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Keeping kids safe this Halloween

We had our trick or treating this weekend. Since a lot are going out tomorrow, I wanted to share some Poison Control tips to help keep your kids safe this Halloween. Glow-in-the-dark jewelry and glow sticks are used by parents to keep their children visible while trick-or-treating in the dark. Children may break open these […]

4 Tips for Preparing Your Child’s Winter Wardrobe

Before winter hits, there are some tasks you should accomplish clothing-wise for your kids. Summer clothes are out, and oversized sweaters, warm socks, and boots are in. With these four preparation tips, your child’s winter wardrobe will be ready for them to wear in no time. Stock Up on Socks Gone are the days of […]

Delivery in Chicago from Bootler #GoBootler #Food #ad

I don’t travel like I used to. I remember going to so many places from New York to Florida to Chicago. With as chaotic as media events can be, I used to love taking one evening to myself to call in for take out dinner, find a good movie on TV and just chill. One […]

7 ways to curb a sweet tooth

Are you hiding chocolate bars, candy or bagels in your desk at work or sneaking off to the vending machine for a “pick me up” several times a day? Chances are that it helps for a while then you crash back into the land of fatigue and foggy concentration—wishing you could curl up and just […]