah. And I almost butt dialed someone from BlogHer from my BlackBerry. 😆 Tweet

Whole Grain Nutrition: Back to School Sara Lee Summit *Learned SO much!*

I am SO excited and proud to have been a part of such a wonderful experience! On July 23rd, I was able to meet with the Sara Lee corporation and I learned so many things from how to shop for my kids’ lunches & family meals, so how to make those lunches fun, nutritious and […]

BlogHer: Is it what it’s cracked up to be?

I have read some ‘horror’ stories about BlogHer and thought to myself “What in the world?” I had a GREAT time. I finally was able to meet, face to face, my girls from MomDot. I think we are sisters separated at birth. 😆 I met some awesome bloggers and some down to earth and amazing […]

Garfield’s Pet Force on DVD

I am a HUGE fan of Garfield! I grew up watching Garfield and now my kids will too! On June 16th, Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment released Garfield’s Pet Force. DVD Release Date: June 16, 2009 Rating: NR Studio: Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment  Let the fur fly! Garfield’s newest full-length feature is a […]

Organize your entire home with ShoesUnder! *Review*

We moved to our old home last summer. We have an ‘ok’ amount of storage space, but upstairs, the closet space is pretty limited. I had the pleasure to work with a product that, I feel, has increased our storage by so much! ShoesUnder™ is the revolutionary new way to store and protect up to […]

I made ABC News last night!! (Video!)

As you may recall, I went to the Sears/Kmart Summit in Chicago recently and had a GREAT time. I learned so much about the company and people behind the products. Here is a news clip from last night’s Chicago News. ABC News was covering how bloggers help out companies with marketing and advertising. I was […]

Attn PR Reps, Companies I work with & readers (Just an FYI about this week)

I just wanted to let everyone know that from Wednesday, July 22nd, through Thursday, July 30th, I will be traveling for a Sara Lee Summit in Chicago, BlogHer in Chicago and TJ Maxx & Marshalls Summit in Boston. If you are emailing me a press release to post, please note that those will be moved […]

Your little Power Ranger will love Power Rangers RPM Volume 1: Start Your Engines!

Tucker has told us a few times that he IS a Power Ranger. He loves the characters and loves the shows! He is on cloud nine with the new Power Rangers RPM Volume 1: Start Your Engines DVD. This is over 100 minutes of pure fun and pure action for your little power ranger! Story: […]

I will be tracking my steps at BlogHer with the Omron HJ-720ITC Pocket Pedometer!

As you all have read, I am getting ready for BlogHer ’09! I am heading out on Wednesday, early, to a Sara Lee Summit on Wednesday & Thursday, then BlogHer from Thursday through Sunday. I am SO excited to see bloggers that I have been chatting with, as well as meet some of the fabulous […]

Imagination Movers For Those About to Hop CD *Review & Giveaway*

The kids are huge fans of Imagination Movers. I am too! I love the shows and best of all, I love the music. It is very catchy! On July 7th, Walt Disney Records released a new Imagination Movers CD. We keep this CD in the car and we play and sing along to it all […]

I <3 Strong Bones! *Review & Giveaway!*

You would think we have our own cow at our house with all the milk that we go through. I believe we went through 4 gallons just last week, alone. We all know that milk is so important to us, but some may not realize the importance of it. Since forearm fracture rates of children […]

Watch for me at BlogHer in this fab tee!

Watch for me this next week at BlogHer in my adorable tee from Zazzle! More details to come on this fab tee! Tweet

Perfect Cheese Slices with the Slicester *Review & Giveaway*

We go through; I cannot tell you HOW much cheese in our home. The kids love it and so do I. We eat a lot of cheese and crackers for snacks and, to me, it is a challenge to cut with a regular knife. I am so excited to have a new addition to our […]

Give your toddler yummy nutrients with Gerber Smart Sips

The kids drink a lot during the day. I don’t mind it when its water, watered down juice or milk. They, just like adults do, get bored with what they are drinking. It is nice to have an alternative for them and Gerber has just that. It is a new product called Smart Sips. Smart […]

JetHeads Airplane Travel Pillowcases from Travel With Me *Love Them!*

We travel a lot. We travel by car as well as by plane. While everyone tries to travel lightly, we still want our little ones to be comfy. If we are on a long flight, the kids like to be comfy, but as a mom, I don’t want my kids (or myself) to lay their […]

The Soloist on DVD & Blu-Ray 8/4/09

On August 4th, Paramount Home Entertainment will release THE SOLOIST on DVD & Blu-ray!! I am so excited to have had the chance to preview this movie at home before it is being released. I have been waiting on the release of it and that wait was worth it. Great movie! I love everything about […]

Happy Anniversary to US!

Happy 6th Anniversary to US! We are going out tonight to an old airplane hangar that has been converted to a dinner theater. It os SO cool! I will take pics tonight to show you all tomorrow! This is hubby and I on our wedding day, July 18, 2003! Tweet

SticViews *Review & Giveaway*

I love personalizing things from my laptop to the tiles in my kitchen. If you are going to use it daily and see it every day, why not have it the way you like it? When I received a few samples from SticViews, I was really excited! Since we recently redid my kitchen, I could […]

Where have all the GOOD babysitters gone?

Seriously???? We have had this babysitter scheduled for over a week. We had an arrangement for tomorrow. We have dinner plans. Our 6th wedding anniversary is tomorrow and she just now calls. Why? Uh. She supposedly discovered she has a grandmother – whatever. I can smell a lie like a fart in the wind. 🙄 […]

Dymo’s LabelWriter 450 Twin Turbo *LOVE IT!*

Can I show you how organized that I am for this next week’s travels for the Sara Lee Summit, BlogHer and TJ Maxx & Marshalls Summit? Seriously. I am organized down to the time of travel in my car. I am always this way. I have to be when I am going places, working from […]

Do we have Swag for BlogHer, or DO WE have Swag???

😯 This isn’t even HALF of the swag that has arrived for our awesome SwagBags! 😯 We have so many AWESOME BlogHer SwagBag sponsors that we have increased our swags bags from 60 to around 150! 😀 WOOT! More details coming soon, but I wanted to show you the boxes so far! It’s a good […]

Take beautiful pictures at an affordable price with Casio’s EXILIM EX-S5 *Love It!*

I am a huge fan of Casio. I have done some posts and reviews for different products over the last year and a half and (as I said in a previous post) Casio really has blown my socks off with their amazing technology. Casio America, Inc. and its parent company, Casio Computer Co., Ltd., released […]

My Plate Mate *Review & Giveaway*

Last year, I heard about a product called My Plate-Mate and how it can help little ones learn to feed themselves. Now that Kambry is old enough and loves feeding herself, I had to give My Plate-Mate a try. What is My Plate-Mate? Using My Plate-Mate at meal time will: Prevent messy spills on the […]

BlogHer Swag Bags!

  Amanda from Mommy Mandy and I have teamed up to bring you one fantastic Swag Bag of awesome goodies! We will be passing out flyer’s throughout BlogHer to tell you which room to pick up your Swag Bag along with hosting some awesome giveaways! *Edited on July 16, 2009 to add MORE goodies! I […]

WINNER: DC25 Vacuum

A HUGE congratulations to Angie! She was drawn at Random for the Dyson DC25 Vacuum! Tweet

WINNERS! Naturally Knotty, Wateroos, Skitter, Nowali & SlimPerfect!

The following winners have been emailed and have 48 hours to reply and claim prize! Naturally Knotty Scarf Cathy B Wateroos Shelly Skitter Lorie Shewbridge Nowali Moccasins susan SlimPerfect spamgirl Tweet

My awesome experience at the Sears Design Summit!

I was lucky to be invited to a blog conference on July 7th and 8th for Sears Holding Corporation and Kmart. I was so excited. Wait – I was THRILLED and honored .. for the lack of a better word! I have a confession to make to you all, and to Sears. I have two […]

Urinary Pain Relief with Cystex *Giveaway*

I cannot tell you how many Urinary Tract, bladder and kidney infections I have had in my life. Too many to count and in fact, I have had 3 surgeries to do an ‘exploratory’ surgery to see why I would get them all the time. Come to find out, I had a reflux in one […]

Ever Lasting Friendships

When something or someone makes an impact on your life, that person that inspires you… that sticks with you forever doesn’t it? I have had friends all of my life that I have known all of my life. Example: I am 33 and I still have friends from my kindergarten class. I am still friends […]

Momfinitions ~ It’s a Mom Thing!

I think we all (mom, dad, kid – anyone) has their own definitions of words and even their own words. Here are a few of my own ‘Momfinitions’ that I say and to be honest, I don’t know where or why I got these. 😆 TwitterMoms recently asked us moms what some of our faves […]

Wordless Wednesday

Thanks to Miranda of Keeper of the Cheerios for taking this picture of me ‘trying’ to snag a Gumball from the Sears Design Summit. So much for being quiet. 😆 Tweet

Safety 1st Summer Road Trip Safety *Fab Giveaway!*

BlogHer is coming up next week. What? Next week! I am soooo very excited about it! We have been going on road trips all summer and we have a few more in store before the summer says Goodbye to us. With my road trip to BlogHer, I am SO excited to meet a company that […]

Fashion Week Junior & Diva Girls: Divas on Ice for Nintendo DS

It doesn’t matter what game we play on the Nintendo DS, we play just about anything. Tucker is really starting to get in to playing the DS, but for the most part, he likes to cuddle and play with me. There are two games that we received that are more geared ‘towards girls’, but we […]

Bloggy Travels & Many Adventures Coming Next Week!

I am SO excited to announce my upcoming events! 7/22: Driving to Chicago for a Sara Lee Blog Summit 7/23: Sara Lee Summit. Very stoked about meeting this fabulous company! 7/24-7/26: BlogHer 2009. Whoah! I don’t even know how to express my excitement for this event! 7/28-7/29: Flying to Boston to meet with the ever-so-fabulous […]

Getting ready for Bedtime with a Bedtime with Elmo DVD

Ah, Elmo! Who doesn’t love this adorable red fuzzy friend? We are all huge fans of Elmo in our house. Kambry calls him “Welmo”. 😆 Every night, we have quiet time, in which the kids tame down for the night with a movie. Usually, the choice is Elmo. Well, there is a new DVD that […]

My Healthy Cooking Coach for Nintendo DS

Wherever I go, I take my Nintendo DS with me. It is my therapy, so to speak. LOL I really like the games that aren’t so much ‘games’, but the ones that teach you more, like cooking and eating healthier. I had the chance to check out My Healthy Cooking Coach. I love this game! […]

Ni Hao, Kai-lan Kai-lan’s Great Trip to China on DVD 7/14

Oh my gosh! The kids are a huge fan of Ni Hao, Kai-lan! We watch this shot daily! Honestly, there aren’t a lot of shows on TV that I truly approve of, but I really like Ni Hao. Ni Hao, Kai-lan: Kai-lan’s Great Trip to China Street Date: 7/14/09 Synopsis: Join Kai-lan and her friends […]

Staying cool this Summer with the In Balance Blanket from Select Comfort! *Giveaway CLOSED*

We live in a 1900 home. Our only assumption about our house is that our upstairs used to be an attic that some previous owners converted in to 3 small bedrooms. It’s that, or the house is so old that there never was air conditioning up there. With this said, we have no air conditioning […]

Everybody’s Nuts for Pistachios! *Review & Yummy Giveaway!*

We snack a lot in our home, but we do not buy sweet and fattening snacks. Well, I do from time to time buy cookies, but don’t tell hubby; he’s been trying to figure out if/where I hide things. 😆 I have to hide snacks (sweet or healthy!) because hubby will come in and snag […]

Betty Crocker Gluten Free Desert Mixes *Review & “Sweet Moments” prize pack Giveaway*

We have had a hard time the last few months with our toddler’s behavior, so we have looked in to Gluten Free products. I am so very, excited to share with you that Betty Crocker now has a line of Gluten Free Dessert Mixes! Betty Crocker® Gluten Free Dessert Mixes are making their way onto […]

We love Ball Park Angus Beef Lower Fat Hot Dogs!

When we grill out, I have to say that the number one thing that is requested is hot dogs; by me as well as the kids. Hot Dogs are a must when we cook out, or cook in! I grew up with one brand and have stuck with that brand to this day; up until […]

Andy Monsters: Adorable Tees & For a good cause!

Recently, I was approached from a company that not only had adorable tees for just about anyone, they also are big in the charity world. I, myself, am really big in to donating when I can to organizations, such as Bloggers Give, and wherever I am able to help out with. I really loved working […]