Bangerang Bakeshop Cupcakes *Yummy review & Giveaway!*


Have you ever had a smile delivered to someone? No really – a REAL smile? This is just what I had on my face when I had a delivery to my house this week. I have never, in my life, thought about ordering cupcakes online and having them shipped to someone…. Until now. I had the yummiest experience of Bangerang Cupcakes. I was so giddy when this box arrived, that I decided to video my process of opening this box. Yes, mommy lost her mind, but check this out and you will see why.

Here are the flavors that I received to try out inhale. 509512_290

This listing is for one luscious jumbo Bangerang double chocolate cupcake layered with creamy chocolate buttercream in a 1/2 pint jar topped with chocolate sprinkles.

This extraordinary cupcake is made with Valrhona cocoa powder and pure Scharffen Berger chocolate, hence the “competition” of which incredible mouth watering chocolate will take first place on your palate (honestly though, could their really be a loser here??Lol!) Truly heaven in a jar!



This listing is for one half pint jar (8oz) of CAPTAIN CARROT CAKE CUPCAKE.

CAPTAIN CARROT CAKE CUPCAKE, the world’s greatest cupcake super hero, fighting endlessly against corruption and injustice in the cupcake world. Captain Cupcake…… formidable opponent of baked good evilness everywhere. Because of his healthy ingredients and sweet moist texture his powers are unmatched. Ever ready, Captain Carrot Cupcake is here to save the day! Never fear citizens of the world…the Captain is here!! ;p

O.K. seriously, this is an amazing creation of Bangerang’s that can no longer stay hidden, the ultimate carrot cake, soft, sweet, moist, filled with oh so good for you ingredients topped with cream cheese buttercream frosting. Lots of cupcake and just enough frosting on top….this carrot cake will save the day and will never let you down. Just Like Bangerang Bake Shop..THIS ONE IS HERE TO STAY!!!

It’s HERE! It’s HERE!!!! The superhero of all cupcakes..!!!





I do have to say that I had the CHOCOLATE COMPETITION CUPCAKE™ and enjoyed every bite of it! I was going to give the other cupcake to hubby, but when I had a delivery today from FedEx, I thought ‘Hey, he looks like he needs a snack and since he is always at my house, why not…” Yes, I have a nice side to me to donate this to my hard working delivery driver because they are out there working hard on these nice warm days.

Last year was amazing for Bangerang Cupcakes, as they were featured on the Today Show at Christmas, and blogged about/reviewed on some other great websites!

I love that Bangerang Cupcakes has a fun and yummy recycling program. For every 10 jars you return to Bangerang Bake Shop you will receive 1 free cupcake (shipping costs for the 1 cupcake is also FREE!) with your next order!

Check out Bangerang Cupcake’s website at, as well as their blog

“Fun, Hip, Delicious & Delivered Directly to Your Door, with Extra Smiles on Top!”

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