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Spring Cleaning with Victor pest control products

This post brought to you by Victor Pest. All opinions are 100% mine. When we think about Spring Cleaning, most don’t think about cleaning those ‘critters’ out of our homes. We own a 1900 home and we have places in our home where these pests can get in. Spring is right around the corner and […]

Just created my new iPhone 4 custom case!

I am so excited about my custom iPhone 4 case that I just made! More details to come on this, but I have to share it with you! I can’t keep a secret to save my life, so here it is! (Minus the copyright 😉 ) Tweet

Villisca, Iowa Axe Murder House & Resting Place Visit

Earlier this month, I got caught up in watching Ghost Adventures. (Thanks to Jenna who got me addicted to it!) We have lived in SW Iowa for 2 1/2 years now and have driven by Villisca at least a hundred times and had no idea how close we lived to the Historic Villisca Axe Murder […]

Custom Rhinestone Shirt from JustJen *Giveaway!* {3/11}

When I go on trips for blog events and conferences, I like to wear something that tells other bloggers & companies who I am. JustJen has the cutest custom hoodies and rhinestone t-shirts! There are so many options that you can choose from JustJen ranging from personalized tees, aprons, and even fun bridal bikini’s for […]

You Again – DVD + Blu-ray combo

I love to have family movie nights in our house, but I get tired of the same traditional style of movie with the same plot. When I saw that You Again was coming out on DVD & Blu-ray, I was so excited to check it out! Not only did it include a fun story line, […]

Happy Birthday TO ME! Happy Birthday to ME!

Happy Birthday to MEEEEEEEEEE!!!! I am 35 years young today. Well, as of 11:59 pm tonight. I am a rockstar and am going to party like one today. Ok, fine, I’m lying. {only about partying like a rock star because I am a rockstar!} I am home with my awesome Auntie who’s visiting from Texas […]

Dannon’s “Small Steps to a Better You”

With the New Year, a lot of us are working hard to better ourselves. I have been watching a lot of streams about how motivated people were at the beginning of the year to lose weight, get healthy and get fit. I have also noticed more than half of those streams are still wishing they […]

Ralph Lauren Children’s Create Your Own Polo Shirt *Giveaway!* {Closed}

I have been a part of the Ralph Lauren Mombassador program for a few months now through Mom Central and I am really excited to share with you Children’s Create Your Own (CYO) Polo shirts from Ralph Lauren. The Create Your Own collection offers a wide variety of color combinations, different embroideries, and five unique […]

Veripur Hand Sanitizer Moisturizer

I cannot begin to guess that amount of hand sanitizer that we go through in our house, for hubby’s work and on the go. I travel a lot and always take along my hand sanitizer. One thing that I have noticed about keeping my hands drenched all the time is that my cuticles get cracked […]

Vodka eyeballing: Disturbing new trend

I had my TV on this week while I was getting some things cleaned up in my living room and saw something that really bothered me. I can say that when I was a teenager, the biggest ‘trend’ was to sniff glue or markers…. nothing like this. —- This video may contain graphic nature — […]

Wordless Wednesday: Looking back at my 5 1/2 year old

I am working on a project and was going back through some of my favorite pictures that I’ve taken of my 5 1/2 year old son. My, how the time flies! I actually have this next picture on a 24 x 48 canvas in my house! Tweet

Class Valentine’s Day Treats with Wilton

I woke up this morning in a creative mood, so I went with the flow. I made rice krispie treats and used Wilton’s Candy Melts to drizzle over the treats, as well as I made candy to go on top. I made some hearts using candy melts and I used the Wilton Heart CandyPick Mold. […]

Perfect Valentine’s Gift: Apple iWatchz

Do you know what you are getting your loved one(s) for Valentine’s Day? I have a perfect gift idea for him, her, that teen in your life, that athlete, or even for yourself; Apple iWatchz. Apple iWatchz iWatchz Q Series watchband for iPod nano Turn your iPod nano into a stylish wristwatch. The iWatchz nanoclipz […]

These are a few of my favorite things! {Rayovac Love!}

Our house is powered by Rayovac more than I ever realized. Everything in our house has Rayovac batteries in it from the kids’ electronics, game controllers, remotes, and even my photography equipment has rechargeable Rayovac batteries in it! What do you power your home with? Ya know something? I never realized how many things that […]

Epiphanie Clover: Stylish Camera Bag

My camera is attached me at all times. It’s like it’s an extra limb on my body. I have traveled with my bulky camera backpack, but have always had back pains the next day because everything is jumbled all in the bottom of it and nothing is very organized in it. To be honest… it’s […]

Spector Pro Internet Monitoring and Surveillance Software

I think it’s pretty realistic to say that most of us are on the internet, right? Are your kids online? Do you know what they are doing? Our kids don’t care too much for us parents hovering over them to make sure they are being safe online. Online safety is very important, especially with how […]

Trading Cradles: Parents Marketplace to Buy & Sell Cribs, Car Seats, Strollers & More!

When I was pregnant with my kids, I shopped online a lot for our baby needs. This ranged from used strollers, bedding, cribs and even gently used baby clothes. I was always looking for the best deals and the latest trends. Actually, I am always on the lookout for deals for my little ones. We […]

Wordless Wednesday: Dear Tooth Fairy, keep the small change…. I want a car.


Almost to my goal! {Calorie Story}

I have been stuck at a weightloss plateau for a couple of weeks now. Plateaus can be quite annoying, but I am glad to have been stuck, than to gain any weight back. I stepped on the scale this morning and was happy giddy as can be to see that I am down another 2.5 […]

$5 printable Family Dollar Coupon!

This post brought to you by Family Dollar. All opinions are 100% mine. When we moved to our new {old 1900} home two years ago, we were on the search just about everywhere for affordable home furnishings that didn’t break the bank and that matched the styles we were looking for. We live in a […]

Storm Preparation tips from Rayovac

No matter where you live at, chances are, you were hit with snow during this massive snowstorm that just happened, or you are colder than you are used to. Luckily we haven’t lost our power with all of our snow. Yes, this is our front yard, and all the snow in our town! Yup. That’s […]

Candy in the Crock-Pot — Valentine’s Day

I cannot tell you how much I love my Crock-Pot and how often I use it. If you are looking for that ‘must have’ for a kitchen, it is a Crock-Pot. Love it! here are some fun and tasty recipes that you will love this Superbowl weekend, as well as for Valentine’s Day! Candy in […]

Kitchen Progress! I love my kitchen!

TA DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! I still have touching up to do, but I am in LOVE! I still need to stain the cabinets, add a glass tile backsplash, add some shelves in between the two hanging cabinets, add a 12″ base cabinet next to the fridge & add the end caps for the countertop & cabinets, but […]

Will the stalking ever end?

No, really – will it ever end? I am stalked and harassed on a daily basis by two individuals that clearly need straight jackets and high dosage of medication. They claim I am stalking them? Really? Are you sure about that? I have 109 MB & over 225 FILES with letters, emails, print screens and […]

Wordless Wednesday: My Hero!


Valentine themed special edition Pillow Pets Giveaway! {Closed)

Welcome to February! Hard to believe that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! What are you getting that special someone? There’s one thing that I love, as an adult, it is Pillow Pets. I travel a lot with my blog and every time I pack, I have to take my Pillow Pet! I am […]

Top 100 PR blogs – Mommy Goggles is TOP Blog!

This is so cool! Check THIS out! Mommy Goggles has made an amazing list on the Top 100 PR blogs! I saw this on my incoming links from #30: PR Blogs: The ultimate rank #39: Top PR blogs by the unique monthly visitors #2: Top PR blogs by the number of pages posted on […]

My new Vistaprint business cards! *Love them!*

With my blog, I travel quite a bit. I also like to mail out thank you’s to the companies that I work with. With this said, I go through a lot of business cards, as well as post card mailers. There is one company that I have trusted for at least 3 years for my […]