Bye Bye Door! {UPDATE}

I have been SO pleased with the construction team that came in, took the wall down that once used to be a pantry! While they were here this morning finishing up, I had them go ahead and close in the door that is screwed shut in our kitchen. Why close it in? We don’t use the door,and a pantry is going in this area. We decided to put in a temporary wall, more for cosmetic reasons, so the wall will look like an actual wall.




I still have a whoooole lot of work to do, but I am so pleased with the progress that has been made so far. Thank you SO MUCH 1st Construction for all your hard work!

Owning a home is so much fun! It’s like an oversize canvas that I can play with. I will have another full post with more details, but I wanted to get a quick post up for those that are following my progress. Now, the fun part comes… painting & piecing my cabinets & countertop together. If you don’t hear from me soon, please send pizza, brownies & beer. Thanks! 😆

{{UPDATE to add paint, countertop placement, etc.}}

The countertop has not been trimmed yet, the cabinets are not secured in place yet, the upper cabinets need to be hung & the fridge will be moved back a bit to make more walk through room. Otherwise, it looks amazing & is full of space, cabinets, countertop and I am giddy beyond words! Where the pantry is, it looks like that is a tiny space in between the pantry & countertop. Currently, there is over a foot, the doors open all the way and it’s a nice space, but the countertop will be trimmed about 7 inches or so to make more room.


  1. It’s looking really nice. What a big difference!

  2. @Katie, It’s not done yet. We need to trim the countertop by like 7 inches, move the base cabinets down, mount the cabinet, hang upper cabinets. There will actually be 2 1/2 + feet in between the pantry door and the countertop, plenty of room to walk in or reach down to get something out of the bottom of the pantry. For now, it’s just staged so I could get a peek at what it might look like. 😀

  3. It looks beyond amazing!!

  4. I love it! But how do you get the tall pantry door open?

  5. Looks amazing!!! Covering the door makes a HUGE difference.

  6. Seriously, I can not believe the difference made already! Too cool!