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Those that have been following my Facebook page and blog know that we moved in to a new house last summer. We basically moved in to a blank slate that had a full basement that was half finished. The basement is a huge reason why we decided to buy this house. When we first walked through the lower half of this house, we saw so much potential right away. This is the half (before) that was somewhat finished. This is what it looked like when we walked through the house; just before we signed to buy it. This may look like a small space, but this entire space (this room and on the other side if this wall) is about 1200 square feet of pure DIY heaven.


When we closed and moved in, we started working. Within weeks, we had walls up, a guest room, game room, space for the future downstairs bathroom and a gym.


This is the gym space that I wrote about a few months ago. The ceiling is an experiment and still isn’t complete, but I’ll have a whole post on it when we’re done.


I looked around for an app that I could take measurements and be able to plan and visualize what this space would look like. I found a super cool app that I’ve been using on my tablet..


The Magic Plan home construction app is so neat! You can add in measurements of each wall, add in fixtures, electrical, stairs, support beams, furniture and so much more. I love this so much! Seeing this makes us so excited and able to vision our upcoming new space!

Magic Plan

MagicPlan creates inside maps. It measures your rooms and draws your floor plan just by taking pictures. Simply add objects, annotations, and attributes to create an inside map.

You can then share your map for free with any MagicPlan user, or pay to get it in PDF, JPG, PNG, SVG, DXF, and CSV formats, as well as publish an INTERACTIVE MAP on the web.


  • Downloaded by more than 7 MILLIONS fans.

MagicPlan is the ideal app for Real Estate Agents, Craftsmen, Adjusters, Firemen, Architects, Home Inspectors, Interior Designers, Small Businesses, Furniture Retailers and many more.

MagicPlan is not another floor plan drawing application:

  • No need to measure; 
  • No need to draw;
  • No need to move furniture;
  • No need for expertise.

What’s free:

MagicPlan is free to download and use on the device. Sharing maps with another MagicPlan user is also free.

What’s not free:

  • Certain objects are locked
  • Getting PDF + JPG + PNG + SVG + Interactive Web Site + DXF + CVS
  • Commercial usage
  • ** You aren’t able to screen shot from a device. This is locked. Not sure how, but you can’t screen shot. Trust me, I found this out so I took a pic of my screen (above). LOL

Purchasing options:

  • Buy: Purchase one Property Map at a time for $2.99.
  • Subscription: While your subscription is active enjoy an unlimited usage for $9.99/month.
  • MagicPlan Cloud: Store your floor plans on the cloud.


  • Android 4.0 and above
  • Room Capture requires a GYROSCOPE

MagicPlan technology is based upon a multiple patent technology technology leveraging the gyroscope.


The Magic Plan app has so many things that you can add and it’s so easy to use. Oh – and FUN!
((Click on image below for full size))

Once you start your planning, you can save it, go back to it later and edit it at any time.


Have another space that you want to start on while you’re working on one? No problem! Just click the green + and you’re ready to start another space.


I love this app because it helps us plan ahead so that when we are ready to head to the hardware store, we will know what we need to pick up or get an idea of what we need to order online for delivery. We have been at Lowe’s more times in the last month than I care to admit, but it’s not because of wrong orders – it’s because we keep playing around with ideas and adding in things. The Lowe’s app is so helpful and easy to use as well.

  • Need to add in more insulation?
  • Need some more mud?
  • Need some more nails?



The Lowe’s app is so cool to use. If you’re in the store, you pick your location, type in what you’re looking for (example: we were looking for a certain type of wall insulation) and it shows you what aisle it’s on.




We had pretty awesome service while we were in Lowe’s, even though the building is metal. Large metal buildings are pretty well known for sketchy service. With Verizon, we were able to shop away and know that we were covered.

Please tell me that I’m not the only one that uses my tablet for home improvement. 😉 I can have fun and plan with my remodel app and hubby & I can have fun building together