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Wordless Wednesday: Colorful Rain


Aquamarine Jewelry: Beauty That Moms and Daughters Can Agree On

Finding common style ground is no easy task for many mothers and daughters, but jewelry is one area in which it may be at least a little easier to agree. That’s especially true when it comes to aquamarine rings, pendants and earrings: pieces that feature this timeless yet trendy gemstone are ideal for trend-seekers and […]

I stay in sync with Office 365 Home Premium

I am constantly on the go. If it’s not a media event, then it’s for family travels. I have more devices that I have on a daily basis, and that I travel with… hubby says that I could probably power a small town. I have my PC laptop, MacBook, iPad, and Android phone, but regardless […]

INRIX 4.5: Your New Traffic App and Personal Assistant

We travel a lot, so we like to see what the traffic is like while on the go. I’m about to try out a new app that was just released. Have you ever heard of INRIX? INRIX just released the latest version of its traffic app for Android and iOS users,INRIX Traffic 4.5, which now […]

I’m Having Their Baby – Back for a 2nd Season! #ImHavingTheirBaby

I started watching a show called ‘I’m Having Their Baby’ and found myself becoming addicted to it. When I heard that they were coming back for a second season, I was beyond excited! I have several friends that have or are battling infertility and I have actually offered to be a surrogate for them in […]

Rayovac gave us Instant Power during a tornado & power outage! {New Power Packs!}

Last week, the kids and I were stranded right smack dab in the middle of the El Reno, Oklahoma tornadoes. Scared doesn’t even begin to describe the thoughts and feelings that were flowing through my body and through my kids’ minds. When we were alerted to evacuate our hotel rooms and head immediately to the […]

Wendy’s New Salads – Which salad are you? #WendysTasteKitchen

When I was at the Wendy’s Headquarters in April, I was able to visit and experience their test kitchen. This was so much fun and such a neat experience to go through. For those that know me, know that I cannot eat most greens, but it’s something that I am working on. I was able […]

Wendy’s Offers More Nutrition Alternatives #WendysTasteKitchen

In April, I had the fabulous opportunity to visit Dublin, Ohio to check out the Wendy’s headquarters to find out what Wendy’s has coming up. While we try not to eat out too terribly much, I do admit that we are on the go a lot and do find ourselves at a drive through. There […]

Wordless Wednesday: My view from El Reno, OK {Video}


Home safe from El Reno, Oklahoma

I have never been so scared in my entire life. We’ve had tornado watches and warnings before here in SW Iowa, but nothing to what we experienced last night on our drive home from Texas in El Reno, Oklahoma. I will post more about this horrible storm and will include some helpful tips in case […]

El Reno, Oklahoma Tornado Damage

Tanya and kids are safe. They literally just passed into Kansas now. More warnings were popping up for the area. The tornado was directly across the highway of the hotel she was at.  Here are some of the photos she’s been able to get sent through (service has still been in and out) Tweet