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Leapster Explorer Camera and Video Recorder

My kids are huge fans of the Leapster Explorer. I swear, since my son got it, he has been focused more on learning more so than ‘gaming’. The Leapster Explorer has so many things on it that I never knew a child’s learning device could have: learning, bright colors, fun games, interactive story books and […]

Know Your Options: Fannie Mae

This post brought to you by Fannie Mae. All opinions are 100% mine. We bought our first home almost three years ago. With today’s economy and all the foreclosures that are happening, I have a friend that had their home foreclosed on and they now live with relatives until they can get back on their […]

DYMO LabelManager 420P | High Performance Portable Label Maker

I post a lot about home organization because I am a manic nut and everything has to have its place and preferably a labeled space. When I get the thought to do something, I go for it. We have a 1900 home and I recently made over my kitchen. Since I have more cabinet space, […]

FREE & Discounted Kids and Family TV on iTunes!

If you know me, you will know that I am a huge Apple fan! I have my iPhone 4, iPod’s, iPad 1 & 2 and when I travel, I go to iTunes to download movies for my trips. I wanted to share with you that the iTunes Store is now spotlighting the best in Kids […]

Dear men… Why must you do this?

Really? No, really? The containers are clear, you can see  what’s inside – why put back an empty package of cookies INSIDE the Tupperware? Did your mama teach you anything? :negative: For real? Tweet

Wordless Wednesday: Oh. Em. Gee! Oh, no you didn’t!!


March: National Autoimmune Diseases Awareness Month

As a mother, I am the doctor and the go to person when anyone is sick in my house. From someone that has a very weak immune system, I wanted to share with you some information about autoimmune disease. I was asked “What does “autoimmune disease” mean to me?” To me, it is very important […]

Party City: Blood Manor & Monster Ball {Halloween Themed Celebrations}

If you have been keeping up with my Party City party planning adventures, you will not want to miss out on this one! Spooktacular Surprises for a Merry, Not Scary Halloween Party City and Tara Riceberg Share Halloween Party Trends for the Whole Family Party City, America’s largest party specialty retailer, partnered with celebrity event […]

Site-Seeing around Harbour Town

Earlier this month, I had the pleasure to go to Hilton Head Island for Party City to learn more about their party planning ideas and affordable products. I had some down time, so I went site-seeing and thought I’d share with you the amazing areas that I went to. Friday afternoon, we had lunch at […]

Special Agent Oso Rapide Expanding Command Center

During the week, it’s just Kambry and I here at home. We do not watch a whole lot of TV, but when we do, I like for her to watch things that are educational, yet fun. One program that Kambry loves to watch is Special Agent Osos. We were recently given the chance to review […]

Vapur .5L Anti-Bottle – The perfect travel must have!

Anytime I travel, I always take an empty water bottle with me. I usually stick it in my purse so once I get past security, I can fill it up and not have to waste money on buying water in the airport. That can get expensive with as much water as I drink! I was […]

More bang for your buck – Rayovac Lasts as Long!

If you would have asked me a year ago if I knew the difference in batteries, I would have told you ‘nothing’. That is true in most cases, however, what if you were to have the ability to buy batteries that included more in a package, lasted as long as the other guys, and were […]

Boingo Wi-Fi: Perfect for travelers!

I travel quite a bit, ranging from media events to family travels. Most of the time, I’ll travel with my iPad. While my iPad does have Wi-Fi on it, not all locations or airports that I fly through has free airport wireless Internet. There are times when I will write a post or check my […]

Wordless Wednesday: Anger Management for Kids *video*


Winklet Web Design {Flash & HTML Website Templates}

All those that know me, know that I have been in to photography for several years. I started getting in to it when my son was just 6 months old; 5 years ago. I took him to get his 6 month pictures taken at a well known studio. Once I got them back, 6 weeks […]

My experience at the #Johnsonville Kitchen-to-Kitchen Blogger Event @JvilleSausage

Last week, I attended an event for Johnsonville Sausage in Milwaukee, WI: Johnsonville Sausage “Kitchen-to-Kitchen” Bloggers Event where I was able to meet the company, learn more about their products and even cook with Johnsonville. At the Johnsonville Sausage “Kitchen-to-Kitchen” Bloggers Event, I was in attendance along with the following fabulous people: Melissa, StockPiling Moms […]

Johnsonville Sausage Recipes

While I was in Milwaukee, WI in March 2011 for a Kitchen-to-Kitchen blogger event for Johnsonville Sausage, we were taught, hands on, how to make a few dishes so I wanted to share those recipes with you! Spicy Sausage Queso Johnsonville Three Cheese Italian Style Chicken Sausage Oven-Roasted Pasta Primavera Johnsonville Italian Meatballs Sausage-Stuffed Mushrooms […]

My stay at the Iron Horse Hotel for the #Johnsonville Kitchen-to-Kitchen Blogger Event @JvilleSausage

Last week, I attended an event for Johnsonville Sausage in Milwaukee, WI: Johnsonville Sausage “Kitchen-to-Kitchen” Bloggers Event where I was able to meet the company, learn more about their products and even cook with Johnsonville. I have a couple of posts to share with you about what I learned and some yummy recipes, but I […]

Move over stroller, hello Piggyback Rider! Review & #Giveaway! {Closed}

With the weather turning nice enough to go outside for walks, one thing that I was dreading was pulling out the stroller or the wagon to tote the kids in for walks. While pulling the kids in the wagon is good exercise, it gets tiring after a short while. When Kambry was a baby, I […]

Cord Blood Banking with Cyro-Cell

This post brought to you by CryoCell International. All opinions are 100% mine. When I was pregnant, I received all kinds of informational brochures and booklets on banking my baby’s cord blood. I looked in to it, but we didn’t take up the offer. I was not aware of the benefits that came from it, […]

Arthur and the Invisibles 2 & 3: DVD *Giveaway* {Closed}

Recently, I saw a commercial for a movie that was being released soon and I thought it would be something fun that the kids would really get in to. They love action packed animated movies that are filled with fun and energy. Arthur (Freddie Highmore) is back in action in two new full-length movies hitting […]

It’s Supa’Kam! {Party City Dress Up!}

I attended an amazing event last week & weekend for Party City where I was able to bring back some goodies for my little ones. Kambry is in love with her wig, glitter microphone & dress up necklaces. How stinking cute is she??? Party City isn’t just for parties and events – Party City is […]

Tangled on Blu-ray + DVD Combo Pack on March 29, 2011!

When I saw the advertisements that Tangled was in the theaters, I really wanted to go see it, but we weren’t able to make it out, so when we saw that it was being released on Blu-ray + DVD Combo Pack, that I my kids were so excited to finally see it! Tangled Synopsis When […]

Our home is powered by Rayovac

If you have kids, you know what the drama is like when their favorite toy’s batteries go kaput. You don’t even have to have kids to know what that is like; even if you have multiple remotes, battery powered digital picture frames, gaming devices & remotes, as well as cordless hallway lights, camera batteries or […]

Wilton St Patrick’s Day School Treats

My son came to me yesterday saying he needed something green to take to school for a snack…. today. Well, not realizing that today was St. Patrick’s Day, hubby already had some green grapes but I had to make some other treats for him to take to school, so I went to my Wilton Pantry […]

Another use for a camera Monopod

We have a spunky kitten. Meet Oreo. She looks like she gets in to trouble, doesn’t she? Oreo knows how to pry the deck screen door open to make her escape. Well, now that the weather is nice enough to open windows and doors to get some fresh air in the house, I got to […]

Wordless Wednesday: No words needed…. Literally.


Party City: “Carnival Carousel” {Fun Backyard Carnival Party Planning Ideas}

While I was at Party City last week, there were so many fun party events that I attended, including something that I have never thought about before. Picture this…. you are wanting to plan something fun in your backyard for your kids and their friends, but there really isn’t a ‘reason’ for the party. You […]

Party City: “Lions, Tigers, and Twins, Oh My!” {Baby Shower Party Planning Ideas}

On March 11, 2011, I was able to attend a baby shower that was put on by Party City and Tara Riceberg. If you are looking for baby shower ideas, read on! You will get some amazing and affordable baby shower planning tips and ideas that you will go ‘ga-ga’ over. “Lions, Tigers, and Twins, […]

Celebrate Life with Party City!

Last week, I had the pleasure to go to Hilton Head Island, SC for an amazing event with Party City. During the next few posts, you will see some amazing party planning tips and a lot of photos and videos taken by me that will walk you through as if you were right alongside me. […]

Drive safe with Motorola! Finiti & CommandOne Headsets & Roadster *Giveaway!* {Closed}

I travel a lot. This ranges anywhere from an 80 mile trip to get groceries, run errands and to buy in bulk, 5 hour family travels, to airport traveling for bloggy events where I am rushing to get to the next gate, meanwhile I want to know who is texting, messaging or emailing me without […]

3M Natural View Screen Protector

I carry two phones with me; a Blackberry and an iPhone4. Why two? One is a business line and the other is a personal line. Both are used at home, and when I travel. With my iPhone, I carry it with me to my blog travel events so that I can tweet and do all […]

Zazzle Custom iPhone Case *Giveaway* {Closed}

I travel quite a bit for my blog. When I am at an event, I always tweet, Facebook, Blog, work on emails and keep in touch with my family while I am gone, so my iPhone is always in my hand. What is a better way to promote your brand, your business and your blog […]

The Inn at Harbour Town: The SeaPines Resort

While I am attending an event for Party City, I was put up at a beautiful resort location on Hilton Head Island in South Carolina. This location is gorgeous! I have stayed in several hotels, but never a location such as this. The Inn at Harbour Town: The SeaPines Resort The Premier Choice Of Hilton […]

Party City: Lifestyle & Family Entertaining {Blog Event: Day 2}

I have so much information, pictures and some amazing tips to share that I have learned while being with Party City this weekend. So much that I am giddy about it! Once I get some specific details about the party events that I attended (and am about to attend today), I will get more detailed […]

Cosmic Bebe Personalized Kids Dinnerware *Giveaway* {Closed)

My kids are 3 1/2 and 5 1/2. They love when I’m serving meals at our house because I like to serve the kids their food on fun plates. I had the chance to work with a company that creates fun & personalized plates for kids. About Cosmic Bebe:personalized melamine plates and dinnerware make unique […]

April 22: National Jelly Bean Day

Every April 22nd jelly bean enthusiasts celebrate their favorite candy in honor of National Jelly Bean Day. This spring over 6 billion Jelly Belly beans will be consumed around the world and Jelly Belly Candy Company has collected 8 ideas for using those beans to sweeten your day. Flower Power – Put Jelly Belly beans […]

LÄRABAR: Original Fruit & Nut Bars

This post brought to you by LÄRABAR. All opinions are 100% mine. When it comes to snacks for my family, I like to look for things that are good for them, but that they also love. My family had the chance to try out  a gluten free snack that my kids are in awe over: […]

Wordless Wednesday: Preparing the family for mommy’s leave.

Mommy’s about to head out for a few days for a couple of blog events this week. This is what I do every time I head out, to make sure that my family is fed while I am gone. I have made meals for every evening while I am gone, plus the weekend that includes […]

Travel Savior: Balanzza: Mini Luggage Scale!

I travel quite a bit from personal to business. When I make travel plans, I always like to budget for everything ranging from clothes that I need to take down to how much my luggage is going to cost me to check. Have you ever gotten to the airport counter, only for them to tell […]

Hip-T Weekend Sale! {Hoola Sale & discount code}

Anyone that knows me, knows that I love to layer my tops and know how much I love Hip-T! Over the past few years, I have done reviews and recently I purchased some Hip-T’s in some fun colors & styles. How much fun are these? I bought these two fun prints, as well as black […]

Spring Forward with Rayovac! {Twitter Event 3/7 & Facebook Promotion 3/9!}

What are you doing Monday, March 4th… say 1:00-2:00pm central time? You may want to join in on this fun from Rayovac! I don’t know about you all, but I am so ready for Spring to get here! When it comes to Spring Cleaning, do you remember to change the batteries in your smoke detectors […]

Playmobil 4342 Turbojet to Go

When it comes to toys that my kids play with, I like to look for things that a lot of us mothers look for: Do I think my kids will play with this toy for more than a week? How many pieces does this toy have? Are there a ton of tiny pieces end up […]

Wordless Wednesday: Size 18 to a size 8!

This isn’t so much a Wordless Wednesday, because I am utterly proud of myself! I am down exactly 40 POUNDS and have gone from a size 18 to a size 8. SIZE EIGHT! I put on my ‘goal jeans‘ the other day and they were kind of snug. I thought that I had eaten a […]