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Man of the House "World’s Greatest TV Dad" tournament

Man of the House “World’s Greatest TV Dad” What do you feel makes a dad the world’s greatest dad? There are so many things that my husband does on a daily basis that makes him such a great dad and a wonderful person. Not only does he work full time, but he coaches 4 sports, […]

Cottonelle Moist Wipes Review + $1 coupon

I cannot tell you how many wipes that we go through in a given month. A lot, that’s all I know! While the kids use them when they go potty, I have also found myself using their wipes. Well, they aren’t flushable, so I started to look for a product that is flushable, as well […]

Infants and Children’s Tylenol Enhancements

Whether it is us adults that have a headache, or my kids have a fever, there’s one product that I have always trusted my family to and that’s Tylenol. When I saw that some Tylenol products were recalled, I was really interested as to why the brand was recalled. With any recall, I was happy […]

My affordable bathroom makeover with Dali Decals Modern Mosaics {Closed}

When we moved in to our 1900 home almost 3 years ago, I knew I had my work cut out for me with updating it. I have turned in to quite the do it yourselfer. Doing updates to any home, regardless of the age of the home, it can get very costly, however there are […]

Wilton Luau Birthday Cake

With as much as I love baking, I will admit that I am not the best cake decorator out there, but I am working on it. Lately has been so stressful in my life that I have taken some time this week away from the computer, away from my blog, away from my emails to […]

Logitech Keyboard Case by ZAGG for iPad 2 & ZAGG Custom iPad 2 Skin

When it comes to media travels, I tote along my iPad everywhere that I go. For me, it’s easier than taking my bulky laptop. With my iPad, I have been pretty much just using my knee to prop it up so that I can type notes from conferences, but that was such a pain. I […]

The Rayovac home of technology and talking friends.

You may not realize how many things in your home are powered by batteries until you stop and look around. My kids have gaming devices, learning toys and even robots. When this guy isn’t working….. or when Buzz loses his flying power…. or when the book doesn’t help teach them to read… or even when […]

Wordless Wednesday: Turtle Power


Dubin Breast Center: The Leadership to Cure Breast Cancer

I have a friend that is a breast cancer survivor. I have another friend that her mother is a breast cancer survivor.  One friend lost her sister to breast cancer. I have been a part of breast cancer my entire life in some sort, shape or fashion. When I was asked to pass along some […]

Crocs Chameleons

On May 13th, Crocs released a fun new style of kids shoes that have my kids so excited! Crocs Chameleons are the first in the Crocs™ Chameleons line and change color in sunlight and they come in two styles – the Crocs Chameleons Translucent Clog and the Shirley Girls. Oyster/Pink Lemonade Lime/Yellow Celery/Sea Blue When […]

Meaningful Mornings with Florida Orange Juice

Ever since I have been working out and getting more active in my daily routine, I have had more energy and I am not sluggish anymore. Within my routine, I have been watching what I eat, practicing moderation, and one thing that has helped with my nightly cravings is to drink a glass of milk […]

Windows Live Writer & my Experience!

Have you had a chance to check out Windows Live Writer? When I was at Mom 2.0 recently, I was able to play around with it and since I’ve been home, this is all that I have been using to write my blog posts. I am madly in love with Windows Live Writer! I made […]

Get a FREE Xbox 360 when you buy a Windows 7 PC!

Being a gaming and technology family, I saw this and thought I would let you all know this amazing deal that Microsoft has going on right now! While we may be getting out of school next Friday, people are already starting to plan for the next school year – which will be here before we […]

What happens when sweepers cheat?

It was brought to my attention today that there is a person, sweeper…. aka: sweepstake’r, that has been going around to numerous blogs with multiple Twitter handles, multiple email addresses yet the same IP address all to win prizes from the blogosphere. Really? You don’t think us bloggers are smart enough to figure this out? […]

Playroom Toy Organization

I have spent the last two days in our playroom getting it organized. I still have no idea how my own kids don’t know how to pick things up, even when the bins are clearly marked with visual images on each as to what’s inside. Let’s see how long this lasts. I have told the […]

Win a Trip to Rancho La Puerta! Mom’s Healthy Secrets Contest

All mom’s are working moms, so what’s the best way to reward her than with a trip, or better yet a a Trip to Rancho La Puerta? I know I would love to go! Mom’s Healthy Secrets has teamed up with PeopleJar to give away an all-expense paid week-long trip for two to the world’s […]

POP Phone *Review*

When it comes to technology, I love everything in that field. I will admit when I saw one product, I had doubts about it. I know… I know… Never judge a book by the cover, right? If you have an iPhone, why would you need a telephone handset? I giggled at this, but when I […]

Wordless Wednesday: Flowers for mama


Back to School Features!

Back to school? Already? Are we insane? Nope! While the current school year is about to end for us in a couple of weeks, we are already working to get things lined up for the 2011-2012 school year! If you have a product you would like to have featured for Back to School, please contact […]

Apartment Guide “A New Place For Your Pet” Blogger Challenge {Closed}

When people are about to move to a new home, most times, the animals that they have also are about to make a life changing move in to a new location. This can become stressful for the pet. I have two kitties that we share our home with. They run anywhere that they want, but […]

Gnomeo & Juliet on DVD, Blu-ray, Blu-ray 3D, DVD, Movie Download & On-Demand on May 24th

On May 24th Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment will release Gnomeo & Juliet on DVD and Blu-ray and we were lucky to receive this film before release to check out. When I saw this advertise in the theaters, we weren’t able to go see it, but I was beyond ecstatic during the wait before it […]

Nintendo 3DS & ‘nintendogs + cats’ game Review

When I was at Mom 2.0 a couple of months ago, Nintendo was there showing their new Nintendo 3DS gaming systems. While I didn’t have much hands on time on location, I was eager to check it out with my family, but more eager for myself. See, I am one that has never been able […]

May: Better Hearing and Speech Month

One of my best friends that I have known since I was in elementary school is partially deaf, her middle brother is completely deaf and her younger brother is partially deaf as well. I grew up with watching Katherine’s family sign to each other. Their way of communication with each other was truly amazing! All […]

Our New Living Room Furniture!

I had a garage sale this weekend to kick off my Spring Cleaning and to de-clutter our house. Well, it was pretty darn successful! I made about $600 and managed to get rid of a lot of kids clothes, a lot of dishes and random junk that we have been storing in our upstairs bath […]

Tweet to win an iPad from The Collection!

This post brought to you by Ogilvy Interactive. All opinions are 100% mine. We don’t go anywhere without the iPad in hand. When I am traveling, I like to keep up with what’s going on in the world. There is a brand new iPad all that recently launched that explores topics that are happening around […]

Mophie: juice pack plus for iPhone 4

I travel a lot. I keep up with social media while I am at media events and with that said, I go through a lot of battery power on my iPhone. Usually, I will travel with cords and extra power supplies, but when I saw the Mophie, I was eager to check it out and […]


This post brought to you by FRESCHETTA®. All opinions are 100% mine. Anyone that knows me knows that I love pizza. I swear my blood must stream pizza sauce. Since I have been working out and losing weight, I still crave pizza, but we all know that it’s not healthy to eat an entire pizza, […]

Wordless Wednesday: Woofers


Grace Digital Audio: Solo Wi-Fi Internet Radio Tuner

We live in a small town where we don’t really get any radio stations. Ok, we don’t get ANY radio stations. I have looked everywhere for a solution because I love to crank the radio throughout the house and clean or get some work done. Thanks so a Wi-Fi Internet Radio, I am now able […]

This is how I organize my time!

Last month Kenmore asked for my biggest household challenge. This month, I’m sharing my Genius Tip on how I overcame that challenge! I love to organize things from my car, home and even my time. I believe that in order to keep your sanity, time organization is a huge must do. I had to share […]

ClamCase Announces Limited Edition Trooper Case

With as much as I love my ClamCase, I have to share with you a new, limited edition trooper Case! In conjunction with the celebration surrounding, “May the 4th Be With You”, ClamCase® – The All-In-One Keyboard Case and Stand for iPad announces the upcoming launch of it’s first release from the Limited Edition ClamCase® […]

Love the smiles; new OR old!

I am going through the things on our house, old and new, and have this mirror that I just pulled out of my downstairs bathroom. It has to be from the 1950’s, if not earlier. Yes, it is dirty, but it was pulled from our basement stash for our yard sale. Kambry had to make […]

I loved cloth diapering! About to say goodbye to our stash.

I am going through yard sale stuff and I came across bags of Kambry’s cloth diapering stash. I am airing them out after cleaning them to list online or add to our yard sale. I loved cloth diapering! It was the best 2 years ever! In Kambry’s collection, I have: 23 all in one’s – […]

Happy Mother’s Day!

My 5 1/2 year old made me this in school for Mother’s Day. And what is a better piece of jewelry than one with my babies on it? Too all you mothers, moms-to-be, grandmothers, mother in laws, step-mothers and everyone in between… Have a blessed and wonderful Mother’s Day! Tweet

ClamCase for the iPad {iPad Keyboard} – Love it!

  Anytime I travel for a media event, or even for a personal travel, I love to travel with my iPad. While I love my laptop for home use, it’s just not that convenient to travel with as much as I do. Going through security, pulling out the big heavy laptop, putting it in its […]

Pampers’ Little Miracle Mission challenge $50 Visa Gift Card *Giveaway* {CLOSED}

Any chance I get, I like to pay it forward. Coming up in the next couple of weeks, I will be having a yard sale in which the money raised will be used towards fencing in our yard for the kids, but I will also be donating part of the earnings to a local animal […]

Bed Frames to suit any room

We live in a 1900 home and upstairs, the rooms all have slanted ceilings so we always have a hard time finding furniture that fits just right in each room. In most homes, owners can simply go out to any furniture store, pick out that perfect bed set and go home with it. We can’t. […]

Yard sale for a purpose!

This is just a portion of the things that we have collected for our yard sale over the months. Thank goodness we have a large basement, garage and upstairs attic space. I am not sure when the sale will be, as I am still going through things. I haven’t even started tagging things yet! Last […]

How to have a successful yard sale (Garage Sale Tips)

You may have seen me post about my yearly yard sale. While it takes a lot of time, patience and energy, it does have its payouts. I like to have at least one large yard sale a year. This helps me not only clear out clutter in our house, basement, closets and garage, but it […]

Wordless Wednesday: Gamaw & Pops taught him…..


Rayovac Teacher Appreciation Week

As a wife to a teacher, I am very appreciative to all that my husband does for the school and the kids. It’s nice to see companies applaud our teachers for all that they do. Rayovac is recognizing the hard work and dedication inspiring teachers put forward for their students and how they bring learning […]

Poor guy has an ear ache :(

The school nurse called about an hour ago and said that Tucker’s ear was flaming red, it was red inside when she looked at it and he was complaining it was hurting. I just brought him home and we are snuggling waiting on his doctor appointment in an hour. I asked him if something happened […]

Work for a healthier you! {Weight Watchers Smart Ones}

After seeing pictures of myself from last year and constantly being out of breath from playing with my kids, I decided to start losing weight. I am down 42 pounds, holding steady and quite proud of myself! When you are working so hard to lose weight and get healthy, you don’t have to give up […]

We are having a yard sale!

I was scheduled to drive about 8 hours with a car load & trailer filled with things to donate for a yard sale fundraiser, but things fell through so I decided to just hold a yard sale myself! Last year, we raised over $1300 in just about 3 hours. I think this year, we will […]

simplehuman Fingerprint-Proof Butterfly Trash/Recycler

I have a confession to make. I have never recycled, nor have I have any ooph to recycle, nor did I have any knowledge of recycling until I moved until the Midwest. I am from the South and we never were taught about recycling when I was growing up. Now that I am on my […]

Kelly Moore Posey Photography Camera Bag {CLOSED}

I travel quite a bit for my blog, media events and for family events. I used to carry around a camera bag, diaper bag, a purse and another bag that had some things in it for the kids. Really, 4 bags just for going to run errands? Sounds crazy, but yes. When I travel for […]