Apartment Guide “A New Place For Your Pet” Blogger Challenge {Closed}

When people are about to move to a new home, most times, the animals that they have also are about to make a life changing move in to a new location. This can become stressful for the pet. I have two kitties that we share our home with. They run anywhere that they want, but thanks to Apartment Guide, I was able to create a new place for my kitties by participating in a blogger challenge.

Apartment Guide “A New Place For Your Pet” Blogger Challenge

I was asked by Apartment Guide to create a new place for my pets by doing things for them, such as purchasing new pet accessories or creating a new space within my home just for them. Here was my adventure! Right away, I knew what I wanted to get… something that we didn’t have; A kitty tower.

I got to PetSmart and there and my first thought was ‘Holy kitty heaven!’ There had to have been 50 different kitty towers in just about any size and shape.


I was going to get something small, but I decided to get the one that is on the far right. I have never really considered something too big, because usually when something is this nice comes a big price.

Whisker City Deluxe Wildcat Tower

  • Regular Price: $179.99
  • Sale Price: $139.99
  • Allowance: $100.00
  • My price: $39.99


While PetSmart had so many to choose from, I thought this would be a perfect fit in front of the kitties favorite spot in the living room – in front of a window. What do you think? I think I made the right choice! They LOVE it!


There are two cushy beds for each of them, a hoop that Oreo (smaller kitty) loves to hide from Milano, a cat nip toy on the bottom, and two scratching posts.


Milano loves to lay on the padded bed and look out the window at birds and squirrels.


My kitties are beyond ecstatic for their new kitty tower! Check them out in action. They have always had a nice space to play and run in, but it’s like this kitty tower is bringing out the energy in both of them.


With the kitty tower, I also bought the kitties some of their favorite toys. They love play mice! Every time we move a piece of furniture, we find one of these things. It’s pretty funny!


After transforming a part of my house for our kitties has truly done so much, not only for the kitties, but also for the family. We have a lot of fun watching these two chase each other and play in their space!

Whether you’re living, looking or moving, Apartment Guide will help point you in the right direction.I can say that each time we have moved, I have used Apartment Guide’s website because they have amazing tips. It doesn’t matter if you are moving to an apartment or a house – the tips helped us each time.

  • Apartment Guide has tips for owning and caring for your pet whether you are in a large or small space. It’s helpful information no matter where you live.
  • About 63% of all households in the U.S. have a pet (source: American Veterinary Medical Association) and the average cost of basic food, supplies, medical care and training for a dog or cat is $700 to $875 annually (Source: ASPCA.org).
  • If you’re ready for a whole new space or are looking to move, Apartment Guide has the photos, floor plans, features and tips to help you find the perfect pet friendly apartment community.You can easily narrow your search to display communities that allow furry friends.
  • Search for available apartments right within Apartment Guide’s Facebook page on the Search AG tab, and search for apartments with your Facebook friends by using the Search with Friends application on ApartmentGuide.com

Here is some more helpful information to help you:

  • Apartment Guide provides an array of tips for people living with pets in any sized home.
  • Whether you have a new home or a new pet, Apartment Guide provides some great ideas for how to Pet proof & keep your furry friend safe in your space.
  • Have to move or travel but are worried about how your pet will handle it? Don’t fret, just check this list of Do’s and Don’ts of moving with pets first before hitting the road.
  • Do you have a new pet? Learn more about how to de-clutter and introduce your four-legged friend to your space so they feel right at home.
  • A walk in the pet park with Fido will be a breeze if you review Apartment Guide’s reminders about pet etiquette first.

For more information, you can “Like” Apartment Guide on Facebook at Facebook.com/apartmentguide or follow them on Twitter @AptGuide for real-time tips and updates on making the most of your space.

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