Archives for March 2016

The Positive Effects of Ceiling Fans on the Environment

  Heating your home during the winter and cooling it during the summer can be tough on your budget, but do we really need as much as we think we need in order to be comfortable during extreme temperatures? Can you survive a heatwave without using air conditioning? Why of course you can. In fact, […]

A Few Reasons Why Muay Thai is Good For You

If you consult any experienced martial art practitioner about the most efficient and most versatile martial art, they will certainly list Muay Thai among the 5 best martial arts. Muay Thai, often called Thai boxing or the Art of Eight Limbs, uses the power of punches, kicks, knees and elbows. These are the “weapons” competitors […]

#DIY Home remodeling update! 

We have lived in our current home for going on two years now. We bought it because it was pretty much a blank canvas and we have been hard at work… And loving it! I can’t wait to share the complete process but here’s a teaser so far of our 1200 sq feet basement. It […]