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Wordless Wednesday: I don’t know WHERE she gets it from….


Phineas and Ferb: Across the 2nd Dimension – The Movie!

For several months now, I … I mean WE have been anxiously awaiting the release of Disney’s Phineas and Ferb’s new movie ‘Across the 2nd Dimension’. On August 5th, this movie premiered on the Disney Channel, so I set the DVR so we could all watch this as a family. When this was first announced, […]

Step IN the picture! Casio TRYX

I have been without my main camera for a couple of weeks now. While I usually take my Nikon with me everywhere that I go, I have been thinking about looking for something smaller to tote around to prevent that little mishap from happening again, but there just hasn’t been anything that sparked my interest […]

Mommy Goggles’ New Office!!!

Holy moly, it’s been a CRAZY, busy sweaty week working to get me an office built. As of today, I have an office….. without a washing machine in it! Read back  on the other posts to see what I mean. Here is my office as of today. YAY!!! I still have a wall to build […]

Fun getaway to Hiltons of Branson!

This post brought to you by Hiltons of Branson. All opinions are 100% mine. As a mom who is constantly traveling, there is one spot on my must-visit list, Branson. Living in the Midwest, I have always been intrigued by the many events and sights to see for all ages and would LOVE to get […]

Hurricane Irene Updates! I am a survivor of Typhoon Pamela!

Hello. I am a military brat. I was born on Guam during Typhoon Pamela. My mother still tells me, 35 years later, about how she would heat my bottle with a candle in a closet…. I don’t think I minded it. Hey, I was a baby –give me food and I am almost positive that […]

It’s Back-to School Time with Campus Book Rentals!

Is anyone you know headed back to college? There is excitement in the air this time of year, but there is also stress about the amount of money that will be spent on tuition, textbooks, fees, and so forth. Well, there is this great company called that lets you rent your textbooks for less […]

My poor Nikon is sick

After I came back from BlogHer, I discovered that my baby (aka: Nikon D90) was sick. While she still took pictures just fine, the screen looked like this. Can you see that? Let me arrow in for ya. And another… See why I cried? Yeah. Not sure what happened, but some how the LCD screen […]

iPod touch + Woogie = Cute & cuddly fun for the iPod touch or iPhone

My kids are just like their mama … they love technology! They love their iPod touches and anytime we travel, whether it’s locally or on a long road trip, they always make sure it’s charged and in their backpack ready to go. What do you do to help protect an investment, such as an iPod […]

No matter what one says…. Love Is Not Abuse. {Teen Dating Domestic Violence App}

Having survived a domestic violence past, I am always up for spreading awareness for my daughters and even for my son. Even though we all want for our children to be safe, there’s no way that we can verify that they are safe, however, we can keep our eyes peeled for those warning signs of […]

Wordless Wednesday: First day of kindergarten!

Ok, so it’s not so wordless. Tucker’s first day of Kindergarten was today. I don’t know who’s more excited – him or me. I think I am because our house is in dire need of getting back in our daily routines. Summer throws us off so much with everyone home all day, every day. Tucker […]

Fringe: The Complete Third Season on DVD

If there was one type of TV shows and movies that I like, it would have to be those investigative type shows that keep me on my toes. In Season 3 of Fringe, Olivia (Anna Torv) and her alternate version switch places – wherein each Olivia becomes trapped in her respective alternate universe. If a […]

The Fox and the Hound & The Fox and the Hound II on Blu-ray Hi-Def & DVD Combo Pack

I can remember watching all the Disney classics when I was growing up. One that I clearly remember is Fox and the Hound. The first movie came out 30 years ago, can you believe that? On August 9th, Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment released THE FOX AND THE HOUND & THE FOX AND THE HOUND […]

Back-to-School Essentials with eos

Ever since I went to my first BlogHer in Chicago in 2009, I have been madly in love with a product called eos. Back then, I had received an eos lip balm in menthol. This is a tiny egg shaped lip balm. Sounds weird, huh? Actually, it’s a very genius concept. With as big as […]

Family Fun with our Play Palace Bounce House!

I have seen Inflatable Bounce Houses at birthday parties and family events, but have never really thought too much about owning one. Why didn’t I think about this? I have no idea, but oh…my…gosh, what a great stress and energy release for the kids! We had the chance to check out a bounce house. I […]

#DIY Home Office – Progress! {Updated 8/26!}

In about 9 hours, I went from this: to this: I am not done, but I am madly in love with the space I have created so far! The shelves and storage space is amazing! I combined 4 FLOR rugs to create some fun and add different colors and textures in the room. The back […]

We are under construction – literally!

A huge thank you to BlogHer, all the companies at the expo & in attendance! Mommy Goggles plans on writing about each company that we talked with & received items from. Please give us time, as we are currently under home construction for a new office! Super excited to finally have a full space to […]

This mama’s flash is powered by Rayovac!

I have a love-love relationship with my Nikon. It is with me everywhere that I go. With my camera, I also tote along my flash. I had tried using the store brand batteries, but with as much as I use my flash, the power wasn’t able to keep up with me. (You know you’re a […]

Hoodwinked Too! on DVD & Blu-Ray 8/16/11!

Earlier this year, Hoodwinked came out on DVD. We loved the first movie, so we were anxious to see the second! Yesterday, August 16th, HOODWINKED TOO! Hood vs. Evil came out on Blu-ray 3D*, Blu-ray 2D, DVD & Digital Movie Download. This is a fun filled adventure that has a perfect cast including Hayden Panettiere, […]

Back to School with Walmart and Nickelodeon’s Victorious Products

My son starts back to school in just a few days. With so many kids getting ready for back to school, pretty much everyone is making sure they find the right deal. I know that we are! We love to shop at Walmart, and if you have a Tween that is going back to school, […]

Wordless Wednesday: This is how they roll. Literally.


Visit Omaha! {Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo}

Last week, my family and I had the pleasure to Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo. We have lived in the southwest for 3 years now and we have been to the zoo just once – right when we moved here. The kids were pretty young (3 and almost 1), so they weren’t really too sure about […]

Scotch Restickable Strips, Tabs and Colored Shapes ~ Love them!

Anyone that has kids can relate to their refrigerator looking like this. Messy, huh? I get so tired of my fridge being so cluttered, but I love looking at artwork made by my little ones. We have a playroom and the kids have an art table in our entry way that they make projects on, […]

Dear Credit Card Companies…. How to stop the junk mail!

Please stop killing trees to mail your credit card applications to me. Daily, we get at least 10. What do I do, you ask? Do I fill them all in with my private information and mail them back? Nope. I rip them up, include a note saying ‘Do Not Mail’ and I seal them back […]

Top family movie rentals from Redbox!

We rent a lot of movies,. Our favorite place to rent from is our local Redbox. Even if we are out of town, we can rent there and return to our local Redbox. I wanted to share with you the top family rentals from 8/8 – 8/12. This week Rango tops the list of family […]

VTech Connect-to-Cell phone system

With my being a work at home mother, I am always doing something around the house, laundry, outside with the kids, work at the computer, doing home updates… You get my drift. Well, with all that I do around the house, I can’t be glued to my phone at all times of the day. This […]

Mommy’s DIY adventure!

Since I was announced as a Mom Central Whirlpool Mom, I had to show you what this mama could do. I shall not show you the current (aka: before) images, but I will share with you what I bought today. Ok, so a part of what I bought today. Let’s just say that I had […]

When in doubt, call security

Last week, I was at BlogHer ’11 in San Diego. It was an amazing conference! I had a fabulous roommate and am thankful to have had her with me, especially when at the first event that we attended, my long time stalker was there and confronted me. I knew this would happen. It’s been going […]

We are about to have a bouncing good time!

Tomorrow, we are setting up our new Bounce House and going to have a family ‘stay-cation’ with some grilling out, feet in the kiddie pool and bouncing in our new bounce house! Info to come, so stay tuned! Play Palace Bounce House by Blast Zone The Play Palace Bounce House is a Cool Bounce Castle. […]

My Whirlpool Washer & Dryer are HERE!!!

Last month, I announced that I am a proud Whirlpool Mom from Mom Central. I cannot begin to express how excited I am about this program! We own a 1900 home and when we moved in, all of our appliances were either in the house when we moved in (and ancient!) or we bought second […]

BlogHer ’12 – BOOKED!

I am back and over’ly jet-lagged from BlogHer ’11 in San Diego, but oh what an amazing trip it was! After sleeping until past 2pm today, I am up and going through emails from when I was gone. I am going through the amazing business cards, information, pamphlets and fabulous swag that was handed out […]

Power back to school savings with Rayovac

Hard to believe that school is about to start… In 17 days to be exact. Not like I’m counting down or anything. 😉 We have been in school mode for a few weeks and with back to school in the mind, so is the thought on what school supplies to get. With the rise of […]

Price Drop! Nintendo lowers the price of the 3DS to $169.99!

Nintendo of America recently announced plans to drop the suggested retail price of its portable Nintendo 3DS™ system to $169.99 in the United States, as new games based on some of the world’s most beloved video game franchises head to the system. The new price, down from the suggested launch price of $249.99 and effective […]

SpongeBob Alarm Clock

Tucker was in Junior Kindergarten last year and while he was learning a lot numbers and telling time, this year he will be in Kindergarten and he has done a great job at learning more than ‘when to wake up’. It’s been a constant learning spree of numbers, what time the sun comes up, what […]

Urbanears Bagis Earphone & Plattan Plus Headphone

With my workout and fitness routine, one thing that keeps me moving is my music on the go. Whether I am out for a run, going for a walk or on an elliptical work out, I like to have headphones that can keep up with me. I had the change to try out a couple […]

Jelly Belly: New flavors just in time for Fall!

Hard to believe that Summer is almost over and Fall will be sneaking around the corner soon. With Fall, comes Halloween. What is a better way to start thinking about Halloween than with Jelly Belly? This Fall, Jelly Belly has introduced some new flavors and collections. Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Bean 1.2oz Box Harry Potter’s […]

Litter Free Lunchopolis Lunchbox

While summer is just about over with, parents are starting to think about back-to-school shopping. We are always looking for the better deals out there, as well as products that are safe for our little ones that are going back to school. When Tucker goes back to school, I am happy to know that I […]

Wordless Wednesday: Lions & Tigers & Bears.. Oh my!

Info, even more fun pictures and our experience coming this week! Stay tuned! Tweet

‘Almost Homemade’ Meals with Chef Boyardee

I can remember eating Chef Boyardee as a kid. Here I am, as an adult, and I still eat it and love it! My favorites are the Spaghetti & Meatballs and Mini Ravioli and Kambry’s favorite is the Mini Spaghetti & Meatballs and Mini Ravioli as well. There is 1/2 cup of vegetables per serving, […]