Autism Awareness & Game Play with SimplyFun

SimpyFun Autism AwarenessWith April being Autism Awareness Month, I am happy to say that I am working with a company that is proud to give back. SimplyFun believes that all children should have the opportunity to benefit from game play. SimplyFun has an independent team of advisors that have identified games within SimplyFun’s wide array of gems that help children build on common strengths found with children on the spectrum. I love that SimplyFun develops award winning educational board games that allow children to build their core thinking, academic and life skills through game play

SimpyFun Autism Awareness

Our family loves games and have family game night as often as we can. I feel that playing games with your family helps build that family bond and it’s precious time that you can’t get back.

“SimplyFun is supporting autism awareness through initiatives designed to holistically support children with autism by both addressing their unique challenges and building on their strengths and interests. This extra focus on the child’s strengths and interests is unique to SimplyFun. It comes from their commitment to finding ways for all children to reach their potential, experience pride in accomplishment, and connect with family and friends.”

SimplyFun has a unique approach to game analysis reviews their game attributes first focusing on strengths and interests, and then focusing on common challenges.

Be sure to check back in a couple of week where we will post our thoughts on some games that we will be receiving for Family Game Night!

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