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WINNER! Verizon FiOS (FlipCam, Twitter Tee & Gift Card)

Greetings from the road! A huge congratulations to Andrea H! Andrea was drawn at Random to win the Flip Cam Ultra, Twitter Tee & $25 Gift card from the Verizon FiOS contest! Tweet

Fun & Yummy Treats with California Raisins: Spooky Spiders!

Are you looking for a fun and tasty treat for your little goblins for Halloween? We found something that is not only yummy, but FUN and the kids can all get involved. We made Spooky Spiders and we ate them! Yuck – we ate spiders? These creatures were so fun, so cute and so good! […]

Astro Boy Action Figures

Just a few days ago, Astro Boy the movie was released. I cannot wait to take Tucker to go see it. Just seeing the commercials gets the kids all excited! Available now at Toys R Us, Jazwares’ line of Astro Boy action figures, vehicles, electronic toys, role play products and other accessories replicates the futuristic […]

Winners! Alexa’s Angels, Shinky Dinks, Poochie Prints

Winners have been emailed and have 48 hours to reply to claim prizes. Congratulations winners! Poochie Prints (Wall Print of your choice) #32: Sarah Osborne Alexa’s Angels Posi+ivi+y Bracelet set: 5 winners #2: Bridgette Groschen #3: CMC #28: Tammy #38: Sarah C #11: Not So Average Mama Shrinky Dinks #28: Sandra Tweet

Review & Giveaway: Oreck Halo Vacuum Cleaner (11/25)

In our home, we have a cat, messy two kids and a messy hubby. Mommy is clean. 😉 For the last couple of weeks, we have been trying out the new Oreck Halo. What is this? The New Oreck Halo Vacuum Cleaner uses UV-C light to kill many of the germs that could be on […]

BAD Company Ethic: Email Newsletters & Spam

So, here I sit. I am wondering how in the hell my email address was added to all these company’s email lists. I like emails, when they come from a human; someone with a heartbeat, that can type – not an automated system. I have been unsubscribing to everything from blogger newsletters (I am adding […]

I won 2 awards from MomDot Dottie Awards

I have to LOL right now! I was chosen by votes for two fun awards from MomDot. Here are all of the winners for MomDot’s Dotte Awards. Micheal Lang Award (Green Blogger) —————————————————— White House Chief Decorator —————————————————— The Naughty Intern —————————————————— White House Lawn Streaker (by one point) —————————————————— Press Secretary […]

Wordless Wednesday: Lash Love


WINNERS! Walgreens Flu Shot, Clorox Toiletwand Starter & VTech Bugsby

Congratulations to the following winners! All have been emailed and have 48 hours to claim prize, or prize(s) will be used for a live giveaway or donations to a local shelter/charity for the holiday season. Walgreens Flu Shot #148: Renee Clorox ToiletWand: 3 winners! #2: Pat, #63: Stephanie, #26: Susan VTech Bugsby #52: Dawn Tweet

Eileen Goudge: Once in a Blue Moon *Book Review*

I can tell you right off the bat that I am not a ‘book reader’. I used to read a lot when I was a kid, but I am working to get myself back in the therapeutic habit of picking up the old fashioned hard copy from time to time. I had a chance to […]

Fall decor’ with PartyLite’s Pumpkin Patch Refillable Holder

Do you host parties or do you simply like to decorate your house for each holiday? I love to decorate per holiday! Love it! I would have to say that my favorite season of all times has to be Fall. There are some fun holidays in the Fall season, and who can deny the gorgeous […]

Little Mommy Walk and Giggle

If there were things this holiday season that any little girl will love, it is a baby doll. Kambry loves dollies, and when they move or she can interact with them, you can see the love light up in her face. I think any little girl can relate. Being a little mommy is every little […]

ZAMBI The Baby Elephant

The holiday season is sneaking up on us, already! I have already begun our holiday shopping. There is one thing that I have been keeping my eye out for when shopping, and that’s to buy gifts that the kids, our family & friends will like & can use, but also I am looking for things […]

Jif Most Creative Peanut Butter Sandwich Contest

Parents, kids and two tablespoons of Jif peanut butter combined with a lot of creativity could be the ultimate recipe for success. Now through November 13, 2009, the 8th Annual Jif Most Creative Peanut Butter Sandwich Contest is accepting entries from kids ages 6 – 12, for a chance to win a $25,000 college scholarship […]

Hearing your own heartbeat is cool!

The kids have sniffles, were coughing and just didn’t seem like themselves. With the whole H1N1 going around and another bronchial virus floating around, I didn’t want to chance anything. I have chronic Bronchitis and asthma, so we really don’t need the Swine in our house. I called the Dr this morning and they were […]

We are making Halloween treats with Wilton *Live Giveaway Tonight at 8:30pm/Central!* (Closed)

What are your plans for Halloween? I am more excited this year for Halloween because not only will Tucker and Kambry be the cutest in their Dorothy and Tin Man costumes, but we are also having Kambry 2nd birthday party with friends and family. We will have a great party with great party treats, thanks […]

Let’s get ‘Pink Together’! Breast Cancer Awareness Month *Giveaway* (Closed)

I have a close friend that is a survivor of Breast Cancer, and another close friend that her sister lost her battle with breast cancer, so this topic is very heartwarming for me. There are so many causes that I am very passionate about ranging from domestic abuse survivors, being very active in my community […]

We love the Kitchen Helper from Pretend Kitchen Play Shop *Video Review & Giveaway!* (Closed)

Earlier this month, I posted my excitement for opening a box from Pretend Play Kitchen Shop that included the Gudecraft Wood Kitchen Helper. Why was I excited right off the bat? Well, its because I was expecting a ton of pieces to be in the box and a good hour to put it together, but […]

When she is supposed to be napping….

Kambry decides to go in her closet and play dress up instead…. Yeah. Good luck to me cleaning this up today. Joy! Tweet

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Collectors Edition on DVD/Blu-Ray Combo *Review & Giveaway* (Closed)

How many times did you watch Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs as a kid? I cannot count the number of times I watched it as a kid, and even as an adult. I am so proud and honored to have my kids growing up watching & falling in love with the same timeless classic […]

Nestlé COFFEE-MATE is donating $50,000 to Dress for Success & you can help!

I don’t know about your family, but we watch every penny that is spent. I think most of the families are this way. In today’s new value-focused economy, every penny counts.  And now you, your friends and your family can make every cup count too! With that said, I am proud to announce to you […]

Make your pledge to Frigidaire: Pledge time for a child & Frigidaire donates $1!

Can you believe it’s almost time to change our clocks back? 😯 Nov 1st is the day we change our clocks back and Frigidaire is asking that on that day everyone devotes their extra time to a child in need. Photo caption Actress and philanthropist, Jennifer Garner reminded Americans to turn their clocks back an hour […]

Make-Ahead Meals For Busy Moms Cookbook

Who thinks there is not enough time in any given day? I swear – it’s like our days are whooshing away so fast. Why be in the kitchen all day, every day when you are able to make most of what you cook every day, in a split minute? With Make-Ahead Meals For Busy Moms […]

Fun stationary with Scribbles N Such *Review*

I am a huge stationery nut and love looking around for things that you can’t find just anywhere. When it comes to sending things in the mail, admit it – we all fail in this department, but we love being on the receiving end of getting those cute cards. No matter the occasion, holiday, or […]

Win a $100.00 Visa Gift Card from Scott Common Sense Community! *Giveaway* (11/7)

Who doesn’t like or need advice on anything in your daily life from working on your credit, all the way to last minute Halloween Costume ideas? A couple of months ago, I found a site that has so many helpful tips for my family. I am a HUGE organizing nut. Ask anyone that knows me. […]

WINNERS! And MORE Winners!

Congratulations are in order for the following contests! I have more to draw for and will get those done shortly! Ziploc Contest #118: Carol Entertainment Book Contest #90: Danielle Norelco Contest #22: Beth G The Slanket Contest #212: Annmarie W. Club BK Burger King Contest #252: Margret Stephens Tweet

WINNER: Oreck ProShield Plus

Congratulations to #399: Bridgette Groschen! Bridgette was drawn at Random to win the Oreck Proshield Plus. Email has been sent. Please reply back within 48 hours to claim prize. Tweet

WINNER: Step2 Lifestyle Deluxe Kitchen Contest!!

*Drum roll please* With as many comments that were on the Step2 Lifestyle Deluxe Kitchen Giveaway, While I did pick my, I also went through all 996 comments to make sure the winner that was picked was a legit entry and they followed all the rules. I did this because I didn’t want anyone […]

Wordless Wednesday: Baby Blues


We took a Bloggy Sick Day today

I apologize for the delay in getting winners drawn for ended contests (Ziploc, Entertainment book, Step2, Oreck, Norelco, Slanket, Burger King, Harry Connick Jr CD & a few others) & moderating comments. I have lots to get done, but we took a bloggy sick day today. It’s amazing how a 3 hour nap can make […]

Protect yourself & your family with MyClyns

Back to school + Cold season + flu time = no fun for any family! We are mega germaphobe’s in our home. Who isn’t this time of year, especially with H1N1 going around? We are always on the lookout for products that may help us avoid the winter time sniffles and fevers. We have been […]

2009 Barbie Collector Holiday Barbie Doll

What are you planning on getting your princess this holiday season? While Kambry may be 2, I have been looking in to things that she will appreciate more later on. While any little girl may adore Barbie, here is one that you will not want to miss this holiday season. The 2009 Barbie Collector Holiday […]

Over 25,000 yummy & fun recipes from *Review & Giveaway* (Closed)

We have really been getting in to baking, especially with the cold weather already here and the holidays just around the corner. On Halloween, we are having a small get together party for Halloween and Kambry’s 2nd birthday celebration. One of the recipes that I want to make for the party is Peanut Butter Spider […]

Our family loves Gluten Free Honey Nut Chex!

In August, I had the pleasure to go to Minneapolis to meet the fabulous General Mills Family. We loved General Mills before, but we are in love after meeting the family and trying out some new products that were in the makings. One that I was able to try and my family was able to […]

Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure on DVD & Blu-Ray Combo on 10/27

Tinker Bell. I cannot tell you how much I adore Tinker Bell! My kids fell in love with Tinker Bell in 2008 when the first full movie was released. How many times have we watched this movie? I cannot tell you how many, but each time is like the first time. In 2008 audiences around […]

Charlie and Lola, Vol. 9: What Can I Wear for Halloween? on DVD

If there were two characters that both of my kids love, it is Charlie and Lola. As a parent, I LOVE Charlie and Lola and I love when my kids watch and have fun with these two adorable characters. With Halloween just around the corner, the kids love watching ‘Charlie and Lola Volume Nine: What […]

Play grocery shopping with the Step2 Shopping Cart & Play Food

I am all about my kids, well any child, having fun with pretend play. We received the Step2 Lifestyle Deluxe Kitchen a couple of months ago and this has been nothing but pure fun in our home! While the kitchen itself is amazing and so much fun, there are so many fun accessories that you […]

Stay connected with your faves with the BlackBerry 8520 & T-Mobile

In January, our current family cell phone plan is up, so I have been doing some research on what cell phone service, phones and family plan is best for what we use and what we ‘need’, as far as phones and plans go. Over the summer is when I first fell in love with a BlackBerry. […]

Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story for Nintendo DS/DSi

After a complete withdrawal from playing my Nintendo DS, I finally was able to locate and buy a new charger for it. Watch me find my old one, just when I am not looking for it. Always happens that way. Cold weather has struck in our neighborhood and what is the better way to get […]

We love clean filtered water with the Cuisinart CleanWater Countertop Filtration System *Video Review*

We live in an older home where our pipes aren’t the best. We pretty much do anything we can to avoid drinking tap water. I drink a lot of water. A lot! We all do really. With our cold weather we have been making a lot of hot chocolate and I drink Chai. With this, […]

Crazy in love with Michael Buble’ “Crazy Love” CD!

On October 9th, the voice of an angel was released. I had the pleasure of receiving a copy of the new Michael Buble’ CD. Not only have I listened to this CD in my home over and over, but I have added it to my iPod and listened to it on the go and in […]

Now I look forward to grocery shopping with my Frigidaire Gallery Fridge

I have expressed over and over and over how much we love our Frigidaire Gallery Fridge. I cannot tell you what a lifesaver this has been to our family, our home and our schedules. Before, we were not able to buy in bulk. Now we can. Before, we were only able to buy just a […]

Unilever Beauty Tip of the Day: Fabulous products!

Recently, I was given a chance to try out some products from Dove, Ponds, QTips and Vaseline. My face has always been hard to find the right product(s) for all that I need. I have a dry patch of skin just under my nose that I have not been able to get clear. This has […]

Trick or Treat Me with Hershey’s and Organic Valley

I love Fall. I love Halloween and seeing all the cute kids running around in their costumes. Seeing all those kids just make my heart melt with joy and happiness! The one thing that I could do without Halloween is all the candy. I am probably one of the only in our town that doesn’t […]

Are you being Cyber Bullied? has tips to help!

Since I was recently a victim of Cyber Bullying, I feel very strongly to post about this to you all. Please pass on this information. We don’t have to, nor do we deserve to be victims. Gather and Mom Central recently partnered on a survey that was conducted to understand moms’ social habits online. The […]

ChapStick Fresh Effects *Love Them!*

It is that time of year… sick kids, colds and chapped lips. I cannot tell you how much ChapStick we go through in a year. Tons, to say the least. Hubby always keeps some in his backpack, in the car and we always have some at home, in my purse, diaper bag and even in […]