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Resolutions Smelolutions

Here we are, the last day of the year where everyone is making their ‘New Years Resolutions’. What are yours? Do you have any? I think we all say that we are going to do something, or not do something else. While I am happy for the g ood times during 2012, I am ready […]

Confident smile, confident kid with ACT!

Our kids’ health is very important in every aspect. One thing that I am proud to say is that I am in my 30’s and have never had a cavity, so my kids’ oral care is very important to me as well. When I was a kid, I remember brushing my teeth with a routine […]

Let’s Fight Holiday Fat together!

With the holidays so near, how do you stay on track with your eating and weight? Do you count calories or do you completely avoid all the holiday foods? I have been battling my weight on and off for 5 years, ever since my daughter was born. There has been so much that has gone […]

My blessings count!

With the holidays around the corner, we are all running around trying to make sure everyone is happy and everything is done but with the chaos, we all tend to lose sight of the true meaning of he holidays and sometimes we even lose sight on ourselves. How do you stay in tune with all that’s […]

Prayers for Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, CT

Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of the angels that were taken from us on Friday at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut. Tweet

What to Do With the Big Stuff When You Move

Moving is a giant pain. It just is. There is nobody ever in the history of the world who has enjoyed the process of moving. It’s difficult and stressful whether you’re just moving a few cartons of books to a new dorm room or moving a whole house and lifestyle across the country. It is […]

Febreze Ultimate Holiday Memory

Do you have an ultimate holiday memory that you think about often? We have so many from my childhood, and since we started our family. Memories are priceless gifts. I had so many fond childhood memories from decorating the tree together, to my first Cabbage Patch Kid and matching slippers. Do you have any favorite […]

Cottonelle “Name It” Contest

If you’ve been keeping up with the ‘Name it’ Page on Cottonelle’s Facebook page, you might have had a few giggles at what names have been submitted so far. I have to admit that these are my three of favorite names submitted to date. Swipe ‘n Wipe Double Duty Booty Clean Sweep We have been […]

Sweet Family Traditions with Hickory Farms

Does your family have any family traditions? We never really had a lot of traditions when I was growing up, but the one thing that I do remember my granddaddy doing every year to our family. He would send us a Hickory Farms gift basket every year. For more than 60 years Hickory Farms has been a […]

Missing Evansdale Iowa Girls – Help us get #JusticeForOurMissingIowaGirls

My heart is broken that the missing Evansdale, Iowa Girls that went missing in July 2012, were those of Lyric Cook Morrissey and Elizabeth Collins. These beautiful little souls didn’t get a chance to live, but they touched so many lives. Please share this and help bring justice for these girls. My thoughts and prayers […]

Helpful tips on how you can Survive the Holidays

The holidays are officially here and I think we can all admit that we are pretty stressed over what is to come, and the aftermath. I wanted to share some great tips from Mom Central Founder and CEO, author of four best-selling parenting books and mom expert, Stacy DeBroff, has developed tips for families on preventing […]

Longer shelf life: Rayovac Ready Power

With the holidays quickly approaching, are you prepared to power those toys and techy tools? One can never have too many Rayovac batteries, so once Christmas comes and goes, it’s ok to be overstocked on power. I’d rather have too many batteries to power Christmas, than not enough. ((I found this idea on Pinterest. We […]

Comfort with Leading Lady’s Cotton Front-Closure Leisure Bra

When I get up and get dressed & ready for the day, I have to confess that I absolutely hate putting on my bra. Sounds funny, doesn’t it? I’ve gotten in to the habit of wearing tanks with the ‘built in bra’ over wearing my $90 bra that I was personally fitted for. It’s pretty […]

Elf on the Shelf You can view our Elf on the Shelf path by visiting all of our photos on my FlickR account. Tweet