3M Privacy iPad screen

I travel quite a bit. This ranges from holiday family travel, personal out of state travel and quite a bit of media travels. I always take my iPad with me and when I am on an airplane, it’s kind of hard to get work done and type without the person directly next to me gazing at my screen out of nosiness. I have tried shifting my body and even dimming my brightness on my iPad, but why should I have to go through all that when all I want to do is write, or even watch a movie on my iPad while I am traveling. I had the chance to work with 3M to check out one of their privacy screens for the iPad.

3M Privacy iPad screen



Whether you’re shopping for all the ingredients for a holiday party in the supermarket or for gifts at the department store this holiday season, it’s likely you’ll have your phone or tablet out checking texts, email, Facebook and Google maps when corralling through crowds and long lines at the registers.

If you’re out and about or just relaxing at home with your children, you want to ensure your device and its information is for your eyes only, while also keeping it clean from dirt, dust and scratches.  EnterPrivacy Screen Protectors from 3M!

With a variety of sizes for popular smart phones and tablets, 3M Privacy Screen Protectors will keep you data secure while also keeping the devices’s display in mint condition.  For the techie in your life, these screen protectors are a must-have accessory for that expensive gadget, and make the perfect stocking stuffer!  They will protect work documents and emails, but also function to share videos, play games and read with your children.


3M is introducing new Privacy Screen Protectors for Tablets to help prevent nosy strangers from ogling and snooping on everyone’s favorite tech toy when out in public. In addition to protecting tablets from over-the-shoulder snoopers, 3M also makes privacy screen protectors for a variety of smart phones.

Product Benefits:

  • Offers privacy protection for Apple® iPads™, other tablet devices and smart phones so that content and data displayed is kept secure when necessary.
  • Protects the device’s display screen from dust, dirt and scratches.
  • Features stay-clean edges so dirt and dust do not collect along the film’s edges.
  • Compatible with touch screens.
  • Matte finish reduces glare and increases screen clarity on smart phone (3M Privacy Screen Protectors for Smart Phones).
  • Easy to clean (micofiber cloth included in packaging with Privacy Screen Protectors for Tablets).
  • Available in a variety of customized sizes for popular smart phones and tablets, and universalsizes for other smart phones and tablets. Custom-cut sizes available for:
    • Apple® iPad™ 2, iPad™, iPhone® 3GS, iPhone® 4
    • Motorola® Xoom™, DROID™ X by Motorola®, DROID™ 2 by Motorola®
    • Samsung™ Galaxy Tab™, Captivate™, Epic™ 4G, Fascinate™, Vibrant™, Focus™
    • Blackberry® PlayBook™, Torch™ 9800, Bold™ 9700/9780/9650, Tour™ 9630, Curve™ 8520/8530/9300/9330
    • HTC™ eVo™, DROID™ Incredible by HTC™

Our thoughts:

I really like the overall concept of the 3M Privacy iPad screen. I like that it protects my screen from dirt and scratches and I love that it is a privacy screen. I have used it while sitting next to people and they cannot see my screen unless it’s vertical.

It was very easy to install.


When you get it, the directions are very easy to read and understand.


It comes with the screen protector itself and a cleaning cloth.


Take the cleaning cloth and clean the screen before you start attaching the privacy screen.


Once your iPad screen is clean, start by taking the corner and peel it back.


Start with a corner and start applying the screen. I will admit that this thing is a buggar to get the bubbles out of, but once it’s on, it’s very nice and you cannot see any bubbles in the screen.


This is a view from my looking down at it from the side. Already, the screen is dark for privacy, however if you are directly in front of it, it is clear.


Looking directly at the screen is clear as day.


Looking from the top to the side.


Here’s the 3M Privacy iPad screen in action.

My only down fall to the 3M Privacy iPad screen is that you have to buy the vertical OR the horizontal screen. In other words, you only get privacy on one direction, not all around. It is weird to get used to, but overall I really like it. My mother did make a comment while I was visiting her. She was trying to peek over my shoulder and look at something on my iPad and she said “I can’t see a damn thing!’” So, it works! LOL! I do recommend the 3M Privacy iPad screen, especially for those that travel a lot.

Retail Availability: Available at OfficeMax.com, J&R.com, CDW.com and Shop3M.com.

Suggested Retail Price:

  • For Tablets: $34 to $39.99
  • For Smartphones: $14.99 to $16.99

For More Information: http://www.3mscreenprotectors.com


  1. Thats kind of a neat idea really- but I wonder why they dont have one that does it all around?