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Back to School with Toys R Us!

Time for pencils. Time for books. Time to choose backpacks to complete back-to-school looks. With summer in full swing, many parents are done planning vacations and beginning to select items they need to send their kids back-to-school. To help parents prepare their kids for the classroom, Toys“R”Us stores nationwide and will offer incredible deals […]

Goodbye Jeep – Hello Reliable Vehicle!

On May 12th of this year, just 2 months ago, I bought a 2007 Jeep Commander. I LOVE this vehicle! Man, it’s sharp as can be and what’s crazy is that the gas mileage was better than my minivan. We had some small things happen here and there with it since we got it, but […]

Back to School with Apple – Buy a Mac & get a free iPod touch!

With hubby and Tucker about to be going back to school, we are already in that ‘Back to School’ mode. Most people may think about Back to School with things like backpacks, crayons, khaki pants, lunch box and those busy school schedules. Well, school items go much deeper than just papers and zippered backpacks for […]

Adorable Kids Clothes from Bit’z Kids NYC!

When it comes to kids clothing, I like to buy things that not everyone out there has. I don’t want to send my child to school in the same outfit that every other child has. Recently, I saw a company online that their clothing and their entire style really sparked my interest: Bit’z Kids NYC. […]

Wordless Wednesday: Welcome to Texas!

We were in Texas for a few days and this is how we were ‘welcomed’. Gotta love Texas! Tweet

Pop On Pals Large Playset

We were recently introduced to a whole new world of endless “Popabilities!” Spin Master is introducing Pop On Pals – a wonderful world of fun pals, pets, vehicles and playsets! With endless mix n’ match fun, little ones can be anything they want to be. A fireman can become a musician, a princess becomes a […]

Back from Texas!

Daddy, Kam & I are back from Texas! Tucker is still there with Gamaw. I will get him tomorrow in Wichita when I have to drive there to pick up my Jeep. The three of us flew in to TX, spent time with my mom & some family, got to hang out with Tucker for […]

Wordless Wednesday: Tanline’d Tucker


Weekend adventures with our Jeep

You may have read some of my Tweets and mostly my Facebook statuses and information from this previous weekend. Boy, oh boy, what a weekend! The kids and I headed to Wichita, KS on Saturday morning to take Tucker to his Gamaw & Pops to spend a couple of weeks with them for the summer. […]

Tucker’s Upcoming Adventures!

I am taking today and tomorrow off bloggy work. Today, I am packing Tucker’s suitcase because tomorrow, he will be going to stay with Gamaw in TX for a couple of weeks. Sounds like forever, but the rest of us will be flying to TX next week to visit family & have Tucker’s birthday party, […]

L’Oréal Kids Toy Story 3 Extra Gentle 2-in-1 Shampoos

Bath time becomes play time for kids and moms alike with the new L’Oréal Kids Toy Story 3 Extra Gentle 2-in-1 Shampoos. Like all L’Oréal Kids Extra Gentle 2-in-1 Shampoos, the Toy Story 3 formulas promise no tears and no knots, and helps protect hair from damage, split ends and dryness, leaving it silky and […]

Be an Instant Rockstar with Paper Jamz – Giveaway! (Closed)

Do you have a future rock star in your house? We do, but I can say that we are not about to rush out and buy our 5 year old a guitar. Think of the expense and I really doubt any 5 year old would be responsible enough to take care of such an expensive […]

Cheap Spam Attempts

I take a lot of time to moderate comments on my website. The next time that a company or individual leaves a comment on one of my posts, on my blog, linking it back to your company in the attempts at free advertising (links on my posts with a keyword to your website or company), […]

Beads & Bracelet Making Supplies – Free to a good home! Leave a comment!

Is there anyone out there that is a true fan of beads and making bracelets? I am doing some cleaning and have a whole drawer with supplies (beads, clasps, string, dangles, and more) and would love to send these to someone that can put them to good use! This is not a sponsored contest – […]

I’m participating in a Healthy Choice Better for BlogHer Challenge!

BlogHer is just around the corner and I am ready for it. I have taken on a fun and healthy challenge for BlogHer, but most of all – for myself: Healthy Choice Better for BlogHer Challenge. I am so excited to be one of only 20 bloggers chosen for this life changing opportunity! This challenge […]

Bob Evans restaurants’ famous Wildfire Sauce

We love to grill out. I love the way the food tastes when we grill out and I love that my kitchen isn’t a huge mess when we are done cooking. As an original Texas girl, I love barbecue sauce on just about anything. I was given the chance to check out Bob Evans restaurants’ […]

Personalized Back to School Supplies from Frecklebox

This fall, Tucker will be starting Junior Kindergarten. He is so excited, and I have to admit that I am too. He is starting Junior Kindergarten based on his birth date, and then next year, he will go to Kindergarten. We have already started with all the school doctor check up’s, exams and even back […]

Wordless Wednesday: 7 Years! ♥



I was going through pictures and saw this one.. I giggled so hard! Miss Kambry had a Gerber puff stuck to her face. :heart: Tweet

Johnsonville Share Your GrillVille Contest!

Just this summer, we got a new grill. Before then, we had an old, handed down, t-shirt tied together grill (literally). We have always loved to grill out and with summer here in full force, we love to grill out even more. While I haven’t been a big fan of brats, with the help of […]

LeapFrog Leapster Explorer + Toy Story 3 Game – Review & Giveaway! (Closed)

When Tucker was just before 3 years old, I bought him the original Leapster and I cannot tell you how much he has played, laughed and learned with this device! Last month, we received a top secret gaming system that my 5 year old is madly in love with; the new LeapFrog Leapster Explorer that […]

Lawry’s Get Grilling Kit Giveaway (Closed)

We love to grill out any chance that we get, rain or shine. I was always told that if you have a truly good steak, you don’t need a dipping sauce for it – it just needs to be marinated and cooked properly. We had the chance to try out some things from Lawry’s for […]

Adorable & Affordable Reusable Shopping Bags: Envirosax it!

Confession: I will admit that I am not totally green. I care about our environment, but as a busy mother, sometimes being ‘green’ just isn’t in the books for me. Well, that was until now. In my Jeep, on the door, I have a collection of reusable shopping bags. Why are they here? These bags […]

GE Digital Camera A1455 *Review*

I love gadgets. I love electronics. I love photography and capturing my kids’ every moments! How are you capturing your Summer vacation? What about your kids? How are they capturing their time off of school? GE has a nice line of Digital Cameras and I wanted to share with you our experience with the GE […]

Lindsay Lohan: It’s called respect. EARN it. Don’t buy it!

I have always been a fan of Nancy Grace. I am a CSI, Law & Order, live trial watcher… type of person. I think I should have gone to school for investigative science. I love it! I have been keeping up with Nancy Grace and the whole Lindsay Lohan chaos. Jail-bound starlet Lindsay Lohan’s shocking […]

Wordless Wednesday: Reflection of Smiles


Cascade Complete: It’s just a complete #FAIL!

Yes, I went there. I don’t like to, and have never, posted a negative thought on a product… ever. When I bought two tubs of Cascade Complete, at a pricey $13.00 EACH, I must have lost my noodle. I had read amazing things about these and thought I would try them. I knew I would […]

How I Dream in Green: Crayola Green Team

Coloring, kids, fun, pictures on the refrigerator, fun and Crayola; these are the fun times of our lives! Crayola believes that the creativity and originality of children will lead the way in making the world a greener place.  By using renewable energy, reducing waste and protecting the rainforests, we are committed to doing our part […]

The 13 Ghosts of Scooby Doo DVD Giveaway! (Closed)

Warner Bros. released the DVD, The Thirteen Ghosts of Scooby-Doo! We are HUGE fans of Scooby Doo, so we were excited to see this! Synopsis: The 13 Ghosts of Scooby Doo is about the adventures of Scooby Doo, Shaggy Rogers, Daphne Blake, and Scrappy-Doo chasing after more mysteries. Now they are joined by a magnificent […]

Gillette Fusion ProGlide

Hubby has tried a few razors ranging from cheap to pricey, good to bad and from disposable to corded. Gillette is making it easy and affordable to stay clean shaving, just the way I like hubby to be! Combining superior technology and sleek design, the new Gillette Fusion ProGlide offers a close comfortable shave that […]

Febreze Home Collection Giveaway! $15 Walmart Gift Card! (Closed)

Recently we received a fun box from MyBlogSpark with a collection from the Febreze Home Collection. This fun box included one different product on each of the four sides for us to try: Say goodbye to spilled potpourri and candle wax. The Febreze Home Collection wants to introduce you to their no mess, no spill […]

Debt Resolution Options May Be Too Good to Be True

I will admit that when I was in my early 20’s, I was careless and didn’t care about anything in the world – but me. With this said, in my late 20’s, I had a nice debt added to my name and my credit. I never thought anything about it, until I went to trade […]

McDonald’s, McNuggets & Shrek!

We love Shrek! We haven’t seen the current Shrek movie yet, but we have plans to! We have the previous Shrek movies and watch them on a pretty regular basis. It doesn’t matter how old you are, Shrek is a family favorite! Who can go wrong with Shrek AND McDonald’s? With the help of everyone’s […]