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Disney To Acquire Marvel Entertainment For $4 Billion!!

I have to be honest when I say that I don’t really ‘keep up’ with the news, but when I heard about Disney acquiring Marvel –  I thought ‘well, this can be a great thing!!!’ I LOVE both companies and so do my kids!!!! I cannot begin to express how much these characters mean to […]

What? A Frigidaire Refrigerator can SAVE you time?

I cannot begin to tell you how much I, and my family, have thoroughly enjoyed having our new stainless steel Frigidaire fridge in our home. Not only are we saving money by not buying bottled water (the filtered water ROCKS!), we are saving a lot of time by being able to find the things in […]

More taste & half the carbs with Atkins!

With all of our routines back in to play in our house (hubby is back at work after the summer home & Tucker is back in preschool) now it is time for mommy to get back to work on herself! I am so excited to have my “ME” time to work out while Kambry naps […]

Winners! Winners!! Sunsweet & Scott $50 Visa

Congratulations to the following winners! Scott Common Sense Contest #77: Aisling ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The following winners for the Sunsweet Antioxidant Blend contest: Mishia, Justine, Ronda Garnett, K. Rock, Leslie, Carolyn G., Kim F., Kristie, Linda F., Bridget Winners have been emailed. If no response in 48 hours, prizes will be donated to a local charity and/or school. […]

NEWS: Great Trade In Event – Latest Safety Initiative from “R”Us

Toys“R”Us, Inc. today unveiled a national program that provides customers the opportunity to trade-in used cribs, car seats and other baby products in exchange for savings on a new item. The “Great Trade-In” event is designed to call attention to the fact that, due to safety concerns, certain used baby products, such as car seats […]

Send your child back to school with Mabels Labels My 411 Wristbands

Tucker starts back to preschool on Monday. Monday?! Where is the time going? I swear – he was just born, right? Well, while he is at his fun field trips, I want him to be secure and to have my information at all times. Mabels Labels has a perfect product to help us parents feel […]

Travel in style with the Collapsible Toile Bowl from BowHausNYC

We travel a lot. I like to take our pet anywhere that we can. If you are a pet owner, you know what I mean. When you travel, you want to travel in style, but also travel with room left in your suitcase for your own clothes. With BowHausNYC, they allow you to do just […]

How the last Betty Crocker was ‘founded’

I have SO much more to post about this, but I had to share this one piece of info to you all. Do you ever wonder how they come up with the one lady for the main Betty Crocker image? Well, here is the latest photograph of ‘Betty Crocker’. This was painted in 1996. Well, […]

Give yourself a treat with Kellogg’s Cinnabon Snack Bars

Who doesn’t fall head over heels with Cinnabon and Cinnamon Roll tasting yummies? I know that I am a nut for Cinnabon! With most of us watching what we eat and making sure we still cure those tunny grumbles, is that Kellogg’s has a new product out that will make you drool! Kellogg’s® Cinnabon® Snack […]

Fun Back to School Recipes & Ideas from Sara Lee *Giveaway Closed*

Last month, just before BlogHer, I had a once in a lifetime opportunity to visit the Sara Lee headquarters, take a tour of the entire facility and taste some yummy new things that Sara Lee had in the workings. I loved them before the summit, but I adore them even more as a company! While […]

Snacking Magic with the DOLE Bowl-A-Day Challenge

My family loves Dole! What I love, as a parent, is knowing that my kids are eating fruit and in so many ways. Dole has their awesome Fruit Bowls in Sugar Free Gel, but they also have some fabulous Fruit Parfaits. My son inhales these like there’s no tomorrow; the fruit bowls and the fruit […]

A GREAT first day at #EatandGreet!

I have to say that today has been awesome’ly fabulous. Yes – I just made up a word 😀 I am checking emails and moderating comments, then heading to bed to wake up for an early and FUN day tomorrow fir General Mills. I have SO much to say… SO much to tell you… SO […]

Wordless Wednesday: Pucker Up Baby!


I’m going! General Mills Eat & Greet #EatandGreet

I am so excited to be attending a mom blog conference that is on Thursday in Minnesota! This is an event called ‘Eat and Greet’ with General Mills. I will be attending with some fabulous bloggers! Watch out for tweets from us at #EatandGreet $5 Dinners: 3 Kids and us: 3 P’s in […]

Send your kids back to school with the yummy Oscar Mayer Lunchables!

“Mommy, I’m hungry!” Does this sound familiar? Not at all times do I have the energy to whip up a snack for the kids and to be honest, fast food is not very appealing to me as a parent. I want my kids to have a tasty snack that is better for them than some […]

HP Photosmart Premium Printer with TouchSmart Web *Giveaway Closed*

HP Photosmart Premium with TouchSmart Web is the world’s first Web connected home printer. Powered by touch and empowered by the Web, this sleek device provides quick, simple touchscreen access to important, useful and personal online content. With the largest LCD touchscreen of any all-in-one inkjet printer (4.33-inches), the HP TouchSmart Web control panel conveniently […]

Easy-to-use SimpleSave Back-up Solution: HP SimpleSave Portable Hard Drive *Giveaway Closed*

Do you remember those days where you needed 40 CD’s to save and ‘back up’ your computer? Boy, I do! I have I don’t know HOW many CD’s from the previous years where I would back up (save) all of my data, pictures, videos, documents, music and anything else from my computer. I look at […]

We love Kid Basix Sports Bottles!

We are big fans of Kid Basix. Just this month, we had a chance to check out the fabulous Safe Sippy. We use this on a daily basis. Love it! Well, there is anotherr product that I wanted to introduce you to. Kid Basix Sports Bottles. Kid Basix created The Safe Sippy™ drink cup in […]

Fun leaning with the Leapster Learning Game: Digging for Dinosaurs

Tucker loves his Leapster. I bought it for him last summer when I saw that he looked like he was ready for his own gaming system. He plays his Leapster every day, just about and when we travel, the one thing that he takes with him is his Leapster and games. We had a chance […]

Gourmet Peanut Butter from PB Loco *Review & Giveaway&

When you think about Gourmet Peanut Butter, what comes to mind? What I think of is ‘expensive’ for the first thought and the second is ‘weird flavor’. Well, we have been big fan of PB Loco now for about a year and we had a chance to try out a couple of new flavors that […]

Back to School with Lands’ End *Review & Giveaway*

When do your kids head back to school? Some here started last week and for my son, he starts back on the 31st. It’s crazy how fast our summer went by us, isn’t it? While we are all looking for great deals on back to school clothes, don’t forget about the fabulous selection and prices […]

Seeking inspiration? I trust in this song. I trust in this faith.

Are you in seek of inspiration? For those that know me, know that this is my ultimate favorite song. For those that know me… Know why. Enjoy! I love this song! Another that I love is: When that day comes…. What will I say? You can only imagine,,,, Tweet

Look GREAT for less with Suave! *Review opportunity of a lifetime!*

Do you like to look good for less money? I can tell you that I have been using and LOVING Suave products for probably about 2 years now. I used to buy the expensive salon products, but I look back now and think “Why did I pay $30 for shampoo?” Gah – I was dumb! […]

This mission was NOT impossible! Swiffer WetJet Mission Impossible kit

  What challenges do you take? Sure, we all take some in our lives, but have you heard about taking a Swiffer challenge? I had never heard of this, until I received this case in the mail. Yes. It was a case. I felt like a super agent. Literally! On August 12th, I received and […]

Hannah Montana: The Movie on DVD & BluRay

It doesn’t matter what age you are, I can almost bet that there are Hannah Montana fans out there in any race, age, shape and form. Am I right? When I first heard of Hannah Montana, I thought “Great – another ‘kid’ show’” I have listened to Miley Cyrus and have actually grown to love […]

Bath fun with Swim And Splash Mermaid Dora

D D D Dora (Alright!) D D D Dora (giggle) D D D Dora D D D Dora (Let’s Go) Dora Dora Dora the Explorer DORA Boots is super cool Explore with Dora (We need your help) Grab your backpack Lets Go! Jump In! Vamonos! You can lead the Way HEY! HEY! D D D […]

Let your kids cook up some fun with the Step2 Lifestyle Deluxe Kitchen!

When it comes to finding things for my kids to play with, I look for a few things: Something that they won’t lose interest in quickly I look for things that involve role play. I feel that role play is great to enhance their imaginations, help them learn to share & play together better. Of […]

Makeover an entire room for less with Dali Decals *Review & Giveaway!*

We bought an old 1900 home last summer. We have done so much work to it to make it ours. While we cannot always break out the paint and redecorate how and when we want, we do like a change from time to time. Well, with change, comes spending money, right? What if you were […]

You may see some changes this weekend

If you see some glitches and changes this weekend, I am currently going through some ideas for changes here on Mommy Goggles. I just wanted to let you all know what was happening so you won’t have to adjust your monitors. 😆 Thank you to Cat for all your helpful words and for putting up with […]

Simplify your life & electronics with the Yamaha neoHD!

I often wonder what our house would be like if we only had ONE remote for everything. I swear – I think we have a bazillion remotes. We have one for the TV, DVD player, Cable Box, Stereo… I can keep going. We have a basket on the table, next to the couch, that has […]

Princess in a Ballerina Bells Tutu *Love It!*

Do you have a girly girl that loves to dress up and have fun? Oh boy – Kambry is just that! She loves to dress up, and most of the time, it involves her rain boots. What outfit isn’t complete without rain boots? I have tried, in the past, to make a tutu. Sure, the […]

Photo Friday: Curves & Watermarking

I have been asked by some bloggy friends how I get my images so crisp and clear. I use a Nikon D80, External Flash Speedlight SB600 and the lens that never leaves my camera is my AF Nikkor 50mm 1:1.8D. I have a small studio downstairs, but rarely use it since I use the external […]

Train more for your dream job!

I always thought about what my dream job would be. Of course, when you are a kid, you want to be ‘an astronaut’, right? Well, that’s what my son says right now. 😆 I have worked in the computer information and technology and business office area for .. I cannot tell you how many years. […]

software development

Do you ever wonder about the software development process? I do! I grew up in a computer household, and to this day, I am completely fascinated from start to finish. I would love to have a software that can go through and filter my emails and prioritize them for me. Hey, maybe even one that […]

Enter to win a new computer with LMK Sweepstakes!

Who doesn’t want to win a brand new computer? I know I would love to replace our dinosaur! Well, the Girl Scouts is hosting a LMK Sweepstakes where you can do just that … win a new computer! LMK is an online safety campaign that aims to keep teens and parents informed and ahead of […]

Kids eat FREE at IHOP!

Last weekend, we had the yummy chance to go check out some new items from IHOP. Did you know that with each adult meal that is purchased, you get a free kids meal? I had NO idea until we arrived. I was pretty excited, to tell you the truth! It gets pretty darn pricey when […]

custom headlights

Confession. I used to be in the mode to where I wanted everything ‘hip’ and ‘current’ on my car. I had a super sweet car and I had custom headlights put on it. Ahhh it totally made the entire car! I had a 1996 (I believe that was the year) Eagle Talon. This was my […]

equestrian apparel

Growing up, I had 3 horses. Cisco, Saitey and Memory Layne. I loved getting up every morning with my babies and one thing that I loved was buying equestrian apparel for them. My 5am rides before school were the best! I had the prettiest blankets and the best reins for them. Who doesn’t love to […]

List your website at the best free web directory

Is There A Way To Increase Search Engine Rankings And Boost Traffic Instantaneously? Sure, there are a lot of ways to boost your traffic. You can tweet, host contests, work your butt off, or you can list your site at best free web directory for even more response. I have not tried this yet, but […]

area rugs

Sometimes I wish we had all hard wood floors so that we can have nice area rugs in our home. When we bought our 1900 home, we discovered that our floors are hardwood, but the wood is in such old and bad condition that we had to just lay down 2 foot carpet squares in […]

human growth hormone

Have you heard and read about the human growth hormone? I haven’t read too much about it, to tell you the truth, but it does intrigue me now. I was fascinated to learn that growth hormones are used clinically to treat children’s growth disorders and adult growth hormone deficiency. I didn’t realize that. At first, […]

weightloss supplements

I firmly believe that anyone can lose weight, if they just try and put their mind to it. Some may need weightloss supplements, some may need surgery. Who are we to judge? I have tried exercise and supplements. I think it depends on what your overall goal is, as to choosing what is the best […]

Beautiful Pearl Jewelry

A few years ago, hubby went to Vegas on a business trip and he came home with some beautiful pearl jewelry for me. I have never, in my life, owned pearls before. I wear them every time we have a special event to go to, or for our date nights. Do you own pearls? Tell […]

Diet Pills

With any weight loss routine, always consult your doctor, but anytime you are looking for research for diet pills, the internet is a powerful tool, that’s for sure! A few years back, I took some stuff that really helped. I made sure to do my research. After the reviews, health records online and talking with […]

Random Search For The Day: WHAT THE???

What the? I have had some weird searches for Mommy Goggles, but what the hell? 😯 Tweet

You Be the Judge for the 44th Pillsbury Bake-Off Contest *Giveaway*

Who doesn’t love this sound?? Push play 😉   I love reading and trying out new recipes. With Pillsbury, this just got even better! Now you can judge for the 44th Pillsbury Bake-Off. The main contest itself ended in April, but now is where the fun begins! We get to help determine 10 recipes among […]