Frosty the Snowman at Build-A-Bear Workshop! *Giveaway!* (Closed)

Who can deny the adorable face and overall character of Frosty the Snowman? I grew up with Frosty and the holiday classics and I am excited to bring my kids up with the same love and characters. Build-A-Bear is here to help with just that with this adorable plush.


Build-a-bear-logoFrosty came to us all complete with his corncob pipe, broomstick, and red scarf with Frosty the Snowman on it. Frosty’s hat is sewn on the back so it won’t get lost and when it is tipped, his cute cheeks light up and music is played.

Send the perfect holiday gift with this Frosty The Snowman™ stuffed animal. He has soft white fur, gray top hat, rosy red cheeks that light up and make a magic sound. FROSTY THE SNOWMAN ™ & © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc. and Classic Media, Inc. All rights reserved.

We are huge Build-A-Bear fans and go to a location every time we are out. The kids have fun and the prices are really reasonable! The last time we went, Tucker made a panda and got a shirt for him and we walked out spending right around $15.00 total. This holiday season. Build-A-Bear Workshop has so many fun creations that you can gift or keep for yourself.

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What you win

  • ONE (1) winner will receive a Frosty the Snowman from Build-A-Bear, as pictured above

How to enter

  • I would love to hear a Christmas story from you. Do you have a favorite holiday classic you like to watch? Any family holiday traditions?

Extra Entries

  • Twitter the giveaway (copy & paste text below to Twitter. Leave link on comment entry)

I just entered the Build-A-Bear Frosty the Snowman Giveaway #MommyGoggles!


  • Winner will be chosen at Random and backed up by post content.
  • Winner will be contacted via Email. Due to the time constraint to get the winner their Frosty the Snowman before Christmas, if no response in 24 hours, another winner will be drawn
  • For more specifics on how winners are drawn, click here
  • Winners are posted here for reference
  • US entries only
  • Contest ends on December 10, 2009 at 11:59 pm Central Time
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  1. 148

    We let the kids unwrap one gift on Christmas eve.

  2. 149
    Jennifer Jozwiak says:

    We like to watch Mickey’s chistmas carol!

  3. 150
    Veronica Garrett says:

    We love to watch Its A Wonderful Life.

  4. 151

    We love to watch A Christmas Story & bake Christmas Cookies :)

  5. 152

    We watch Frosty together every year and Read Twas the Night before Christmas on Christmas Eve before bed.

  6. 153

    We hang our Christmas stocking about two wks before Christmas. Then we each take turns sneaking a gift into one person’s stocking before Christmas. It’s always fun to see everyone check their stocking to see if there’s a surprise for them that night. We LOVE our stockings. Thanks.

  7. 154
  8. 155

    Our tradition is to watch It’s A Wonderful Life every year. Thanks for the chance to win!

  9. 156
    amy delong says:

    every year we watch the christmas story all day on christmas day,not very exciting but the whole family loves it


  10. 157

    we watch christmas oldie cartoons and sing christmas songs

  11. 158

    We let the kids unwrap one gift on Christmas eve. It’s always new pajamas and slippers so they look super cute for pictures the next morning.

  12. 159

    Twas the Night Before Christmas is our favorite to watch now that we’ve got a kid. She loves it too!

  13. 160

    Thanks much! I am a fan of Build-a-Bear on Facebook.

  14. 161

    Thanks for the opportunity! I love watching Muppet Christmas Carol at Christmas time.

  15. 162

    I’m a facebook fan!

  16. 163
  17. 164

    My parents come from Brazil and they actually stay up and have a huge street party every christmas eve, so every christmas eve, my family has a great christmas eve party. All the family is there, my Mom makes tons of Brazilian treats and we invite our friends to stop by and visit!

  18. 165
  19. 166

    Build a bear facebook fan Jammie Morey

  20. 167

    Our family tradition is always open presents Christmas eve. Then Santa brings the stocking goodies and a few presents which we do CHristmas morning. This way Christmas day we eat and play with all the new presents.

  21. 168

    We love the Polar Express here and can’t wait to see it in 3-D.
    We also have a polyanna every year with my husband’s side and it’s alot of fun!

  22. 169
    Beverly M says:

    we always invite all the kids in neighbohood to bonfire and smores

  23. 170
    Sandy Miresse says:
  24. 171
    Sandy Miresse says:

    I’m a facebook fan of Buildabear.

  25. 172
    Sandy Miresse says:

    My family gets together every Christmas Eve, all 43 of us. It’s the one time each year we are all together.

  26. 173
    Mary Ward says:

    I am a fan of Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer. I have to watch it when it comes on at Christmas time. I won’t buy it or tape it, I only watch it when it’s on it’s original airing for the season. I can recite it line for line . My kids have grown and stopped watching it but I still carry on!

  27. 174
    D. Elmore says:

    We always go to the Christmas Eve service at church. My child just said but we cannot go to their house for Christmas Eve, we have to go to church. I love it!

  28. 175
  29. 176

    We normally go to my hubby’s grandma’s house to eat and open presents.

  30. 177
    Nicole D. says:

    We get all the kids in our extended family together, hand out hot cocoa and candy canes, and my husband reads Twas The Night Before Christmas. The kids look forward to it every year. Thanks!

  31. 178
    Gloria Dornin says:

    A Christmas Story, hands down. It is usually on all Christmas Day

  32. 179
    Annette E says:

    Our tradition is to make cookies for Santa.

  33. 180

    We watch A Christmas Story together. thanks!

  34. 181

    Build-a-Bear fan on FB

  35. 182


  36. 183

    I love counting down the 25 days of Christmas. I just can’t get enough of the wonderful Christmas movies that ABC Family & the Hallmark channel have on every night. Those are the two stations I watch with my son all the way up till Christmas day. Nothing like snuggling up with a warm cup of hot cocoa to watch a Christmas movie.


  37. 184

    I’m a fan of build a bear on facebook

  38. 185

    Our neighbors host an open house on Christmas eve that we attend every year. It’s a lot of fun, everyone just drops by “whenever” for a quick bite and a drink or two.

  39. 186

    my favorite christmas story is a christmas story, we all get together and watch it together every year

  40. 187
    Melissa M. says:

    We love opening the door of our Advent calendar everyday in December. Rather than gifts we always put experiences in the calendar.

  41. 188
  42. 189
    Selinda McCumbers says:

    I watch A Christmas Story each year as I wrap presents! It is the only time my husband will let me watch it!

  43. 190

    Each holiday season Santa brings one piece of our Nativity set every night, starting on Saint Nicholas Day. Each morning, much to the delight of the little ones, a new figure (shepherd, angel, wiseman, etc) has appeared in the manger, ending with the Baby Jesus on Christmas morning. Thank you for the fun give-away.

  44. 191
    Courtney S says:

    I love A Christmas Story. That is one we always watch!

  45. 192
  46. 193
    Jill Myrick says:

    I am a fan of Build A Bear on Facebook as Jill Myrick.


  47. 194
    Jill Myrick says:

    Every year on Christmas Eve we make popcorn and hot cocoa.
    We then gather around the Christmas tree and each open one present. My children know that it will be their Christmas pajamas but I always include a little something special in the box that they don’t know about.
    After we have all put on our pajamas we string popcorn for the tree, sit out cookies for Santa and then it’s off to bed.
    This always gets everyone excited for Christmas morning. And I love the togetherness that it brings to my family.

    Thank you so much for the chance to win.


  48. 195
  49. 196
  50. 197

    We love watching Miracle on 34th Street every year.

  51. 198

    We go to my parents’ house for dinner and open the presents from them.

  52. 199

    We do have a family holiday tradition that has not been broken since I have been alive! The entire family goes to my grandparent’s home for Xmas. After we eat, we do presents. Everyone has to sit somewhere in the living room/hallway (if there is not enough room!) to participate. The youngest child chooses a present and give the present to that person. Then that person opens their present in front of everyone. Then that person has to go to the tree and pick a present for someone else. Then the rundundant cycle keeps going and going. And…..only one present can be opened at a time!! It is actually funny now that I write this! Thanks for the giveaway.

  53. 200
  54. 201
    Chantelle says:

    Our family has a few traditions that I love :) we each open one gift xmas which is always xmas pjs and then in the morning everyone gathers at the house with the youngest kids and eats breakfast :)

  55. 202
  56. 203
    Audra (Snowflake07) says:

    Tweeted (under name SnowflakeDay)

  57. 204
  58. 205
  59. 206
    Nikkie Marie says:

    I jUst want to say that we love build a bear! (Alex has a room full of them) It is such an amazing place to take children (adults as well) THey have everything its so fun to dress up the bears and pick out new outfits for them! I wish we had one in Dubuque, But it does give us an excuse to head to dport :)

  60. 207
    Nikkie Marie says:

    Tweet Tweet
    nikkiekluesner Frosty the Snowman at Build-A-Bear Workshop! *Giveaway!* (12/10) @MommyGoggles
    1 minute ago from web

  61. 208
  62. 209

    I tweeted


  63. 210

    We like to mix it up with the funny movie “National Lampoons Christmas Vacation”, and then follow it up with the feel good movie “It’s A Wonderful Life”


  64. 211

    I am a Build-a-Bear Facebook Fan.

  65. 212

    We have a tradition of putting a chocolate orange (along with other things, including gifts) in each of the four kids’ stockings. The oldest is now out of the house (boo!), but he still asks for that orange in his stocking. The kids just love it.

  66. 213
  67. 214
    hminnesota says:
  68. 215
    hminnesota says:

    we are immigrants so don’t have long back family traditions, but we try to visit family during that break.

  69. 216
  70. 217

    I love to watch Rudolph the red nosed reindeer with my family each year.

  71. 218
    Hayley Locke says:

    I like to watch the original “Grinch who stole Christmas”.

  72. 219
  73. 220

    We love to watch The Bishop’s Wife….a classic Cary Grant film

  74. 221
    Jennifer C says:

    I love A Charlie Brown Christmas. I have the dvd but also love to watch it on TV.

  75. 222

    Every year, we have to watch National Lampoons Christmas Vacation!

  76. 223

    We were just at Build a Bear and boy that snowman is so cute!
    I tweeted your contest here

  77. 224

    We like to read the Christmas story in Luke 2 and are now adding singing carols (now that my child is learning more of them) Thank you for the contest.

  78. 225
    Vicki wurgler says:

    one family holiday tradition for us is cutting down our Christmas tree and then decorate it one night-we play Christmas songs, & eat alot of cookies

  79. 226
    Kelly Ann T. says:

    Our family supports the jingle bell dog walk for our local humane society. We make our dogs’ costumes and then each year everyone gets together on that day to socialize and walk our dogs. We go out to eat afterwords and everyone looks forward to this day.

  80. 227
  81. 228
  82. 229
    elizabeth p says:

    We love the movie Frosty the Snow man. The more current movie that we love is the grinch who stole christmas.

  83. 230

    we have always watched the disney specials, like santa clause 1 and 2 and all the goodies.

  84. 231
    Monique Rizzo says:

    We love having a christmas Wrapping. Thanks for the chance.

  85. 232

    I love how the grinch stole christmas!

  86. 233

    Build a Bear facebook fan M Pineda

  87. 234
  88. 235

    One thing we love to do is eat tamales, dance and stay up until midnight when all the adults give each other a hug and kiss and say Feliz Navidad, even though there not be many gifts or tons of expensive presents under the tree, we celebrate the holiday by being together, eating lots of great food and listening and dancing to merengue, salsa, bachata and cumbia music.

  89. 236
    Patricia White says:

    My family and I watched Hal and Holly on TV the other night and we all loved it! My little one (2 yrs old) loves the snowman everytime she sees it on TV. I need to take her to make her own. I love to spend time with my three children doing things like that! They love to do things to give to others for the holidays. This year they are gathering new PJ’s for other kids that don’t have parents or homes….in foster care and we are going to send them in. We love to do things for others. That is what the holiday is for….giving. Thank you for what you do for others!

  90. 237

    We always have a cookie decorating contest with my mom and sisters and the men and kids vote on which cookies they like the best! My son wants to get his new baby brother a Build-A-Bear toy for Christmas so this would be perfect!

  91. 238

    since i was a kid…we always string cranberries and popcorn for the tree…i still love it

  92. 239

    im already a fan on build a bear on facebook

  93. 240
  94. 241

    I like to go over to my parents during the holiday season you can walk in at any time and my dad will be laughing to the movie christmas story its enough to put a smile on my face!

  95. 242
  96. 243

    Our family always has a baking day. We each make 2-3 different kinds of dough and get together to have a bake-a-thon and share all the cookies with neighbors & friends.

  97. 244

    I’m a fan of Build A Bear on Facebook at Ann Fawehinmi.
    You have the easiest giveaways, and I appreciate it!!

  98. 245
  99. 246

    I can’t watch our favorite movie of the season, which is Home Alone all of the versions of them, but esp. the first two Home Alones.
    brownatural at gmail dot com

  100. 247
    Pat Connors says:

    A Charlie Brown Christmas with my children each year.

  101. 248
  102. 249

    we love to just hang out by the fire and hand out presents. usually my brother-in-law plays santa

  103. 250

    Build A Bear fan on Facebook

  104. 251
  105. 252

    Our holiday tradition was done today — The tree goes up the day after Thanksgiving!!!

  106. 253

    Ever since my kids were young I always took them to have their pictures taken with santa. Now they take their kids and we put all the pictures up on the wall during the holidays.

  107. 254

    We always open all of our gifts on Christmas Eve and have a nice turkey dinner with the family then.

  108. 255
    Linda Kish says:

    I have always liked Frosty the Snowman

    lkish77123 at gmail dot com

  109. 256
  110. 257
  111. 258

    My favorite holiday tradition is to watch A Charlie Brown Christmas.
    I have not missed a year of seeing it for my entire life.

  112. 259

    We always watch Rudolph and Frosty together when they come on regular TV every year.

  113. 260

    We always watch White Christmas and open one gift on Christmas Eve. This started when I was a child and I’ve carried it on with my children and now grandchildren.

  114. 261

    As a former misfit my Christmas story pretty much involves watching Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer every year on tv. Sometimes every night before Christmas. Once Christmas is over I stop and wait until next year and start it all over again.




  115. 262

    As a former misfit my Christmas story pretty much involves watching Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer every year on tv. Sometimes every night before Christmas. Once Christmas is over I stop and wait until next year and start it all over again. Thanks



  116. 263

    As a former misfit my Christmas story pretty much involves watching Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer every year on tv. Sometimes every night before Christmas. Once Christmas is over I stop and wait until next year and start it all over again.



  117. 264
    Monica Lavoie says:

    I love watching the old Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer movie. it brings back good childhood memories.

  118. 265
    Veronica L. says:

    Our favorite Christmas time classics that we love to watch with the children is Rudolph the Reindeer and the classic Santa Claus. and of course just spending time together as a family. Thanks for a great giveaway :)

  119. 266
    Laurie Murley says:

    fan of build a bear on facebook-lmurley2000

  120. 267
    Laurie Murley says:
  121. 268
    Laurie Murley says:

    we always watch the christmas story and laugh ourselves silly, its a tradtion in our house christmas story is the greatest.

  122. 269
  123. 270

    We have all the classics: Frosty, Rudolph, Santa Claus is coming to town. I would say that my favorite, though, is Polar Express. My son used to call is “Po Pex” when he was smaller.

  124. 271

    I always love watching ‘White Christmas’ this time of year! :-)

  125. 272
  126. 273

    My favorite holiday classic is A Charlie Brown Christmas.
    One of our new holiday traditions with the kids is using an Advent Calendar, they have to search everyday for the correct date!

  127. 274

    After visiting with the in-laws on Christmas Eve, we come home and put the kids to bed. While waiting for them to fall asleep (so Santa can come), we open a bottle of wine and sit by the fireplace and relax and talk. It’s a nice change of pace from the hustle and bustle of the holidays, and allows us to enjoy some quiet time together.

  128. 275
  129. 276
    katklaw777 says:

    My Hubby and I wrap the last of the presents on xmas eve and watch It’s a Wonderful Life. We have been doing this for over 20 years. I still watch the old Rudolph short and eagerly await the pulling of the mean creatures And when the kids were little we always read The Night Before Xmas on xmas eve. Great giveaway, thanks!

  130. 277

    Im a facebook fan of build a bear

  131. 278
  132. 279

    I love to watch Home Alone-watched it today in fact

    We make and decorate cookies and gimgerbread houses every year

  133. 280

    Every year when we’re putting up the tree, we always watch the movie Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. I know it’s not technically a Christmas movie, but it’s become a tradition for us. If you’ve never seen this old film, give it a try. It’s clean fun entertainment.

  134. 281
    Margaret Smith says:

    I’m a follower of Build A Bear on Facebook

  135. 282
    Margaret Smith says:

    My favorite Christmas Story is It’s A Wonderful Life. Love this movie. Thanks so much.

  136. 283

    Fan of Build A Bear on Facebook (Eloise Carlson)


  137. 284

    I tweeted:


  138. 285

    My husband and I love to sit down together on Christmas Eve after we put the kids to bed and watch the classic movie Holiday Inn. We started this tradition 5 years ago and it’s something we look forward to every year. Thanks so much for such a wonderful giveaway!


  139. 286

    I don’t know if anyone else would consider it a classic, but I love watching Will Vinton’s Claymation Christmas each year. I’ve loved that special since I was a toddler because it combines humorous claymation with awesome renditions of classic Christmas songs.

  140. 287

    fan of build a bear on fbook


  141. 288
  142. 289

    my family loves to watch HOME ALONE every year after we eat thanksgiving dinner haha such a random tradition but it’s ours!

  143. 290
  144. 291

    I am a bear facebook fan
    Thank you

  145. 292

    We love to watch The Christmas Story together every year on Christmas Eve.
    Thank you

  146. 293
  147. 294

    Fan of B-a-B on FB

  148. 295

    My favorite holiday classic is “Miracle on 34th Street” with the stunning Maureen O’Hara and budding young actress Natalie Wood. LOVE it!