Apple iPod nano with Multi-Touch *Review*

Technology blows my mind every day. It seems that the tiny pieces of technology are more powerful than any of us realize. I am a huge fan of Apple products and there is one new product that came out that I am really in awe at. Who would have thought that something this small would make such an impact?

What is this?

iPod nano

iPod nano has been completely redesigned with Multi-Touch — the same technology that makes iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch so amazing. Now it’s half the size and even easier to play. And everything you want to hear is just a tap or swipe away.

The iPod nano comes in 7 different colors.

iPod nano1

I chose the blue one just in case hubby wanted to use it, then he wouldn’t have to use a pink one. 😉

What do I think about the iPod nano? Oh my gosh!

iPod nano set up

One of my questions to Apple was ‘Can I have more than one Apple product (iPhone, iPod, iPad) registered on one computer at a time. The answer is YES! You can have up to 5 authorizations per computer account. The iPod nano was super easy to set up. Since I recently got a new laptop, I had to install iTunes before I got started with the iPod nano. Once iTunes was installed, I registered and named my iPod nano on my computer.




iPod nano – SIZE

Don’t be surprised by its small size. This tiny thing is amazing! I travel a lot and the one thing that I absolutely love about this is that it is small; it is easy to clip on my pant pocket and run the headphone wire up my shirt so I can carry my music with me anywhere I go. At first, I was kind of scared of the size. My first thought was ‘I am going to lose this thing in a heartbeat!’ Not the case at all. The size is perfect!


iPod nano memory

The iPod nano comes in two sizes.

  • 8GB – $149
  • 16GB – $179

I have the 16GB size and I can tell you that I have over 2000 songs on it and still have plenty of room for more. I don’t have any pictures on this iPod nano, but there certainly is room to add pictures, should you want to add any to it.

iPod nano screen resolution & controls

The quality of the screen blows my mind! For as small as the iPod nano is, the resolution is beautiful and so crisp. There are four main ‘pages’ that give you a lot of options ranging from playlists, songs, clock, photos, radio and more.





You can create a playlist within the Genius sector. This is really a cool feature! There are two ways to make this work.

Tap Genius Mixes to hear songs that go great together. Or, create a Genius playlist by playing a song you like, and tapping the Genius icon song control.

This is great for a fitness sector when you are working out and you would like to hear songs that your iPod nano thinks play well together. I have a lot of songs on my iPod ranging from upbeat techno work out songs to the slower country songs. I don’t really want to work out to a country love song and tend to lose my beat when one comes on. Genius is cool to help create those lists for you.

iPod nano for fitness

One thing that I love, and use often, is the fitness sector of the iPod nano. I love this! I used to work out and carry around my iPod AND my pedometer, but since I have had the new iPod nano, I now just carry around the iPod nano. Just last weekend, I was at Disney and I kept this in my pocket and it tracked my steps the entire time.


You can see your previous history and track your best steps. Three words: This. Is. Cool!



I love that it tracks your fitness and steps. I used to carry around a pedometer and jot down my steps each day in notes, but with the iPod nano’s fitness section, it saves it for you to look back on. You can clear it should you want to, but I leave my history in it.

Overall: I LOVE everything about the new iPod nano! The size is great, the memory is more than I expected, the price is well worth it for both sizes. I use this a lot in my car when we travel. I don’t keep any music on my iPhone since I am an app addict and use my iPhone more for blog travels (documents, pictures, videos, apps), so the small and easy to travel size of the new iPod nano is really perfect. It clips nicely on my shirt, workout outfit, pocket, pants or belt and the clip actually does that – it clips and it stays. I was scared that with it’s light weight and size that I would lose it because the clip might release, but it stays put. The iPod nano has so many features and it has eliminated me from carrying around my iPod and a pedometer, so that all in itself is worth it for me. I work out daily and like to go out on walks or jogs – so having just one device on me is work it.

MG purchasing info
You can purchase the iPod nano 8GB for $149 and the 16GB is $179. For more information, please visit

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  1. This looks/sounds awesome – and I still have time to add it to my Christmas list :) sammiejanL40 at aol dot com

  2. Sylvia Esparza says:

    I was just mentioning in another post that I needed a bigger iPod. This one looks cute and has more storage. Just right for the new Beatles downloads I am gonna do.

  3. I love it! I’ve always seen the old nano’s and been afraid I wouldn’t like not being able to see what was about to play next. The colors look great on this!

  4. I just saw those in Best Buy the other day … it’s crazy how advanced Apple is getting with their gadgets.