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I’m a Caboodles ‘Go-Getter’!

I travel a lot… like, a whole lot. A lot is for business, but we also travel a lot as a family. When you live 6 hours away from one part of the family and 14 hours away from the other half of the family, there tends to be a lot of going here and […]

#BlogHer13 – I’m going! #SponsorMe #Sponsorship #BlogSponsor #Conference #Chicago

Are you going to BlogHer ‘13 in Chicago in late July next summer? If so, we should meet up! I plan on driving since I’m pretty close to the location in Chicago. Are you a brand that’s not able to attend, but you’re looking to be represented by a spunky, upbeat, and professional person? Contact […]

I’m about to be a proud mama of …..

An Apple MacBook Air! Thought I was going to say another baby, huh? Yeah. No. LOL I have four crashed PC laptops sitting in my office from the last 2 years. I am excited to say that as of last night, I ordered a new Apple MacBook Air and it will be in my arms soon! […]

Tips on how to keep your time & family organized

Those that know me, know that I am pretty organized, especially when it comes to time organization. My husband and I share a calendar that syncs with each others’ calendars so we are able to peek at the other’s time slots so we won’t have to keep asking ‘Do you have time for this’?’ The […]

Posy Lane Ballet Shoes Backpack

School is already back in full swing. I remember when we were shopping for back to school needs, the one thing that I like (as a parent) are to look for things that aren’t your typical school items. For the kids’, we like to look for unique items like clothes, shoes and even backpacks. I […]

Do You Have an Exploding Toilet?

Over 300 Flushmate assisted toilets burst in the United States, causing a recall to take place. These toilets were carried and sold at primarily Home Depot and Lowes and equipped with the Flushmate pressure-assist flushing system. See the following illustration for additional information: Spartan Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning is a Maryland based plumbing contractor […]

Trick-Or-Treating with Rayovac Glow Stick

Can you believe that Halloween is just a few days away? Where has this year gone? We usually go on to the town square and let the kids trick-or-treat with the local businesses, then on Halloween night, we take the kids around the neighborhood as well. Last year, the kids each carried a Rayovac Rayovac […]

Kmart Unwraps Fab 15 must have toys for the holiday season!

Can you believe that Christmas is just 71 days away? Where has this year gone?? Kmart has just announced its annual “Fab 15” toy list – the top toys on every kid’s wish list this year! From classics like Twister and Power Wheels, to new hits like LeapFrog and Air Hogs, this year’s Kmart Fab […]

Are we There Yet? Top 7 Traveling Apps to Keep you On Track

“Are we there yet?” It’s the most commonly asked question by casual travelers and globe-trotters alike. But to paraphrase Steinbeck, even ‘the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.’ So how do the best of travel planners steer clear of mishaps?  Stay close to your smartphone…because when it doubt, there’s an app […]

Cinderella Diamond Edition on Blu-ray and DVD!

I grew up loving princesses, dressing up like them and watching every movie that came out with princesses in them. There’s one that still leaves a mark in my mind and a spot in my heart…. Cinderella. My 5 year old is the same as I was; she dresses up like a princess, is as […]

I have a religious fridge. No, really.

A few years ago, we received a Frigidaire Gallery stainless steel fridge from Mom Central. While we have had a few random issues with the fridge that are now resolved, this error had us all thinking. I blame it on my husband. He caused this error. His reply: Well, all I did was lean against […]

I took a Skype Seven-Day Challenge!

We live in the Midwest and while we like living here, we are pretty far away from both of our families and friends, so we do what we can to keep in touch and keep our families close in contact. I have been working with Mom Central and Skype to do a Skype Seven-Day Challenge […]

I think My Child Has Been Approached by an Online Predator – What do I do?

Before I even start, I want to give you kudos! If you monitor your kids online and have noticed this suspicious activity, you should be commended for staying involved in their online world! That involvement has now paid off in keeping them safe! If they have reported a suspicious communication to you, you also deserve […]

Wellspring Friendly Halloween Tips

Guest post by Cari Coulter, RD Although holidays usually present weight controllers with situations centered on an abundance of unhealthy foods, Halloween definitely takes the cake (OK, candy) as the day most centered on non-nutritive, high fat treats. However, despite the challenge Halloween presents, it IS possible to survive, and yes, even celebrate, this holiday […]

Watch over us from heaven Grandma Tiny

As I am going through pictures that we’ve taken over the years, my heart is filled with sadness and joy all at the same time. This past Sunday hubby’s grandmother, Tiny as she was known, went to heaven. I am in the process of searching through my pictures to download pictures that we’ve taken so […]