Perfect Valentine’s Gift: Apple iWatchz

Do you know what you are getting your loved one(s) for Valentine’s Day? I have a perfect gift idea for him, her, that teen in your life, that athlete, or even for yourself; Apple iWatchz.

Apple iWatchz

iWatchz Q Series watchband for iPod nano
Turn your iPod nano into a stylish wristwatch.
The iWatchz nanoclipz offers a unique system that uses the clip built into your 6th-generation iPod nano to lock it securely on your wrist.

  • Easily turn your iPod nano into a stylish watch
  • Quick, secure attachment: Press, slide, click
  • Full access to all buttons and connectors
  • Premium silicone band and stainless steel hardware

Our Thoughts

When I received these, I was instantly in awe! I work out every day and the iWatchz is a perfect addition to my workouts. What a genius idea to use your iPod nano in this way, as a watch! The nano easily clips on to the iWatchz and snaps in to place so it is secure and you won’t have to worry about losing the nano.



Once the nano is clipped in to place, you can see how thin it becomes overall.


Once the nano is clipped on to the iWatchz and on your arm, it really does look like a watch. You scroll over to the clock on your nano screen and the face appears.


What I love about the iWatchz is that you can wear this as a watch to expand the use of your nano, or you can wear it while you are exercising as a watch, but also be able to listen to your iTunes while you are working out. It is made out of Silicone and is very lightweight. Overall: we love the Apple iWatchz! Hubby has taken my iWatchz and worn it at school to time his students at practices. The price for each is just under $25.00 and in my opinion, very well worth the price. The iWatch is available in two colors, black and red. Hubby has the red one to sport school colors, while I have the black one and use it while I am traveling for bloggy events, as well as when I jog or work out. This is a great gift idea for just about anyone!

MG purchasing info

You can purchase the iWatchz on the Apple website for $24.95 and is available at most local Apple locations.

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  1. I like the look of this and a nano is on my Santa list. What kind of earphones do you use while moving around? I have an armband for another mp3 I use and am constantly popping the buds out of my ears!

  2. fritter says:

    ooooh. This would be a great gift. I never know what to get my husband- and he runs, so I am sure that this would be perfect for him. thanks for the tip.

  3. vickie Couturier says:

    wow,great review,what a great watch,,,so many details