AViiQ Smart Case for iPad 2

I travel everywhere with my iPad 2. When I first bought my Smart Cover for it, I wasn’t sure what to think about it since it only protected the front of the iPad. AViiQ makes a Smart Case for the iPad 2 that lets you use your Smart Cover to keep the front protected but with the AViiQ Smart Case for the iPad 2, it lets you keep the back of the iPad 2 protected as well.

AViiQ Smart Case for iPad 2


Designed to complement the Smart Cover™ and protect your iPad™ 2 in style. Introducing the best selling AViiQ™ Smart Case for iPad™ 2. Protect your iPad™ 2 with our case made of rugged plastic encased in a solid aluminum plate anodized to match the colors of the Apple® Smart Cover™ making it the perfect iPad 2 case.


Look Feel

Smooth anodized aluminum finish with a hard plastic trim in a variety of colors

The AViiQ Smart Case for iPad 2 has an anodized aluminum black plate which gives you a smooth high quality finish in 7 color options to match and compliment your Apple iPad 2 Smart Cover. Unlike other painted iPad 2 cases, the AViiQ Smart Case is designed to last by minimizing stretches and fading. The hard plastic trim of this iPad 2 case has a smooth finish and protects your iPad 2 from shock and impact.

Cool & Comfortable

Keep your hands cool and comfortable.

The iPad 2 case’s aluminum plate and the ABS plastic work together to dissipate heat from the ipad which minimizes the heat that would normally reach your hands. We know how uncomfortable it can get after long usage so you can enjoy longer hours of cool & comfortable usage.


Surprisingly thin, yet extraordinarily protective.

The AViiQ Smart Case for iPad 2 is made from a very strong and durable ABS plastic shell which protects your iPad 2 from most drops and impact making it the perfect accessory. It is also backed with a thin aluminum plate which provides an additional level of protection and rigidity to minimize the potential of breaking.

Perfect Match

Designed to fit the Apple iPad 2 and Smart Cover perfectly

Have access to all of the Apple iPad 2 features and functions including ports, buttons, camera and speakers without any obstructions. We’ve given all the openings ample space to accommodate a variety of speaker jack connectors, iPad 2 connector accessories such as the case USB and Card Reader add-on accessories. Installation is also simple with our easy snap on design. You can put on and remove your Smart Case effortlessly.

Smart Cover Compatible

Works seamlessly with your Apple iPad 2 Smart Cover

Unlike other iPad 2 Cases which don’t allow you to use your Apple Smart Cover, or are designed to make it difficult to remove your Apple Smart Cover, the AViiQ Smart Case designed to allow you to put on your Apple Smart Cover or remove it in a snap with no complication.

Our thoughts

First out of the package, I do have to say that the fit wasn’t what I was expecting. I have a skin on my iPad that is very thin, paper thin if that. With a cover such as this one, I expected a more solid fit, but it was hard as all get out to get snapped in to place. It seems as if it bows a bit, but once you play around for a while, it finally gets in to place.

DSC_4687 (2)

I like that you can still use your Smart Cover with this case. There is a section on the side that lets your smart cover set perfectly to the case.



On the AViiQ Smart Case for iPad 2, there are cut out’s for the speaker, power button, volume, plug in, lock & camera that is on the back of the iPad 2.


You are still able to use the smart cover and have your iPad 2 sit upright for viewing or use.

DSC_4689 (2)

DSC_4690 (2)

Overall, I like the AViiQ Smart Case for iPad 2; I just wish it was a bit more snug and easier to clip on to the iPad. Great concept, love the choice of colors and I like that I can still use my Smart Cover.


You can purchase the Smart Case for iPad 2 for $49.99 by visiting www.aviiq.com

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