Calorie Story: The New Year, New Me Challenge

As you may have seen, the last 6 months I have been working pretty darn hard to get fit and stay that way. I managed to lose 33 pounds in just a short time; about 3 ½ months. I am steadily maintaining that loss, but I am ready to get back on the wagon to lose my last 20 pounds. That will put me at my targeted BMI weight. My fitness nurse would love to see me under my BMI, but I don’t think that’s very healthy looking or appealing, so my goal is 20 more pounds. I can do this! Starting tomorrow (Monday) I am back on the elliptical, back in my sweating attire and back to losing the pounds. I did pretty well over the holidays by not gaining anything, so YAY!!

Here we are, January 2011. It’s time to get healthy, get fit, stay fit and STAY fit & happy!

Here are some pictures of me from June 2010. Yeah. I am beyond embarrassed to show these, however, it is amazing to look back at how far I have come before the New Year.

Blech! Seeing these pictures from a blog event seriously set me over the edge. I already knew that I wanted and needed to lose weight, but seeing these pictures of myself really pushed me to get going even more.

Come August, here was BlogHer 2010. I had just started losing weight and was about 10 pounds down from where I started originally. Going back through those pictures, I was still not liking how I looked or how I felt, but comparing the two months, I was pleased at where I was at in just a month and a half. My weight loss started pretty slow, then started back up once I was home and in my motivational spark. There aren’t a whole lot of pictures from me around this time, full framed. I wasn’t feeling too much like ‘myself‘.

In November, I was approached to work for a company where I was asked to model my clothes that I purchased. I was scared, for the lack of a better word! I set up my camera and the backdrop… then I set the timer, had a frown, sat down in my chair.. POOF, the flash went off. I dreaded to look at the display to see what was there. I was quite happy with how I looked from just a few short months before.

28 pounds down from July. Not too shabby!

Here’s some goofy pictures of myself that I wanted to share. Why am I sharing these? I wanted to share these because when one starts on a goal and starts to accomplish these goals, we start feeling better about ourselves.

This summer, I never would have thought that I would have been able to do goofy pictures and actually post them, nor would I have thought that my hand would fit around my waist area.

What am I telling you now? Well, it is 2011. It is a new year. Why not make it a New Year to a NEW YOU?

I invite you to join me for the New Year, New Me Challenge with CalorieStory! Visit the CalorieStory Facebook app and take your public pledge for January. Each pledge is unique to you; it could be pledging to do take a 30 minute walk, 3 times a week; or giving up fast food; or even taking the stairs each Monday.

I am starting the New Year 33 pounds DOWN from where I was in July. That, alone, stokes me to lose more and get to where I need to be!

After you take your pledge, CalorieStory will keep you on track and also let you share your progress with your friends; you can even invite them to join you on your pledge. With the support and participation of your friends and CalorieStory’s super-easy calorie counter built right into Facebook; this January will be different.

I have seen so many friends talk about how tired they are, how they wish they had the energy to work out, how they wish their pants weren’t tight and how they wish they could simply lose weight.

My advice to them, and to you: Get up and get moving! December was very hard on me with the loss of my granddaddy and traveling for about 3 weeks out of the month of December, but no matter what the time, no matter the location – you can do it! Today is YOUR day. You CAN do it. You WILL do it! Why? Because you know you can!

Join me as I venture my quest to toss these pounds and get healthy, get fit, get happy and stay happy & fit!

If you’d like, please sign up for the free CalorieStory Facebook app and let’s get losing today – together and visit for more information. You are not alone. Contact me if you need any motivation or support.

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  2. I follow on twitter(donnak4)

  3. I want to feel better and have more energy.

  4. Michelle H. says:

    I actually have lost weight after having several babies, but I have those few final pounds to go .

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  9. James Coyne says:

    I have high blood pressure and cholesterol . I can stand to lose weight

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    Why I would love to loose weight & get ………..because I hate all the helath problems that come with being overweight.
    Problem is I am a binge eater!
    I suffer from depression & tend to turn to food for comfort!
    Food addiction is hard to overcome because you can quit drink & survie but you need food.
    I was doing better on Splenda buit went back to sugar & gained 10 pounds back.
    What is so hard for me is the binge eating & sleep eating.
    I was bulimic went I was in my teens.
    Now, sometime I binge but do not purge!
    I am around 222 right now & would love to learn from this book!

  16. My doctor wants me to lose 20 lbs and I would like to lose a little more.

  17. I follow you on twitter – ncschools.

  18. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve been gradually adding the pounds and I don’t like the way I look now. I need to lose some weight to feel better about myself.

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  20. I need to lose about 15 lbs, but giving up carbs is my biggest problem. This sounds like a diet for me.

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  23. You look great Mine reason for losing weight is to just feel better physically and emotionaly and to keep up with my kids

  24. Heather w says:

    I’d love to win this bc it seems right up my alley! I need to lose weight to feel comfortable in my skin again
    Lovefool827 (at) yahoo (dotcom)

  25. Shelley Mitchell says:

    I’d like to loose 10 more pounds. I lost 16 already but am stuck now. Carbs seems to be my enemy so I would absolutely love to try this book. Carbs are my weakness and to get a book that could help me diet with carbs would be wonderful! My fingers are crossed on this one!!

    msjem2001 at yahoo dot com

  26. Melissa B. says:

    I want to get fit before I turn 40, because it won’t be easy to do it afterwards.

  27. Angela Winesburg says:

    I want to lose weight so I feel better about myself, thanks!

  28. Ed Nemmers says:

    I want to wear a velvet thong.

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  30. I’d like to lose weight and get fit so I would have more energy and enjoy trying on new clothes. Congratulations on your progress!

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    egenevieve at hotmail dot com

  32. I’d like to lose weight for the new year to feel better about myself and to be able to run faster!

    egenevieve at hotmail dot com

  33. Stacy Kasse says:

    How generous of you to give something away…thank you! I’d like to give away MY weight LOL.I would like to be a role model for my students and FINALLY in the pictures that they will always have in their scrapbooks (do they do those any more) have a picture of a healthy teacher.
    Thank you again.
    stacy kasse

  34. I’ve had some physical problems that have contributed to my weight gain over the last few years (or I’ve used them as an excuse for that weight gain). This year I need to regain some flexibility and strength and have started an exercise program. Carbs are my weakness, however, and I need to find the proper diet for me. I’d love to have a copy of this book. mcgillrmcgill(at)charter(dot)net

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    Great job on your weight loss!! You look great!! :good:

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    You did an awesome job losing weight! You look great!

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  40. I am short and now that I have gained weight it doesn’t want to come off. I was pretty much always small and the right weight except when I was having a baby. Now that my back is causing pain everyday in my life ,it so tough losing weight ,add on that I am older its even tougher. I need to lose weight ,maybe the pain will decrease and I know I will be healthier. This book is interesting ,count me in ,I want to be a new ,thinner me in 2011!!

  41. I need to be a healthy weight before I get pregnant again

  42. i would like to take this challenge!! I thunk i might sign up

  43. You motivate me to want to lose weight. Holy donut holes, there is no way you have to lose another 20.(oops, did I really just make a food reference) Clearly I need to diet.

  44. I want to start eating healthier so I put on “healthy” weight.

  45. id like to lose weight because i have a few pounds to spare and i desperately need to get in better shape. id love to feel confident in a swimsuit

  46. I want to be healthy so I can lead a full life and do whatever God put me here for
    crazyred61 at yahoo dot com

  47. if feel old and disgusting. Lying on the couch during Christmas break I felt like a lazy mother. I want to have enough energy to get off the couch and play with the kids.

  48. Anne Marie says:

    WOW! I am so glad i found your site and this post. I am committed to losing 10 pounds each quarter this year (really hoping to do 15, but want to be realistic). I started working out last year but did not change my diet – yikes! My problem is portion – I love seconds! You look wonderful! So happy to hear you feel wonderful too! I feel great from working out – and am really recommitted to 4 times a week PLUS dieting. You are an inspiration! Thanks!

  49. Christine says:

    10lbs of weight loss will help my arthritis

  50. to feel better

  51. you did a great job! You can really see a difference in just a few short months

  52. WTG girl! You look absolutely fabulous! Good luck on the last little bit, you definitely have the discipline and you can do it!

  53. You look GREAT! Very pretty!
    I am 55 and recently got RA which I manage with exercising every day with hubby. We walk in our hilly area for almost 3 miles and I HAVE to. I also eat low carb because I HAVE to. I do make almond flour quick bread which REALLY helps. Low carb is great cause I don’t get hungry and I can still eat and am healthier-plus, it makes me look younger, too. I think everyone needs to find what works for them. I am determined to look good at any age, too!
    You are doing a great job and found what works for you. With what you are doing does come better health and energy, too. Very impressive!

  54. Girl, I am seriously so proud of you. I know that you did this ultimately for yourself and I’ve seen the changes come to life in more than just a “physical” aspect. You keep working hard! <3

  55. You have done a really good job loosing the weight. I am sure you will reach that last 20 lbs easily!

  56. I lurve you babe! You are my inspiration! <3

  57. Congratulations! You look phenomenal! Wow, I can’t believe you need to lose another 20 lbs or that 30 could make such a great difference.

    I am committed to losing 70. One day at a time and I assume it will be more than a year, but I WILL lose it, NOW, and tomorrow too – but starting about 2 weeks ago actually.

    Thank you for bringing this app to my attention. I will go sign up.

    Daria @ Mom in Management