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Rayovac’s Teachers Bring Science to Life Contest

When I was growing up and in school, my teachers were such inspirational people that I looked up to. I would have to say that my favorite teacher was my English teacher in the 10th grade. Not only did she teach her students about English and writing, but she was always there to lend an […]

Not so ‘Wordless Wednesday’ – Tucker’s surgery *Warning, some pics may make you squeamish*

What we thought was a mole, is what the pediatrician has called ‘Frepmon’. He said it’s VERY rare and isn’t even online to search for. Basically a rare infection inside the skin that keeps growing. It starts out looking like a heat bump or tiny pimple, but slowly grows and ends up needing to be […]

Aquaphor From Eucerin – Review & $50 Visa #Giveaway! {Ends 5/04}

With Spring in full force here in the Midwest, I have been getting things around the house prepared for Spring, but also, I’ve been looking in to ways to prepare my skin. I have dry skin and am victimized to those painful hang nails and peeling cuticles. I decided to try a product called Aquaphor […]

My MaxClarity {Foam Acne Medication} Experience

For a few weeks now, I have been using a product in the hopes that it would clear up or at least tame my adult acne. Growing up, I had acne, but not too terribly bad. As an adult, I still have the same random breakouts so I gave MaxClarity a try. I am beyond […]

Gift ideas for mom from Microsoft

Mother’s Day is right around the corner. Do you have anything on your Mother’s Day wish list, or do you know what you are going to get the mother figure in your life? Microsoft has so many ideas to help get you started! For Mother’s Day, a Windows PC coupled with a Microsoft Hardware mouse […]

Love Notes

I have to share this with you all. After my long day of traveling on Monday, this made my heart melt! Translated (LOL) it says: Top: Tucker Gordon, To mom I love my mom and she does nice things for me and that’s why I love my mom. Tweet

Wordless Wednesday: Toothless Superhero


Travel trials & Paying it forward

Happy Tuesday everyone! I’m back from NYC and taking today to snuggle with my babies. I was due back Sunday night, but Delta offered me a travel voucher, hotel & meal tickets if I’d give up my seat so others could get home for the busy Easter travels. While I was ready to get home […]

Crest & Oral-B Pro-Health Clinical Plaque Control

How many adults can say that they have never had a cavity? I am proud to say that I am 36 years old and I have never had a cavity. When I was 20, I had braces, but that’s the extent of oral ‘issues’ that I have had. I believe in brushing every morning, after […]

Custom tattoos in NYC with Studio 28 Tattoos

While we are in NYC this weekend, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to venture out and get some new ink. I did some research, and even asked for thoughts from Twitter on where to get a tattoo in NYC. TJ was amazing to chat with via Facebook, Twitter and email. My tattoo artist’s […]

Wordless Wednesday: #DrawSomething screen shots

I love this game! Here are some drawings I did for some friends. Tweet

Disney’s The Muppets – On DVD, Blu-ray & Digital Download

On March 20th, a fun film was released on Blu-ry Combo Pack, DVD, and digital download. I have been wanting to see this movie ever since I saw it advertise in the theaters. Each week, we set up a family movie night where we have a floor picnic at dinner and watch a movie. The […]

Brookstone iConvert Scanner for iPad

Ever since I built my home office, I have been organizing things left and right, as well as making sure that all my receipts and paper documents are organized. While I have a home scanner, there are times that I may be upstairs and I come across some things that I’d rather scan right there, […]