4 Tips for Preparing Your Child’s Winter Wardrobe

Before winter hits, there are some tasks you should accomplish clothing-wise for your kids. Summer clothes are out, and oversized sweaters, warm socks, and boots are in. With these four preparation tips, your child’s winter wardrobe will be ready for them to wear in no time.

Stock Up on Socks

Gone are the days of walking around in flip-flops that barely cover your feet. Cold weather means your children will need to wear socks, probably even around the house. You should stock up on socks for them so they have a wide variety come winter time. Moisture-wicking options, seamless-free products, and non-binding styles are all available through SmartKnitKids, a website devoted to selling seamless sensitivity products. They work well for kids with sensory issues.

There may be days when the weather is not as chilling, so ankle socks would still work fine for these times. For the most part, however, it is wise to find crew socks that completely cover the ankles. The seamless free and non-binding options will not feel bulky and thick like some styles do, making them more comfortable for your children to wear.

screen-shot-2016-10-28-at-6-13-10-pmSort Through Summer Clothes

Once the summer months are over, it is time to sort through all the summer clothes to see what is no longer needed. Most of it will not be able to be worn by your children when the next summer session comes around. Outfits that were already on the small side can be tossed out or given to a local charity or facility. While you’re going through your children’s clothes, it is also a wise idea to go through your own clothes as well. It will help make room in both of your closets for more cold weather outfits.

You can also go through fall and winter clothes while you’re at it. There may be some left from the year prior that will no longer work for your growing child. Remove all clothing that is too small so you have space left for new outfits for the season.

Reorganize the Closet

After eliminating the too-small clothing, you should reorganize your child’s closet so all the winter clothing items are in front and ready to be worn. Summer clothes that will not be needed for several months from now can either go in the back, or come out of the closet completely and be stored elsewhere. There are clothing storage bags, as well as totes, that can be used to keep the clothing safe for later use.

Buy New Winter Wear

Your children have most likely grown since the year before, meaning they will need a completely new set of winter wear. This includes typical outerwear, such as a jacket, snow pants, boots, hats, and mittens. There are 3-in-1 jacket options that are well insulated and come with separate jacket sections. The entire thing can be worn on the truly cold days, while only one jacket shell can be worn in only slightly cool weather.

Preparations for winter should be done as soon as summer is over, before the weather has the chance to change. It doesn’t have to reach winter in order for it to get cold outside. The fall season already begins to feel much cooler, requiring your children to wear socks and shoes, jackets, and longer-sleeved shirts. With these four tips in mind, you can be sure your children and you are well prepared for the upcoming cold weather season.