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Ever since I built my home office, I have been organizing things left and right, as well as making sure that all my receipts and paper documents are organized. While I have a home scanner, there are times that I may be upstairs and I come across some things that I’d rather scan right there, or I may be traveling and need to scan something, but don’t have access to a scanner. This is where a product comes in to play that has saved my organization and my sanity. My iPad goes just about everywhere with me, so why not turn it in to an iPad scanner? This is where Brookstone’s iConvert® Scanner for iPad Tablet comes in to play. This is a magical tool that is a must for any business traveler!

iConvert® Scanner for iPad Tablet

Brookstone iConvert Scanner for iPad Tablet

Admit it. You have too many piles of receipts, bills and other paper documents.

Tame the paperwork jungle in your life by getting a scanner for your iPad® tablet. Our iConvert® Scanner captures sharp, detailed JPEG images and saves them directly to the photos folder of your iPad or iPad 2 tablet.
Receipts and photos and memos, oh my!

The iConvert Scanner will help you put order to—and prevent you from permanently losing—all the many types of documents in your world. At home, it lets you save family photos, genealogy records, greeting cards, recipes and children’s artwork. At the office, you can archive meeting notes, resumes, renderings and signed contracts. While traveling, the scanner is perfect for digitizing receipts, expense sheets, and business cards. This compact scanner fits easily in your briefcase or backpack, measuring 12.1″w x 4.4″d x 2.8″h and weighing just 1.44 lbs.
Don’t risk accuracy by simply “photographing” your important documents.

Cameras are great at taking pictures of people, places and things. They’re NOT the best choice for capturing detailed images of documents. Using a scanner ensures that you’ll be able to read every letter and number on your receipt and see every tiny detail in a photo or drawing. Shooting a document up close with a camera also frequently introduces distorted angles and unequal sharpness across the photos. By sending your document through a feed scanner, your image is perfect.

The iConvert® Scanner for iPad and iPad 2 tablets scans in high-resolution 300 dpi for clear, crisp JPEG images. The front feeder adjusts from 2″ to 8½” wide to fit most common sizes of photos and documents. The scanner works with a free downloadable app at the App StoreSM. It couldn’t be simpler to use. Just place your iPad tablet on the scanner and easy on-screen prompts guide you through every step—from “scan” (with real-time preview) to “save” or “delete.” Powered via included AC adapter. System requirements: iPad 2 or iPad with iOS 4.3.5 or later.
Your important documents are waiting! Order your iConvert Scanner exclusively at Brookstone today.

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Right out of the box, it was so easy to get started using. The box includes the iConvert® Scanner for iPad Tablet, instructions and a wall cable. I cannot express how many papers flow through my house in a given day. We have numerous papers from my son’s school that he colors, draws, or actual school work that we just don’t have the space to save everything that he makes. I have been using the iConvert Scanner to scan in his school work, saving to a file on my home server so that I can share his creations with friends and family. We no longer have a file cabinet with papers that will just end up in a storage box. There was an instance just last week where my home printer/scanner wasn’t being recognized by my home network, but I needed to scan in some documents and my drivers license for an upcoming trip, so I used my iConvert Scanner. Worked like a champ! When I travel for events, I save receipts, but at times, some get lost in the shuffle. Again, the iConvert saved me. I scanned in a receipt so I wouldn’t have to worry with losing it before I got home, saved it to my iPad photo library and once I got home, I was able to move that image over to my digital files.

It’s easy to get started. First, plug in your iConvert to the wall & get your receipt (document, photograph, pretty much anything that can be scanned)


Put your iPad on top of the iConvert and a screen will pop up that lets you know it is ready to use. You simply insert the receipt or document and it starts scanning. There is a slider guide that you can move to fit the receipt size, or make wider to scan photos or documents.



As the item is scanning, you will see it in live motion. Once it is scanned in, you will see the final scan, accept it (save) and it saves to your photo library within your iPad.


Very easy and highly recommended, especially if you travel a lot like I do. This iPad scanner is right around a pound and easily tucks in to your luggage, case or even your purse. I have a large purse and have toted this with me to meetings. My only suggestion for Brookstone’s iConvert scanner would be to make it wireless or to have the option to have it wall powered or battery powered for those meetings or times that I am on the go and don’t have access to an outlet. The price is just under $150.00, and in my opinion, it is very well worth it. I would say that I use this on a daily basis, sometimes multiple times in a given day. Overall, I LOVE the iConvert iPad Scanner!

You can purchase the iConvert® Scanner for iPad Tablet by visiting for $149.99

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