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Rayovac’s new Advanced High Energy Alkaline batteries

We go through so many batteries in our house. So. Many. I cannot even begin to count how many times we are refilling the kids’ games with rechargables, replacing the Alkaline in our flashlights and how many batteries I keep as spares for my Nikon flash. I am so excited to announce to you that […]

Not so ‘Wordless Wednesday’ – 6 years old & first surgery

My baby boy (6 1/2 years old) has his first surgery coming up. He has this mark that popped up on his face. What we thought was a mole, is called Frepmon. He said it’s VERY rare and isn’t even online to search for and he’s only seen one other case in all his years […]

Starting a MaxClarity Challenge

When I was a teenager, I had acne, but I’ve found it to be more in my 30’s than it was when I was younger. I travel a lot and the constant climate changes seem to make it worse, especially during the summer. I’ve tried so many facial cleaners for acne, but I haven’t found […]

Disney’s iHome Weather-Resistant Speakers

We travel a lot, attend a lot of sporting events and on rainy days, the kids like to camp in with their iPod’s. With that said, there is a new product out that has my little ones swooning in excitement. Disney’s iHome Weather-Resistant Speakers iHome Weather-Resistant Speakers is a perfect and fun tool that your […]

Off to the Lone Star State!

I will be traveling from Thursday through Monday to Texas for my little brother’s wedding in Texas. I am so excited to see everyone, hug everyone and be there for his special day! If you are emailing about a post or giveaway, thank you for your patience as I reply. There are posts scheduled to […]

Bob Harper’s Smart Success – 7-Day Cleanse

With 2012 in full swing, there are so many things that we all are doing to better ourselves and our lives. I have been keeping active and watching what I eat to help maintain that 55 pound weightloss that I had in 2011. While I wasn’t able to work out the first part of the […]

Wordless Wednesday: Toof’less Wonder


Super Hero Squad: Infinity Gauntlet Vol. 3 On DVD 4/17

My kids, both the boy and the girl, are true fans of the Sumer Hero Squad. Well, let’s rephrase that, they are downright addicts to the Sumer Hero Squad. They play dress-up on a daily basis where they are pretending to be superhero’s, saving the dolls’ lives when they are held captive by the 3 […]

#DIY Camera Purse Bag

Last Fall, I was in the market for a new camera bag, but after looking around and even buying a couple of bags that were made specifically for camera purses, they just weren’t all that I wanted. I wanted a purse, that looked like a purse, but something that would be able to hold my […]

Kidz Bop 21

My almost 7 year old son recently started showing an interest in music. Anytime we are in the car, he asks me to please turn the radio up a little and he starts singing, even if he doesn’t know what song it is. It makes my heart smile to hear him! With this being said, […]

#DIY Treadmill iPad holder

For those that know me, know that I love making things, including walls in my house. Well, last week, I bought a new treadmill, and while I like everything about it, the one thing that it didn’t have was a place to hold my iPad. I like to read, watch a movie, or even type […]

Happy Feet 2 on DVD, Blu-ray & Digital Download #Giveaway {4/02}

We are huge Happy Feet fans, so when we heard that part 2 was being released; we were excited to check it out! We loved the first movie! Happy Feet 2 Happy Feet 2 features the voices of an all-star cast, including Elijah Wood (“The Lord of the Rings”), Oscar® winner Robin Williams (“Good Will […]

Fun & Giggles with an app – who knew?

So, yesterday, I decided to download an app on my iPad and see what all the fuss was about. If you don’t like addictions, run away now. This is worse than the addiction to McDonald’s french fries. Draw Something This is where you draw things for people within your Facebook friends list and they guess, […]

Bloggers + Plagiarism = Failure

I was recently alerted on my Alexa toolbar of a recent instance that honestly, wasn’t too shocking to see. Shocker here: Blogger Kristin Ruiz was outed for plagiarizing Amalaha’s Posts. Ok, so I am not too shocked. Jaw dropping, yes, but shocked – not so much. To Amalaha, I am so sorry that Kristin decided […]

Computer updates

I wanted to thank everyone for your amazing advice, tips, and help that you gave to me while I was searching for a new computer. I have a Gateway laptop and while I love it and it’s never really given me any issues until recenty, I decided it was time to get a desktop PC […]

Sporty Spring kids shoes from umi shoes

We are huge fans of umi shoes. When I go to buy my active 6 1/2 year old clothes or shoes, I don’t mind paying a bit more for better quality items. Shoes are one thing that he seems to destroy or outgrow the most. We have had suck good luck with wear and tear […]

Think outside the can – Chef Boyardee Recipe Party!

When I was a kid, I remember my mom giving us kids Chef Boyardee for lunch. My personal favorite is the spaghetti and meatballs while my brother’s was ravioli. Now that I am a mother, my kids are growing up with the same tradition of having Chef Boyardee for some meals. While it’s easy to […]