Tips to Maximize Refrigerator Space this holiday season


I don’t know about you, but my fridge is a crazy hot mess during the holidays. I wanted to share some tips to help you maximize your fridge space this holiday season. Tips to Maximize Refrigerator Space with Design Expert Julia Burke: Because you’re more likely to eat items in your line of sight, stack [...]

This holiday season, take a moment for yourself. Why? #BecauseMoment #IC #ad


Let’s face it, there’s no real way to escape reality and every day life. Our lives get so busy, but to be honest, I wouldn’t want it any other way. Being busy means productivity and that’s good! That would describe my last month to a tee. Where do I begin? Christmas shopping Groceries Meal planning [...]

Family Fun Day with Jack’s Pizza # RealCheeseRealLife


Small town living… gotta love it, right? It took a while for us to adjust to it, but we are madly in love with it. There’s not a whole lot to do here, so we usually have to drive a good hour to get to a location that has a variety of things to do. [...]

Be sure to stop in at Best Buy tomorrow (11/7) for their huge Shopping Event! #WinTheHolidaysSweepstakes #ad


Have you started your holiday shopping yet? Our lists seem to be getting larger and larger. Tomorrow (Saturday 11/7), select Best Buy locations are having amazing Special Holiday Shopping Events that you won’t wanna miss! This is the biggest event of the year for Best Buy stores and there will amazing deals, free gifts, demonstrations [...]

Check in at home with Arlo Smart Home Wireless Security Cameras #BBYConnectedHome #ad


Whether we are across town, running errands, out for date night or out of town for family travels, I’ve always wanted to have the ability to check in on our house and yard to know that everything is ok while we are away. We have been using a really cool high definition security camera set [...]

Help us raise awareness. Show us your #kegelface!


Laugh till you pee… that’s something to talk about. Or not. Face it ladies… it becomes an issue more so after the babies are born. I remember when my littles were born, my doctor suggested that I do kegals to help tighten the muscles after delivery. Kegels are pelvic floor muscle training exercises and considered [...]

Put Fire Escape Planning and Practice at The Top of Your Holiday To-Do List


You’ve done all the cooking, cleaning, shopping, and decorating for your holiday guests. Now you can kick back and put your feet up, right? Not just yet. According to the U.S. Fire Administration (USFA), there’s one very important item that needs to be checked off of every holiday to-do list: a fire escape plan with practice. [...]

#DIY Where’s Waldo & Wanda costumes #VZWBuzz


We’ve been on the go so much lately that I’ve been taking time from road trips to do some research on how we can make our own Where’s Waldo & Wanda costumes because I refused to pay $40 per shirt at the costume stores. Super easy to make. With my Verizon 4glte service, I was able [...]

Straighten your hair for less with Remington’s UV-Baked Ceramic Straightener


While I don’t have the longest hair, my hair is super thick and wavy. It’s crazy how my short hair has always been such a challenge to get and keep straight. I’ve tried so many straighteners in so many price ranges. Recently I was sent a ceramic flat iron that I have fallen in love [...]

The Beardsman is here to tame those long & short beards @Rem4Men


Hubby is usually clean-shaven, but there are times that he likes to grow out a short beard. Maintaining it is the challenge. Thankfully we had the chance to try out a beard grooming kit. When I first thought of ‘beard grooming’, it made me think of full, long, thick beards, so I didn’t think that [...]

Why do we love Jack’s Pizza? Let us count the ways. #RealCheeseRealLife #Ad


Warning: This post is about pizza and may cause instant hunger. All opinions, thoughts and images are 100% of our own. We are not responsible for constant drooling, hunger pains or tummy growling. We received product coupons and a promotional item to thank us for our participation. I cant express how much we love pizza [...]

Spend less and still look like a million bucks with Paparazzi Jewelry {#Giveaway ends 10/11/15}


If you had asked me a could of years ago if I loved jewelry, I would probably say ‘sure, whatever’. Today? I can’t get enough. I have been introduced to Paparazzi Jewelry and I have to admit … I’m an addict. I love it so much! Why spend tons of money on beautiful jewelry when [...]

Mapping my way to get school supplies #BackToSchool #VZWBuzz


Here we are – back to school season. Already. With all that’s been going on in our lives, we almost forgot to go Back to School shopping, so we went a couple of weekends ago for clothes, lunch goods and school supplies. My Verizon Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet powered with powerful Verizon 4G LTE service. [...]

Healthy & tasty cooking with the George Foreman Contact Roaster


Ignore the fact that I’m doing the happy dance because school is back in session. Routines are getting back in place, and since I’m now working outside the home, I can now rest easy knowing that when I get home, I can get my family a hot dinner on the table in no time. We’ve [...]

No ‘Chores’, but Job Charts for Kids


We’ve tried chore charts out the wazoo and while it helps the kids (ages 7 and 10)  get motivated to help our around the house, it seems to last for a few short days. I saw something and thought I’d tweek it and see how it helps in our home. I didn’t want to force [...]

#BackToSchool & Laundry 101 with the @Whirlpool WashSquad App


For many college freshmen, the first load of laundry they do on campus will be the first they’ve ever done. This can be a scary proposition, leading some students to put off laundry until their parents visit, or wing it. Before sending new college students off to school, parents can teach their children “Laundry 101” [...]

Alright ladies – it’s #TimeforTMI. Let’s get personal! #IC #sponsored #ad


“I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Monistat. I received a product and promotional item to thank me for my participation.”   Alright ladies, I’m about to get personal… like, TMI personal. Let’s face it, talking about vaginal can be a bit uncomfortable… just like a yeast infection can be uncomfortable. [...]

Build some fun … Build-A-Scooter with Radio Flyer!


When you think about Radio Flyer, what do you think about? I used to think of it as tricycles for the little ones. When I found out that Radio Flyer had scooters for ages 3 – 7, I was pretty excited to check out what they had. Radio Flyer not only has scooters, but they [...]

Mixin’ it up with Black and Decker Performance Fusion Blade Blender


When you think about one appliance that you don’t currently have, that you’d love to own, what comes to mind? I am sad to say that I have never, in my life, owned a blender, however I am happy to say that I do now! I have been making creations for the past couple of [...]

Using my @Verizon 4G LTE to help me find the perfect mother of the bride dress! #VZWBuzz


When my oldest daughter announced that she was marrying the man of her dreams, I have to admit that I was freaking out a bit about what to wear. As the mother of the bride, and being in photos, I had no clue where to even find a dress that would match her shabby chic [...]

Drink Responsible this July Fourth! #SummerResponsibly


The Fourth of July is steadily approaching, and we’re all gearing up for a big day of fun moments with friends, family and fireworks. The team at was curious to hear how folks plan to celebrate the Fourth, so they recently conducted a survey asking just that. As part of our summer-long #SummerResponsibly campaign, [...]

Grill year round with the #GeorgeForemanGrill 15 Serving Indoor/Outdoor @GeorgeForemanCo Electric Grill


We live in the Midwest and while evenings these days are simply gorgeous and perfect to grill out in, the cost of refilling our tank for the grill has gotten a bit higher than we like. We have been using a new product that not only has pretty much replaced our expensive running gas grill, [...]

Stop ‘getting by’ and Start Thriving – Here’s my #Thrive story!


Have you ever written a post, or delayed on a post for a while because it tugged at your heart strings? This is one of those posts. I’ve been delaying getting this post live for so many reasons, however it’s time for me to face reality. For those that know me, know that I have [...]

#Apps to help you with home #remodeling & #construction #VZWBuzz


Those that have been following my Facebook page and blog know that we moved in to a new house last summer. We basically moved in to a blank slate that had a full basement that was half finished. The basement is a huge reason why we decided to buy this house. When we first walked [...]

The Perils of Addiction – How It Affects Your Family


When addiction grips your mind, body and soul, you usually don’t spend much time thinking about the people in your life. You may not even spend much time thinking about what you are doing to yourself. Your thoughts will tend to simply being on the object of your addiction. Addiction doesn’t just put a strain [...]

Moms, Help Your Kids Help Your Mother…Earth!


We all know that a mom’s work is never done, so I can understand that after cleaning up the house maybe you don’t feel like you have enough energy to clean up the world. I hear ya! Luckily there’s help out there for you when it’s time to teach your kids about conservation and ecology [...]

Dairy Free Goodness from Blue Bunny! #Giveaway {CLOSED}


It’s not officially summer season, but school is out so it’s summer time for our family. With summer, comes bike rides, playing outside, visits to the pool and of course … ice cream! We had the chance to try out Blue Bunny’s Dairy-Free ice cream. I’ll be honest and say that when I used to hear [...]

Happy kids. Happy family. Happy times at the Amazing Pizza Machine! @AmzPizzaMachine #FamilyFun #Omaha


We are huge fans of the Amazing Pizza Machine in Omaha. We’ve been there a few times as we are in town, but each time seems to get more fun and even more special. We love their food, we love the selection of the food and we love how much fun we can have as [...]

My mom & daughter are huge parts of my @Dove #BeautyStory


When you say that someone is beautiful, how do you define that? Is it based off looks? Hair? How their makeup is? How someone treats others? Beauty is defined in so many ways. I am so proud to have the women in my life that I look up to, that I honor and that I [...]

Family fun with @SimplyFun and #FamilyGameNight


We all have busy schedules, there’s no doubt about that. With my now working outside the home, as well as working on the blog at home, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, school, sporting events, end of school year school events and taking care of the house and family, we tend to lose face with reality and [...]

Summer fun kids’ attire from backyard to beach from @OshKoshBgosh #HelloSummerFun #IC ad


I participated in a Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for OshKosh B’Gosh. I received an OshKosh B’Gosh gift card to facilitate my post and a promotional item to thank me for my participation. There’s only 7 days of school left. SEVEN. Where did this school year go? With the end of the school year coming to [...]

Have Fun with Mom on Mother’s Day at #AmazingPizzaMachine #AmazingMomDay #MothersDay


Skip the stuffy brunch and bring Mom out for some real family fun during the second annual AMAZING MOM DAY at The Amazing Pizza Machine Mother’s Day, Sunday, May 10, from 10 a.m.-3 p.m. Moms can register for a chance to win a beautiful, custom Mother’s bracelet from Elisa Ilana with a retail value up [...]

How Exposed is Your Teen: Tips to Monitoring Your Teen’s TV Time


Did you know that educational researchers found that the average teenager watches about 32 hours of television in a week? With more parents having to work multiple jobs and handle other responsibilities, teens and in some cases younger children are left at home to entertain themselves. When we were young, our idea of entertainment was [...]

#MothersDay is this Sunday. Gift ideas from ProFlowers, FTD, and Shari’s Berries


Mother’s Day. I can say so many things about Mother’s Day, however this year’s Mother’s Day means so much more to me than words can express. I will be celebrating it with all three of my babies in my life, so other than this amazing gift, I would have to say that my next favorite [...]

Looking for a Career Change? Job hunting made easy with @Verizon 4Glte service #VZWBuzz


Now that we are all settled in the new house after a year and the kids are older, I have been thinking about getting a part time job outside of the home. I really wanted to be able to get back out there, mingle with other adults and earn some extra cash for family outings and [...]

Great Tips on How to Create a Vegetable Patch for Your Whole Family to Enjoy


Do your children know where their food comes from? If the answer is no, growing herbs and vegetables in your garden may help to rectify this. Growing fresh produce at home will teach your children about the life cycles of the herbs and vegetables they eat. It will raise their awareness of the seasonal nature [...]

Get outside and #LiveLifeOutside this spring & summer! #IC #ad


I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for TruGreen. I received a promotional item to thank me for my participation.   During the Winter, we are pretty much stranded inside. It’s far too cold to get outside and play with the family. Now that it’s Spring and the weather is so beautiful, [...]

Autism Awareness & Game Play with SimplyFun


With April being Autism Awareness Month, I am happy to say that I am working with a company that is proud to give back. SimplyFun believes that all children should have the opportunity to benefit from game play. SimplyFun has an independent team of advisors that have identified games within SimplyFun’s wide array of gems [...]

@BestBuy’s new AMD FX APU – HP Envy Touchsmart Laptop #AMDFX


School may be just about over with for this school year, but it’s never too early to start shopping for next school year. Best Buy is here to help with the new HP – ENVY Touchsmart 15/6 Touch-screen laptop. It’s like a tablet and laptop all in one. Hey, it’s a tabtop! HP – ENVY [...]

Why We Should Expose Kids to Musical Instruments Early


Not every kid handed a keyboard or starter acoustic guitar will want to keep playing past jumbled notes. But many children will fall in love with playing a music instrument if they’re given the chance to try. To their benefit, there are a number of reasons why it’s a good idea to expose kids to [...]

Children of Addicts: Parental Advice on Talking to Your Children About Your Addiction


According to Psyche Central, approximately 28 million Americans are children of alcoholics. In an effort to break the cycle, parents should be more than willing to talk with their children about their addiction. However, often times this conversation is put off for “a better time” resulting in children having to deal with the issues all on [...]

Happy #Caturday everyone!

Screen Shot 2015-04-18 at 12.32.20 AM

There are times that a photo can speak a thousand words. While I believe that true heartedly, I think that this video screams a bit more words than I can type. Anyone that knows me, knows how much I love and adore my Milano. She is my sunshine on a rainy day; to say the [...]

Wordless Wednesday: Family movie night with a carpet picnic 



Budget Friendly #BabyShower Gift Basket Idea


We have a few friends and family members that are expecting. Giving baby gifts can get expensive and you may end up getting something(s) that mom really won’t use or doesn’t need. I am a huge fan of gift baskets with newborn needs because face it, any new mom would love to get things that [...]

Helpful #Wedding Apps to get you to the altar! #VZWBuzz


Last month, I was in a wedding for a good friend, and on top of that, my oldest daughter is getting married in August. It’s been and will be a busy few months ahead, but oh so worth it! I’ve been downloading and using apps to help give recommendations for wedding planning apps to help [...]

I love my @iRobot from @BestBuy; let me count the ways! #iRobotatBestBuy


For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been bossing around Rosie. Before you judge me, Rosie is my iRobot Roomba. LOL I have been thinking about getting a Roomba, but I didn’t know anything about them, if they really work like they say, are they worth the money, will I have to vacuum after it [...]