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Heading to the Doctor

  So I thought I would be better today. Uh. No. I think I am worse. Lungs are so heavy and so painful today. Mommies don’t get time off our jobs, but thankfully we have a daycare locally that lets me bring the kids when I have events to go to, or even like today […]

Double Charity Points TODAY for Sam’s Giving Made Simple @SamsClub $50 Giveaway! (Closed)

Don’t forget to log on to Twitter today for your last chance to DOUBLE your charity points for your favorite charity from Giving Made Simple for Sam’s Club! It’s EASY! Just get on Twitter TODAY any time between the hours of 12:00 a.m. – 11:59 p.m. CST and reply to @samsclub with your charity’s hashtag […]

Mommies Don’t Get Sick Days

Mommies can’t call in sick to work. We don’t get sick days. I am taking today to rest on the couch all day. Monday, I woke up with a sore throat and it has progressed from there. Today, it is full blown bronchitis so today will be spent resting as much as possible. I will […]

Snacktime News! Classic Goldfish Gets a Sweet Makeover

One of my favorite snacks growing up, and today as an adult, is Pepperidge Farm Goldfish crackers. Come on, sing with me! “I love fishes cause there so delicious gone to go fishin’, I could eat ‘em every day and my mom says that’s okay, gone to go fishin.” Each time we go to the […]

Shriners Hospitals for Children

As a parent, my kids’ health and well-being are at the top of our priority list. Each year, we go over a list of those places that we want to donate to, and at the top of our list is Shriners Hospitals for Children. Sometimes children need even more care and attention; care and attention […]

Millions Are Harmed by Unsafe and Un-healthy Homes Says CDC

Whether you are wrapping up spring cleaning or thinking about summer plans, there is no time like the present to dedicate yourself to keeping you and your family healthy, and it may be easier than you think.  Unsafe and un-healthy homes continue to harm the health of millions of Americans so the U.S. Centers for […]

Kindergarten ‘Round-Up’!

Our elementary school has a program where they take preschool kids in for half a day of Kindergarten to see if they are ready for kindergarten in the fall. This morning was Tucker’s day for school. He was so excited! How the program works is: they see if your child is ready for kindergarten. They […]

Wordless Wednesday: Name that butt


Winners! Guidecraft, Harlem Globetrotters, Crisco, Secrets of the Mountain, Sam’s Gift Card!

Congratulations to the following winners! If there is a Tweet on the post, I will be tweeting the winners shortly. All have been emailed and have 48 hours to claim prizes. Cubs Directors Chair from Guidecraft 81 entries #34: LT Harlem Globetrotters Giveaway 68 entries #39: Molly (No twitter available) Secrets of the Mountain […]

Epson Kicks-Off Great American Movie Night

This week, Epson announced the Great American Movie Night – a campaign to bring friends and family together to watch their favorite movies projected on the big screen in the great outdoors. As part of Great American Movie Night, Epson is offering a Projector-A-Day Giveaway from May 17–23 where consumers can win an Epson MovieMate […]

BlackBerry Quick Tips

My BlackBerry is like a body part – it’s attached to me 24/7. I am always looking for tips & hints to help me breeze through emails and app programs. Here are some tips that I wanted to pass on to you BlackBerry owners: Speedy Thumbs – Quick BlackBerry Typing Tips to Save You Time […]

Busy Weekend & Fun Plans!

Lots to do, not enough time, it seems! Busy weekend ahead of all of us. I am heading off for a girls weekend, but it’s more of a lot of things all bundled in to a single weekend. Tonight, I am heading out to deliver a van full of goodies to the family’s daycare tonight, […]

Are people really that rude..

… to HONK in front of someones house at 7:40 in the morning? I mean, I can understand being the shuttle mom and picking up neighborhood kids to take them to school, but 1) you have a kid in your front seat – send him to the door to to knock on the people’s door that […]

Saving for a King Size Play/Swingset!

We had a yardsale this past weekend so that we could de-clutter the house donate things that we weren’t using to help raise money for the kids a swingset/playset for our back yard We have been searching for quite some time and this is one of our top choices for a play set for the […]

Win cash & prizes from the Temptress Temperature Quiz!

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of KAO Brands. All opinions are 100% mine. A trip to Las Vegas sounds good right about now, doesn’t it? You can enter to win! When you visit the Temptation is Beautiful sweepstakes, you can be entered to win a daily tempting beauty basket […]

Weight Loss: 10 Pounds GONE!

My official weigh in day is Monday mornings, but I weigh in every morning. To some people, it may not be necessary and may be discouraging & annoying, but to me, weighing in every morning, at the same time, helps keep my mind focused on the end result and helps keep me motivated. I am […]

Make a Powerful Difference Twitaway with Pine-Sol *Giveaway!* (Closed)

Do you have those certain smells that bring back memories from your childhood? I do and one of those is Pine-Sol. This is all that my mom used and still uses to this day. I loved the smell as a kid and love the smell as an adult. I wanted to share some helpful cleaning […]

Helpful Green Tips for Earth Day

Earth Day is tomorrow, April 22nd and NSF International, a not-for-profit organization that helps protect you by testing, certifying products and helping to write safety standards for food, water and consumer goods, has created a list of helpful tips for this green day and I wanted to share those with you all. Part I: Tips […]

Toys R Us Awards $10,000 Grant

In celebration of the 40th anniversary of Earth Day, Toys“R”Us, Inc. has once again partnered with Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots, the Jane Goodall Institute’s global environmental and humanitarian youth program. Through service projects, youth-led campaigns and an interactive website offering earth-friendly activities, Roots & Shoots empowers kids worldwide to care for the planet. To support […]

Earth Day: Simple Tips for Frugal ‘Green’ Living

Another year has passed and another Earth Day will be here tomorrow, April 22nd. There are a lot of people and businesses going green and helping shoppers save money. We all know that ‘being green’ helps save the environment, however many Americans have a misconception that it’s impossible to protect the planet and save money. […]

Wordless Wednesday: Bare Bottom, what?


Don’t forget to vote at Sam’s Giving Made Simple!

If you haven’t heard what Sam’s is up to lately, then you missed my post about Sam’s Giving Made Simple, and you missed where I am giving away a $50.00 Sam’s Gift Card too! I wanted to send out a reminder to you all that you can still vote for your favorite charity over at Sam’s […]

Mommy Blogs, Internet Cattiness & Maintaining Professionalism

The Internet is a huge place. There are a lot of people online that many of us reach out to on a daily basis to chat with, and many that we have grown to know and consider the best of friends. We have so many social networking regions that are available: Facebook, Twitter, and even […]

Zazzle + Chiquita = Fun Tees!

Two things we love in our home, its bananas & t-shirts. Weird way to start a post, isn’t it? Well, I wanted to let you know about some fun things that are going on with Chiquita and another one of my favorite companies, Zazzle. Chiquita lets banana zealots (and other consumers) create their own label, […]

Monday Moment with Starbucks

Anytime I travel, there’s one place that I always stop, it’s Starbucks. While we are working to get healthy & stay healthy, you don’t have to give up the things that you love, such as Starbucks. I know that when the weekend is over, most of us think ‘Ugh! Monday again!’. I want to know […]

Nose Owie – Need tips/suggestions to help make it better!

Kam has had a runny nose for a few weeks now. Gotta love our wacky hot/cold weather. Well, last week, just under her nose started to peel. I am keeping Neosporin on it, but I am open to any suggestions to help this owie get better. Tweet

Winner! Tutu T-Shirts from Tutu Pour Mon Deux

Congratulations to the following winner! Winner was drawn at Random and emailed! Winner has 48 hours to reply to email to claim prize. Tutu T-Shirts from Tutu Pour Mon Deux 141 entries #91: Clarissa (Twitter cneiding) Tweet

#Winners! Baby Bunch, VTech, Pillow Pets

Sorry for the delay in getting these winners pulled. Last week was chaotic preparing for our yard sale & getting some things changed here on the blog. Baby Bunch Baby Egg Nest 56 entries #36: Lauren VTech IS9181 WiFi Internet Radio 526 entries #312: Holly (Twitter hbbs55) Spring Themed Pillow Pets 263 entries #126: Sue […]

Crisco Chronicles *Gift Basket Giveaway* (Closed)

How would you like to win a check for $500.00 and a Crisco Gift Basket containing an assortment of Crisco products? Crisco has a great contest going on right now that I wanted to share with you! (You can win the cash on Crisco’s website, but we have a contest here too! See below!) Crisco […]

Serenity Theme from StudioPress

A few months ago, I decided to change my theme on my blog to the Serenity Child Theme from StudioPress. I have to say that after the time that I have spent on customizing it and working around in it.. I love it! I was scared that it would be hard to customize and get familiar […]

Personalized Art from Modern Bird Studios *Review & Giveaway* (5/4)

If there was ever one thing in my house that I love to have, it’s personalized things that remind me of my family and that has those moments captured in a way that will bring a smile to anyone’s face when they walk in my home. I had the amazing opportunity to work with Modern […]

Yard sale was a SUCCESS!

My main goal for yesterday’s yard sale was to start Spring Cleaning & de-clutter the house of things that we weren’t using, didn’t need and also was to save money so we can buy the kids a wooden sing/play set for our back yard. Well, we were due to start at 7am, but we started putting […]

Yardsale Find *Video*

OK this is HILARIOUS! About 2 years ago, we were given this yard sale find from a family member. We haven’t used it that much since we were moving, weather’s been wacky, etc… Well, we pulled it out today to see if we wanted to sell it in our yard sale this weekend, but someone […]

Help me dress for the 80’s!

Next weekend, I am going to a fun Girls Night Out, that is themed: 1980’s. I am an 80’s child for sure, but do need your help! What should I wear? I have short hair, but was thinking of doing the ‘Berlin Wall’ tall bangs hairstyle, but any thoughts are needed! My friend and I […]

The Great Mouse Detective: Mystery in the Mist Edition

On April 13th, Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment released THE GREAT MOUSE DETECTIVE: Mystery in the Mist Edition on DVD! Renowned detective Basil of Baker Street takes on his archenemy, evil genius Dr. Ratigan with the entire city of London at stake. Inspired by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s stories of Sherlock Holmes, this animated classic […]

Need. More. Time!

The title says it all. I need more time in my day. I get up before it gets light out so I can have time to myself and get things done before the chaos starts. This weekend is jam packed and I don’t even know where to start. :wacko: House is a mess. Sink is […]

Boudreaux’s Butt Paste: Funny Name, Great Product!

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Boudreaux’s Butt Paste. All opinions are 100% mine. When Kambry was a baby, she was in cloth diapers and seemed to get diaper rashes a lot more than Tucker did when he was a baby. We tried a lot of different things from antibiotic […]

Today is Errand Day!

Tucker is out of preschool today and tomorrow for teacher teaching day, so I am over here getting a few things done this morning, then we are going to head off to Walmart for some groceries and to get Tucker some summer shorts and clothes. I swear, the child is growing faster than I can […]

I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter Fridge Makever! #ICBINB *Giveaway* (Closed)

Do you know what is in your fridge? I peeked in mine last week and was a bit on the scared side. After looking in my fridge, it made me realize what my family was eating, and was not eating right. When making simple changes to improve your diet there’s no better place to start […]

Sam’s Club Gives Back! Vote with Giving Made Simple

Earlier this week, I told you all about a fantastic thing that Sam’s Club is doing to help give back to our community: Giving Made Simple. (Which, by the way, if you go to the post, you can enter to win one of two $50.00 Sam’s Gift Cards 😉 ) Sam’s is donating $4 million […]

Intuition: Mom’s Personal Assistant #IconApps *iPod Touch Giveaway!* (Closed)

How do you organize your life, your family, your job, and your errands? What about your grocery list; is it on a post it note that you keep adding to as you think of things, then when it’s time to go shopping, you can’t find where the papers went? What was that thing that I […]

N5 Series Shoes from Naturalizer *Review*

This year, I have challenged myself for a lot of changes. Weight loss Getting healthy and staying healthy! Being more active outdoors with the family Being more organized Get rid of any clutter Dress more stylish, yet comfortable I have to say that last one, because since I have become a stay at home mother, […]

Google Searches & Random Comments | Dear ‘Laura’

This is my blog and I can write what I want, right? I own my blog. I pay my domain fees out of my own pocket. I get a lot of random searches from several search engines that may, or may not, lead to the specific post that the searcher is looking for. If you […]

Wordless Wednesday: Ribbet Ribbet


Tips that help Manage & Organize our home & family

As a mother, I am always looking for a new and better way to organize my life. This ranges from the kids’ schedules, preschool events, hubby’s schedule at work, family events, grocery lists and even a reliable and better way to plan and schedule my online work with my blog and emails. What mom isn’t […]

Laundry Room Contest! Vote for KERRY!!!

Hi everyone! I posted recently about the Wisk: Make Over your Laundry Room Contest. While it is too late to enter, I wanted to ask you all to please VOTE FOR KERRY! I have to say that I adore Kerry’s video! Her laundry room looks JUST LIKE mine! Oh. My. Gosh. Our basement is dingy, […]