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Wordless Wednesday: Ready for the Fourth of July!


Sprout Pregnancy Essentials iPhone App

I am not currently pregnant, but when I was TTC (trying to conceive) and when I was pregnant with my kids, I tracked everything, and I mean everything. In today’s modern technology, the possibilities are just about endless when it comes to iPhone, iPod touch and even the iPad. Med ART Studios has Sprout Pregnancy […]

New 2010 Zoobies *Review & Giveaway!* (Closed)

A couple of years ago, I heard about something that I knew that my kids would love: Zoobie Pets. We went on a hunt in a 50 mile radius and found a place that sold them. We bought two: Jafaru the Giraffe and Tama the Tortoise. Ever since then, we are hooked! Talk about the […]

July 4th Celebrations with Sam’s Club!

We live in a pretty small town, so our shopping experiences are limited. We choose to drive about an hour to get all of our shopping done, as well as we love to buy  in bulk at Sam’s Club offers affordable items for catering to large and small celebrations, products and activities for family-fun and […]

Raising awareness: Prostate Cancer Foundation

Have you ever found yourself asking: “Why can’t men be more like us?”  Whether you’ve been or are a mother, daughter, wife or girlfriend you’ve probably been in a position where you’ve had to coerce the men in your life to visit the doctor. Let’s face it; historically men just tend to not keep up […]

Playmobil: Dragon’s Dungeon

The kids love role play and imaginative playing. From a mother’s opinion, it is hard (for me) to find toys that both of my kids will play with, enjoy for more than a week, something that is easy to store and something that I find reasonable in price. We were given the chance to check […]

DVD: When In Rome

I am always up for a good movie, especially when the kids are in bed and I have all the time in the world to spare. I was given that chance to see ‘When In Rome’ before it came out. I know, I am a bit delayed on a write up; as we had company […]

Wordless Wednesday: Batter Up!


Summer of Smiles with 1-800-FLOWERS *Giveaway!* (Closed)

Do you send flowers? If so, why do you send them? If not, why don’t you? I love to send flowers just because. Recently, 1-800-FLOWERS.COM contacted me to receive a bouquet of flowers and while I love flowers, I thought I would bring a smile to someone else’s face. Why? This summer, 1-800-FLOWERS.COM is on […]

Air Bud: World Pup DVD

In June 15th, an addition to Air Bud DVD movies was released: Air Bud: World Pup. If you have seen a previous Air Bud movie, this is a great addition to your DVD collection! Story: The whole family will get a kick out of the spectacular Special Edition of Disney’s timeless canine adventure AIR BUD: […]

Taking time off for a visit with my Mommy!

Starting Tuesday afternoon, I will be taking some time off my blog for a couple of days. My mom is driving 9 hours from Texas to visit for a few days. I cannot wait to see her and for her to see our home. The kids don’t know she is coming. I will let her […]

Jason Escape reveals the new iPhone OS4! *Videos*

I do not have an iPhone, but do love my iPad and iPod touch. I would love to get an iPhone though! I wanted to share with you some videos from my pal, Jason Escape, that he created for some apps and the iPhone OS4 that he had the chance to check out early, before […]

I ♥ my daddy! Happy Father’s Day!

I firmly believe that girls are ‘daddy’s girls‘. Kam is a daddy’s girl, and I was am still am a daddy’s girl. I love my daddy! I called him and invited him for lunch today. Keep in mind, that we are 13 hours 50 minutes, AKA: 898.51 miles away from each other. He thought it […]

Summer Grilling with ConAgra

Recently, we bought a new grill. Our old one was a hand me down, that was handed down and the poor thing was more than over its’ legal age requirement. We plan on spending the summer grilling out as much as we possibly can. We love to grill out! Not only is it fun, but […]

Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day to all you Father Figures out there! May you have a day full of smiles, laughter, love, hugs and kisses! Tweet

Motorola H17txt Headset with MotoSpeak *Review & Giveaway!* (Closed)

Most of us drive. Most of us have cell phones. With this said, a very large portion of people don’t have headsets, and in turn, are not practicing safe driving. I will confess that I have been known to text while driving, my phone will beep and I will see if it’s that email I […]

I love online ordering! *Our New Patio Table Set*

We have been searching around everywhere (literally) for a tall bar patio set to put on our deck and that would be easy to store against the house in the winter. After looking at a 200 mile radius around our town, I finally found ONE in stock in St. Joseph, MO. I will go tomorrow […]

Father’s Day Gift Ideas from Sears: TOOLS!

Father’s Day is this weekend. Do you know what you are going to get dad, grandpa, your hubby? We have a 1900 home that we are constantly working on so any gifts that we buy for each other are usually for the house. We love renovating our home! It is fun and it is something […]

MLB Handpainted Rocker Chair from Guidecraft *Review & Giveaway!* (Closed)

In April, I posted about a director’s chair from Guidecraft. Tucker still loves and uses this chair on a daily basis! Well, I am here today to tell you about another chair, that is perfect for boy or girl from Guidecraft. This is a gorgeous, very well made and handpainted Cubs rocker. Officially licensed Major […]

Flickin’ Chicken – Can you hit the target?

It doesn’t matter what your age is, there are games that are made for any age, literally. The kids have some fun games that (I am admitting this, so shush) I like to play, or hubby and I will play, when they aren’t around. Don’t tell anyone. We received a game that has truly become […]

Wordless Wednesday: Chicago Night Lights


Protect your bag, get Grab Guard. *Review* Love it!

I travel quite a bit. This ranges from bloggy travels in and out of airports for conference events, traveling through other locations for personal or family travels or what about those trips to the grocery store? Anywhere that you go, you have a purse, suitcase, bag, or even a diaper bag. How do you usually […]

Make & share home movies with muvee & Seagate *Giveaway* (Closed)

I love movies. I love pictures. I take a lot of both, but what do we do with all these previous memories that we take? Most of the time, they just sit on our computer, hard drive or memory card, right? What if you could make movies so easy with your pictures and videos and […]

Taste what’s new with Kraft! Gift Basket Giveaway! (Closed)

Home-style macaroni & cheese with a sandwich made with Oscar Mayer Deli Fresh Shaved Meats, served with a glass of ice cold Kool-Aid Fun Fizz. What is a better way to soak in the summertime lunch than that? We had the chance to try out 6 new products from Kraft Foods that I would love […]

Save money with Online Coupon Codes from MyCoupons

Do you like to save money? Do you search everywhere looking for coupons and coupon codes for online purchases from flowers, chocolates or what about traveling such as airline, hotels or even car rental deals? I have bookmarked a website that you have to check out! Don’t know how to use online coupon codes? […]

Photo Pasta Contest! PLEASE VOTE! “Slurpin’ Smiles and Spaghetti”

Please vote for us! Please? Purty please? Slurpin’ Smiles and Spaghetti What’s in it for me? What’s in it for YOU? There’s something for everyone!!! Voting is open today for the Ronzoni Smart Taste photo contest! You can vote for Kambry here: Anyone who votes is entered to win a $25 gift card. You […]

Residence Inn by Marriott

Last year, during the holidays, we stayed at a Marriott, Residence Inn for the first time and I have to say that our 4 day experience was delightful. When you travel 14 hours, with two kids, you just simply pray for sleep of any sort, type or kind, am I right? After 14 hours, what […]

My Wilton Pantry

Confession: I have a 1900 home (that’s no confession really). I have limited very limited pantry and storage space. I had bought this wooden cabinet from Lowe’s for just under $100, but I got this to store my small kitchen appliances in. Well, once I thought about it and after I got my Wilton materials, […]

Wilton Mom ReTreat: Day Two

Three days ago, I posted about my first ‘day’ with Wilton. While that technically was my first day with Wilton, I wanted to share with you my first FULL day with Wilton. While I was at Wilton, I learned so many things ranging from what pans to use for baking your cake, how to prevent […]

Tip: How to clean Wilton Decorating Tips

I have been playing around for a few days with my Wilton decorating pantry and learning my way around my tools before I get started in full force on decorating. We have a dishwasher and have one of those plastic baskets that you would use to wash/sterilize baby bottle tops and straws. Well, I use […]

Emails, Blog Postings, Contests & Catching Up – Mommy Duties Come First

I am working on emails today and getting posts live as I can. If you email me for a blog posting or review, I will get to those as soon as I can. Contests are being ended & winner are being notified. My Mommy duties are my first priority, and I will be taking the […]

Moving day Saturday

I’m not moving. With this heat, I wish we had a newer home that had air upstairs, but nope .. Not moving. The kids and I are going to help Jenna move to her new apartment, hen I’m stoppig in route to check out a Mac computer that someone is selling for an unbelievably low […]

Ronzoni Smart Taste Pasta *Review*

Spaghetti. Messy eaters. Photos. Life can’t get any better! We had the chance to try a pasta that we have never tried before, so we were all excited to give it a whirl: Ronzoni. Looks good, doesn’t it? About Ronzoni: In 1881, a young boy emigrated from the small fishing village of San Fruttuoso, Italy, […]

Wilton Mom ReTreat: Day One

Wilton Mom ReTreat – Day ONE: June 1, 2010 Last week, June 1 – 4, 2010, I had an opportunity of a lifetime to visit Wilton and get an inside scoop as to how Wilton works, learn about their products and learn how to USE their products. What and Who is Wilton? Wilton helps families […]

Alright, who broke Twitter?

While this whale is cute to look at, he is getting annoying. Dear Twitter…. Here are some suggestions for you: Create a new website, OFF of twitter, specifically for Twitter Parties. Not all of us are in to them, and when we are, all we see lately is this chubby whale. Be more in charge […]

Bing Teacher Appreciation & Donors {My donations!}

I am 34 and I still can clearly remember all of the teachers that I had in elementary school, Junior High and even in High School. One teacher that stands out to me, well two, are Mrs. Lamb & Mrs. Gilbert from my elementary. They were amazing! Mrs. Gilbert was that tough love type of […]

Wordless Wednesday: Sweet Friends! ♥

My Wordless Wednesday isn’t so ‘wordless‘. This past week, I had an amazing adventure to meet up with some girls that literally stole my heart! One of the evenings, four of us were able to venture out within Chicago and make an evening of it. While I am used to being in bed early, I […]

I am a proud owner of an iPad!

Confession. I caved. I have been using my iPod touch and love it. I thought for the longest time ‘WHY does anyone need an iPad?’ After my brother in law bought one, I had to play. I am addicted. Let’s just say this: GOODBYE HP MINI and all miscellaneous travel companions. I thought about buying […]

Bissell’s Stain Solver FREE iPhone, iPod touch & iPad App

Ever since I got my iPod touch and iPad, we have been checking out all the apps that are out there. There are so many amazing paid ones, but there are so many free apps that are just as good! When you have a stain on your carpet or your furniture, what do you do? […]

Hungry Jack Pancake Party Kit #Giveaway THREE #Winners! (Closed)

Our family can eat breakfast three meals a day if we were able to. There are so many days that the kids ask for cancakes (pancakes) for lunch. I don’t mind, its easy to make, we love the wheat blend mix from Hungry Jack, so they are yummy and so easy to make – just […]

Hanes + Susan G. Komen = Race for the Cure Series T-Shirts *Giveaway* (6/23)

I have a dear friend that is a survivor of breast cancer, a friend that lost her sister to breast cancer and every year, I walk for Susan G. Komen to help raise funds and awareness for Breast Cancer. Actress Melina Kanakaredes is teaming up with Hanes and Susan G. Komen for the Cure® in […]

Febreze Home Collection No Spill Wood Diffuser

I love my house to smell good, but having small kids, I don’t care too much for having hot things or lit candles around where little fingers can get burned. I am a huge fan of Febreze products, so when I saw that there was a new product coming out, I was excited, beyond words! […]

Travel with ease with iGo Green *Love it! – Review*

I travel quite a bit. It may be from our family venturing out and about for the day on errands or it can be me traveling out of state for a blog conference event. I get so tired of taking so many separate wall chargers. Oh, and we cannot forget how many times my BlackBerry […]

pediped footwear to host purchases with purpose promotion to benefit the Make-A-Wish Foundation

Beginning today June 8 through July 11, pediped® footwear will host a Purchases with Purpose fundraiser.   Fifty percent of the purchase price will be donated to the Make-A-Wish Foundation to help grant the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions.  During this period, select styles of both Originals and Flex shoes will be marked down […]

BlackBerry: The Ultimate Family Vacation Survival Tool

Where would we be without all of our technology? I have and love my BlackBerry. When I travel, there are a lot of apps that I use, most are free, to keep my family informed of my travels, airline updates, hotel, etc. Here are some freebies and paid apps that I wanted to share with […]

Chicago Lights Make Me Smile!

I have SO many pictures, so many videos, so many thoughts from my past trip to Chicago for the Wilton blogger event. I had one (ok several), but this one image that I wanted to show you all for now. More to come! Tweet