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#Savings on top of savings with @Groupon’s Coupons! #ad

Who doesn’t love a good coupon and savings on top of even more savings? I am an avid Groupon user. We have used Groupon to plan so many family outings, as well as gifts for loved ones and so many things for the house and office. With Groupon Coupons, there are so many brands that […]

Muay Thai Training in Thailand For Better Health

Every modern woman is concerned about two things – her health and her appearance. In most cases these two things are related because it is very difficult to look beautiful if your health is not at its highest level. If you use the internet to perform some research you will notice that there are many […]

Cooking School Online? With Salted, yes you can!

I love to cook! I wish I had more time to learn new recipes that didn’t involve sitting and reading tons of books. I have always wanted to go to culinary school, but frankly, the price scares me. Did you know that you can get a culinary learning experience for an amazing deal and learn […]

Why we left @Verizon and why we prefer @USCellular

After being a part of a blogger program for Verizon, I have learned so much about what is worth it when it comes to cell phone service, coverage and price. While my service with Verizon was good in the last year (out of 4), I have to say that I am so glad that we […]