Organize your pet’s area with the Bergan Wall-Mounted Dispenser

When it comes to Spring Cleaning & Organizing, we always think about our homes and offices, right? What about our pet’s areas where they eat? When I buy cat food for my two kitties {Milano & Oreo} I prefer to buy the larger size 16-20 pound bags because it saves us money. The only drawback to buying the larger bags of cat food is that the bag usually just sits on the floor in the area where the kitties’ food bowls are. I have tripped over this bag more times than I can count, so I started thinking about how I can clean up my pantry area and get this big bag off my pantry floor. I am excited to share with you what I found and what I am already in love with!

Bergan: Wall-Mounted Dispenser

Holding up to 40 lbs of food, the Wall-Mounted Dispenser simply mounts to the wall with the included hardware and mounting template. Just pull the handle and the food comes out! This gives you the ability to control the portion amount, store the food, and make dispensing easy all in one.

We live in a 1900 home, so our closet and pantry space is a bit lacking, which makes us a bit creative when it comes to storage space. When I saw the Wall-Mounted Dispenser, it looked like something that may just be able to help us out, as well as something that could very well provide for other uses within any home. We have a 3 story home (typical 1900 home in the Midwest) with a main level, upstairs and basement. The perfect spot for the Wall-Mounted Dispenser that I could see was in our stairway to the basement. I keep my vacuum cleaner and mops in this area so they are hidden, yet that I still have easy access to, so this made perfect sense for the cat’s pet food dispenser!

So far, I cannot begin to tell you how much I love the Wall-Mounted Dispenser! When I first saw it, I feared it would weigh too much to mount on our walls, which are mostly made of plaster. One the outside of the box, there is a wall plan for where to mark your wall to hang. This was perfect! I cut the section of the box out and marked the wall with the four areas (T shape markings), then I screwed in the screws that were included, placed the dispenser over the screws, opened the lid and poured in the cat food. Easy as pie!

Once I poured the bag of cat food in the dispenser, the pull lever held on nicely! Hubby walked by it and pulled it, not realizing there was cat food in it. 😆 It maneuvers nicely when you pull the lever to get the food out.

After looking at how the Bergan Wall-Mounted Dispenser works, I can totally see this being used in many more ways than just pet food dispensing. We go through so much dry cereal in our house that this would make for a wonderful cereal dispenser for home or for a daycare, office or even a church.

Are you looking for a storage solution for your pet area, or are you looking for an idea on how to utilize the pantry space that you currently have? Bergan can help! Be sure to check out for even more products that can help out that home with pets, a daycare or even a home just like yours!

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  1. This is so neat. We have 2 labs and this would absolutely make my life easier. I will be keeping an eye out for this.

  2. This would certainly clean up a pet area and still allow the owner to keep plenty on hand. Good review!

  3. Sara Phillips says:

    AWESOME!! We have 3 cats and we always have 2 HUGE bags of cat food (one open and one not) in our garage. This would be PERFECT! Thanks so much