A Few Reasons Why Muay Thai is Good For You


If you consult any experienced martial art practitioner about the most efficient and most versatile martial art, they will certainly list Muay Thai among the 5 best martial arts. Muay Thai, often called Thai boxing or the Art of Eight Limbs, uses the power of punches, kicks, knees and elbows. These are the “weapons” competitors have when they are fighting opponents in the ring. In the last few years, there are an increased number of people who are showing interest in Muay Thai training in Thailand. It seems that more and more individuals who want to use their holiday to travel to an exotic country where they will not only rest, but also start a new fitness routine and improve their overall health. Traveling to Thailand and joining a training camp there can help any individual achieve that. if you are still not sure why you should get involved in Muay Thai training we will give you a few reasons.

For starters, Muay Thai will provide excellent physique to any practitioner. In case you want to support your loss weight process and you want to visit the local beach without worrying about your appearance, Muay Thai training may be your best option. This is a complete workout with both aerobic and anaerobic exercises. One training class that lasts for one hour can burn 1000 calories.

Muay Thai training  will affect your mental health and this is another reason why you should consider taking training classes in a camp. If you practice this sport for a while you will start thinking like a real warrior – you’ll become calmer, relaxed and wiser.

This type of training also nourishes self-discipline and increases self-gym2011x1-2016-03-7-20-09.jpgesteem. In addition, this is a very effective martial art that you can use as a self-defense tool. Women will find this benefit especially useful because Muay Thai allows smaller people to defeat bigger opponents. Finally, Muay Thai such as MuayThai-thailand makes you braver and improves your social life.

Use your next holiday to visit the amazing country of Thailand and spend some time in a Muay Thai camp while you are there.