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Bye Bye Color Bleed – Hello Shout Color Catcher with Oxi!

Hubby and I share laundry duties and there are times where we may accidentally get a colored sock in with our light colored clothes. I think we’ve all pulled out a shirt that was once white, but now it’s pink. Well, now there is a product that I felt questionable about at first, but I […]

Mr. Beams Home Power Outage Lighting System

We live in the Midwest where our weather is known for just about anything and everything. Last fall, we had a tornado that touched down just a couple of blocks from our home. With as scary as the winds and tornado was the funnel itself, the scariest part for our 2 young kids was when […]

HP INKOLOGY At Home Pintables + $50 #Giveaway! (closed)

With it being winter, we are stuck in the house more days than we can count. Anytime we can find something creative for the kids to do make the days so much more fun. HP has made it even more fun by creating some fun printables for the little ones to do. The kids love […]

I’m a big helper! Chore & Allowance Chart *Download Available*

I have searched high and low for a chore chart that would phase my 6 1/2 year old. So far, nothing has sparked his interest, so I decided to create my own ‘I Can Do!’ Chore & Allowance Chart. The ones that I came across to either download or purchase seemed a bit too basic […]

Oh HP, why do you do this?

This morning, I thought I’d pull out my previous HP Laptop and format it for the kids to use for PBS games online and learning websites, but it has other thoughts. In the short time frame that I have had this PC, it has crashed more times than the sun has set. Ok, so not […]

Wordless Wednesday: Playing Little Mama


Munchkin: Baby Shower Gift Basket

When I first found out that Jenna from For the Love of Baby was expecting, I have to admit that I was a wee bit excited. When I found out she was having TWO babies, (identical twin BOYS!) that excitement doubled; literally! My youngest is just over 4 years old and hubby and I have […]

Happy 106th Birthday Rayovac!

Today is Rayovac’s 106th birthday and in celebration to their birthday, I wanted to share with you how Rayovac has powered our lives. For us, every day is pretty much a celebration when we count how many things that Rayovac does power in our home. Toys Remotes Gaming Cameras Flash Electronic learning books Flameless candles […]

Teriyaki Pork Tenderloin Crock-Pot Recipe

I have been playing around with ingredients lately and I bought a pork tenderloin to try out. I love teriyaki sauce so I thought I’d give it a whirl with a pork tenderloin. Teriyaki Pork Tenderloin Crock-Pot Recipe 2 tablespoons olive oil 2 pounds pork tenderloin 1/4 cup teriyaki sauce 1 cup chicken broth, or […]

Give her Hunny B’s Soy Candles for Valentine’s Day! #Giveaway {Ends 1/28}

I love for my house to smell good, I think we all do. With the changing of the seasons, I love to have seasonal scents for the holidays that are coming up. In the winter, I love holiday scents. In the summer, I love to open the windows and have a fresh soy candle burning. […]

Looking for your thoughts on House Cleaning, Maid Service & Spring Cleaning + $25 Visa Gift Pack {Closed}

I want to hear from you! Please post your replies below. Trust me, this will be well worth it! I have some amazing opportunities coming up! Have you ever thought about using a maid/house cleaning service? What would you expect out of a maid/house cleaning service? If you could have a maid/house cleaning service, what […]

Microsoft Touch Mouse

I have a laptop and while it has a touch pad for the mouse, I don’t like to use it. In a simple term, it just annoys me. I have to have an actual mouse. I tend to work faster with using a mouse. I had the chance to replace my current mouse with a […]

Suffering from Year Round Allergies? Helpful Allergy Information from AAFA

An estimated 50 million Americans suffer from allergies. That equals 17 million trips to the doctor each year and more than $7 billion in annual costs for families. That’s a lot of time and money! So what can proper diagnosis and treatment mean for year-round or seasonal sufferers? Dr. Linda Dahl, a board certified otolaryngologist, […]

Not so Wordless Wednesday: New Lives

This is a not-so-wordless-Wednesday. I had the pleasure to be with Jenna from Love of Baby yesterday as she gave birth to identical twin baby boys. On January 4, 2012, two beautiful baby boys were born to a family full of pure love! 4:05pm: Baby A, Lucas Michael – 5 lbs, 4 oz 4:13pm: Baby […]

Activision Announces ‘Zoobles’ for Nintendo DS

While my 6 year old son plays his Nintendo DS, we often tend to forget about the younger crown that also has a love for Nintendo. My kids don’t play their games daily, we do have family time and the kids play their DS while we are on a long road trip. My youngest is […]

The Help on DVD & Blu-ray

On December 6, 2011, THE HELP arrived on Blu-ray and DVD.  You will read more about our thoughts at the bottom, but overall, if you haven’t seen The Help – you must! The Help The Help, the inspirational summer hit film people can‟t stop talking about, arrives in homes just in time for the holidays, […]

We love our Redcore Infrared Electric Fireplace Stove!

When we bought our home 3 ½ years ago, my first thought since we live in the Midwest was: Since we didn’t have a fireplace, so how would we heat the majority of our home? Sure we have a gas furnace, but when we want to warm the first floor without having to keep the […]