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Sand and smiles

On Thursday morning, I decided (literally, at the whim of a minute) to pack the kids up and head to Texas for the weekend. Why not? Tucker was off school for 2 days, then the weekend, so what else were we going to do for a 4 day weekend? We headed to Gamaw & Pops […]

Join Phineas & Ferb In Their 104 Days of Summer Adventures!

My kids love LOVE Join Phineas & Ferb! As an adult, I have caught myself watching this with them and laughing along. Ah, who am I kidding… I watch it when they aren’t around. There will be a new TV-movie this summer called Phineas & Ferb: Across the Second Dimension and we cannot wait for […]

Get inspired for Earth Month with Frigidaire!

A couple of years ago, I was fortunate enough to work with Mom Central and Frigidaire. My kitchen since working with them has totally transformed, all based around my stainless steel fridge. Since I have had it in my home, I have learned a lot about Frigidaire as a brand, as well as I have […]

My Merry Maids donation story & a fabulous $300 giveaway! {CLOSED}

On April 15th, I flew to New Orleans for Mom 2.0 Summit (Blog Conference) on behalf of Merry Maids. I cannot begin to tell you how excited I was to be in attendance and to meet with Merry Maids!! (More to come on Mom 2.0 & more amazing stories from my time with Merry Maids!) […]

Wordless Wednesday: Gotta love explanations.


Loving & Learning with the Caillou Doll & Caillou Learning Train

My son is 5 ½ and my daughter is 3 ½. There’s one character that has been in their lives since day one; Caillou, a beloved hero of preschool kids everywhere.  The television show airs on PBS Kids and Sprout and is brought to you by Cookie Jar Entertainment. Sure, the like all the other […]

Elmer’s Spring Cleaning ‘Do It Yourself’ Projects

The kids and I love to make crafts together. With it being Spring Cleaning ‘season’, I have been cleaning out the clutter in my office space and collecting those miscellaneous items that some may consider trash and using them for scrap to make craft projects. Elmer’s is here to help us all out with a […]

Beautiful Mother’s Day gifts from Snapfish that she will love!

Are you getting ready for Mother’s Day on May 8? Are you searching around for that perfect gift? Sure, flowers are pretty, but they cost a lot and crisp up after just a few days. I have been looking around at what to get my mother and step-mom, as well as what to get the […]

Is anyone else sick of hearing about the Royal Wedding?

While I don’t care too much for most of what is on television, I do like watching the Today Show in the mornings. I love watching Kathy Lee and Hoda, but this Royal Wedding is getting a bit on the nonsense side. We have more important things in the USA to watch on television than […]

Old London Melba Toast Review & Aloha Old London Sweepstakes!

I can remember the name ‘melba toast’ from when I was a kid. I can say that those memories aren’t the best. It was blah, bland, dry, no real flavor or taste, and was like gnawing on Styrofoam. Sounds tasty, doesn’t it? With my weightloss, I have been looking for new ideas for snacks, as […]

Breakfast. It’s not just for breakfast anymore! Log Cabin *Giveaway!* {CLOSED}

I cannot tell you how much we love breakfast for any meals, including dinner. With these meals, we have to have our turkey bacon, eggs and of course pancakes & waffles. It seems that the dinosaurs in our house like waffles especially. Just this month, Log Cabin made a major announcement that a long-time favorite […]

Stay fresh. No worries! Carefree Acti-Fresh liners *Review*

In 2007, after I had my youngest, I decided to get the Mirena birth control device. When I went in for my appointment, I was told that I may or may not have a period with the Mirena. It’s been 3 1/2 years since I got it and I can say that there have been […]

Happy Easter!

I wanted to wish everyone a very Happy Easter weekend! There will be posts and fun giveaways posted while we are in route for a fun Easter weekend. May you and your family have a blessed weekend! Tweet

Wordless Wednesday: Masked Cuties


How do you organize your daily time?

With my blog, I travel quite a bit. Hubby has a full time job outside them home, as well as he coaches several sports and travels for those at times. When I am home, it seems that everything needs to be organized from computer time, email replies, blog postings, media event traveling, meal planning, exercise […]

Welcome home mom, I cut my hair!

I was in New Orleans this weekend for the Mom 2.0 Summit and got home yesterday evening. While my husband is normally a sweetheart & kind person, I noticed that yesterday he was really kiss butt nice to me. Well, this morning, I saw the reasoning behind that. I texted hubby this morning asking when […]

Rayovac’s greatest Mother’s Day Gift ever!

What would you do with some extra time? What would you do if you came home and your house was spotless? When I was working full time, outside the home, I can say that I dreaded coming home after work & getting the kids from daycare only to have so much to do like picking […]

Windows Live Writer – Perfect for Image Copywriting for bloggers!

I have had images from my blog, my own personal takings, used without my permission on a few occasions, so copyrighting my images is a huge concern for me, my blog and my family. I can honestly admit that after these occurrences, I have spent hours – sometimes days – to go through my images […]

Heading to Mom 2.0 in New Orleans thanks to Merry Maids!

I am so blessed to have been asked to attend Mom 2.0 Summit in New Orleans this year on behalf of Merry Maids! I am so excited to be attending not only because I have been wanting to attend Mom 2.0 for years now, but also because I am excited to learn more about Merry […]

Wordless Wednesday: I couldn’t tell her…


The Amazing Pizza Machine: Omaha, NE – Family Fun, Dining & Entertainment!

We live in the Midwest, in a pretty small town, but we frequent Omaha quite a bit. This ranges from doctor visits, shopping or just for a family day out. I went on a hunt to see what fun family restaurants there were out there. I can count how many I found on the internet […]

Case-Mate: Venture Gold iPad Stand Case

I travel quite a bit. One thing that I have learned to make my trips easier, is to travel with my iPad instead of my heavy laptop. I have tried a few cases for my iPad, but nothing has really made me fall in love. I had the chance to check out the Venture Gold […]

My beautiful DIY Case-Mate {Custom iPhone 4 Case} case creation! *Review*

There’s no denying that my iPhone is always with me. I use it for tweeting, Facebook, moderate comments on my blog, and even taking pictures at that random moment of my family. When I travel for my blog and media events, I like to have a custom iPhone case on my iPhone that represents who […]

West Texas Fires

I am from West Texas, so when I saw that there was a huge spread of fires in West Texas, I had to follow the stories. Along with staying up until 3:00 this morning with Jenna to keep me company, my family has been keeping me updated on their whereabouts. This is some scary stuff! […]

My Pillow Pets: Ms Lady Bug *Your Choice! Giveaway!* {Closed}

Of all the things that my kids have, and that I have, one of our favorites has to be Pillow Pets. If you haven’t seen these yet, you are truly missing out! We had the chance to see a new Pillow Pet that we haven’t seen before. I have to show you some fun Pillow […]

Happy Birthday Jenna!

♪♫ ★ː̗̀☀̤̣̈̇ː̖́»☆♪♫ Happy Burfday Jenna!♪♫ ★ː̗̀☀̤̣̈̇ː̖́»☆» ♪♫ Happy Birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! (singing purposely off key) Happy Burfdaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyy to you Jenna! May you dance like the entire world is watching! On Friday, April 8, 2011, Jenna celebrates the 24th anniversary of her escape from the womb! Be sure to stop by and […]

Mom 2.0 Summit Pack List

I am getting ready to head to New Orleans next week and I have been wondering what to pack for Mom 2.0 Summit. I received a very helpful email with suggestions for what to pack. This was such a great and much appreciated email that I have to share this with anyone that didn’t receive […]

Wordless Wednesday: What’s it gonna take? #WiltonMoms Teeeeam work!

I got you singing the Wonder Pets theme song, didn’t I? Well, that’s exactly what I was singing yesterday while I was in Bolingbrook, Illinois for a Wilton event. More to come on this, but I wanted to share our group project that 6 of us worked on together. We rocked this tier cake, didn’t […]

Thank you @Boingo!

I have been in Bolingbrook, IL for a Wilton event {Wilton Mom reTreat} and when I got to the airport to fly back home, I was able to sit for a while, relax and surf the net. Well, I thought I’d be able to surf when I wasn’t able to log in to my Boingo […]

Happy 60th Birthday Daddy! {Teaser: NEW upcoming Wilton Decorating products!}

I am currently in Bolingbrook, Illinois for an event for Wilton. Spring 2011 Wilton Mom reTreat There is a new Wilton product that is being released on May 15, 2011 that we learned about and were able to play first hand with. I am not able to disclose information about this until around April 15th, […]

Walgreens Brand Advanced Formula A thru Z Multivitamin

This is a compensated post written by me on behalf of Walgreens. All opinions are 100% mine. While I love to cook healthy meals for my family, I do not eat the vegetables that I should. Call me weird; I have mega texture issues, so I supplement with daily vitamins. I am getting the vitamins […]

Easy Campbell’s Family Chicken Meal

I have been traveling a lot lately, but I want my family to eat well while I am gone, so I have been trying out some new things. A couple of weeks ago, I thought I would cook up some chicken in the crock pot to use for a later time. What I did: used […]

XtremeMac: InCharge Universal InCharge Home USB Charger

No doubt about it, I have a lot of electronics in my home that I use here at home, for my blog and for traveling media events. I feel like I am constantly in a tangled war with chargers, USB cables, charging an iPad here, charging a Blackberry in another outlet and don’t even get […]