Basement Home Construction – Making progress!

If you’ve been keeping up with my home remodeling spree, I had to share some quick updates as to where we are at right now. I took the last week to recover from a lung infection, but the progress is moving along nicely!

So far, over the last month, we have gone from this(Having a washer in one room, and a dryer in the other. Talk about a pain!)

This dungey room where the washer once was, is now my new office!

……. to this. (I am not finished, but so far, I am madly in love with the progress that has been made!)


We hired a plumber to come in and replace all of the basement’s OLD galvanized pipes so that the new washer & dryer, as well as the new shower, will be save from the gunk that is in our old pipes. My hopes are to close in the ceiling to cover up most of the exposed cables & pipes.



Now, if you remember, we have a 1900 home, so it’s a 2 story home with a basement… a dungeon of a basement, at that. My goal is to finish off the new shower, finish the wall, install cabinets & a countertop for folding laundry & storage, and put up some walls behind the new washer & dryer. Should we decide to sell our house, this will improve the worth of it by so much!

Stay tuned for more progress! I cannot wait to have an actual laundry room!


  1. starting to take good shape, Tanya. And that piping you are using for the hot and cold water is very cool. We just had some put in the house here in New Hampshire to replace some copper pipe that had gone bad. That pipe you have up now has a 30 year warranty on it, so unless your water is like battery acid, it should outlast the house.
    Looking good! :good: