4 Things to do if your Child is Injured in an Auto Accident

One of the worse phone calls you may receive is one stating that your child has been hurt due to a car accident. However, studies show that $10 billion was the cost of motor vehicle injuries in 2013. This is sure to be nerve wracking and stressful to any parent. It’s important to be proactive and do certain things when your child is hurt. This can help alleviate some of the challenges of this situation in the long run. As a parent, you will want to be fully aware of what to do if you and your kid is forced to deal with circumstances such as this.

car-accidentGet legal assistance

The first thing you will want to consider doing is getting a legal expert on your side. It’s typical for the other driver to try to avoid financial responsibilities and this may demand that you seek legal advice from Mike Pines, who is an attorney in San Diego.

Taking the time to consult with a lawyer can allow you to be fully aware of your legal rights and work to protect your best financial interests. It’s ideal to act fast in many auto accidents to assist you with getting the results you need quicker and the right attorney can be of great help.

Learn the scoop

You will want to sit down with your child and discuss the precise details of what occurred. Collisions don’t just happen without some carelessness, and it’s ideal to ensure your child wasn’t at fault.

Listed below are some of the questions you may want to ask your kid:

  1. Where are you wearing a seatbelt at the time of the wreck?
  2. Was there a police report issued that shows another driver was to blame for the accident?
  3. What were the weather conditions the day this occurred?
  4. Did any witnesses see the wreck that may be willing to testify on your behalf?
  5. Were there any other people in the vehicle with you?

Taking the time to talk to your child is the key to ensuring that you do have the chance of winning a case if you do pursue legal action.

Receiving medical care

It’s ideal for your child to be thoroughly examined by a medical professional. You will want to ensure the proper treatment is provided that may involve a hospital stay, pain medications or physical therapy.

Keep in mind that if you have substantial medical bills, these should be paid by the other driver if this person was at fault. Be sure to keep track of all the medical costs to ensure you will be able to get compensated for these at a later date.

Phoning an employer

If your child has a job and needs to miss a significant amount of work, you will want to be sure to let this manager know why. It could be better for you to call the employer because teenagers are often known for not showing up at work for frivolous reasons.

You can list the details of the collision to the company and also the timeframe when your child may be able to return to work. Be prepared for providing written documentation that proves this, such as a police report and medical bills.

The key to having the least stressful time when an accident like this occurs is to be prepared. This will enable you to handle this type of situation easier and decrease the possibilities of unwanted anxiety. Keep in mind that leaning on the expertise of a legal expert may be critical to the result. Simply take a deep breath and deal with the issue at hand!