Almost to my goal! {Calorie Story}

I have been stuck at a weightloss plateau for a couple of weeks now. Plateaus can be quite annoying, but I am glad to have been stuck, than to gain any weight back. I stepped on the scale this morning and was happy giddy as can be to see that I am down another 2.5 pounds! That puts me just at 14 pounds until my goal! :yahoo:

I bought a new pair of Lucky Brand jeans and those are my goal jeans. When I received them, I tried them on, but wasn’t able to even pull them up. Why did I do this? Motivation, baby! Well, just this weekend, I tried them on again. I was able to put them on zip them up! Now, I had a muffin top 😆 but that made my self confidence & my motivation rise so much more!

What are you doing to get healthy for the New Year? I have been counting calories, watching what I eat, not eating past 6pm, increasing my water intake {I love lemon in my water!}.

You can lose along with me. Visit the CalorieStory Facebook app and let’s get losing today. You can also check out for more information. You are not alone. Contact me if you need any motivation or support!


  1. Way to go! I’m trying to lose weight, but my body keeps thwarting my efforts. It’s highly frustrating.

  2. HUGE accomplishment! I love to hear peoples weight loss stories. It motivates me! I have just started working on losing weight this week and it is a struggle at first!! If it were only warm all year long so I could do all the active things I want to do! haha

  3. Hurrah, the Lucky’s are on. We really do make our own luck, don’t we? And yep, the pun was intended. 😉 Congrats on getting so far with your goal so fast, I’m thrilled for you!