Captain Planet returns on February 25!


Tucker watched Captain Planet for the first time just about a month ago and he is madly in love with this group of characters! You can watch Captain Planet on, which is an Earth-first Web site with environmental news, insights and expert contributors. 

Back in the early 90’s Captain Planet and the Planeteers were fighting eco-threats and saving the Earth from pollution, global warming and eco-villians such as Verminous Skumm and Looten Plunder.  Decades later, just when we need Captain Planet more than ever, he is back with the release of 20 classic episodes as part of a Web-only series on Mother Nature Network (


Captain Planet was the world’s first animated eco-superhero from the 90’s, created by Ted Turner.  The series had an all-star voice cast, including Elizabeth Taylor, James Coburn, Martin Sheen, Whoopi Goldberg, Meg Ryan, Sting, Jeff Goldblum, Neil Patrick Harris, Tim Curry, Helen Hunt and more. 

  • Captain Planet returns on Wednesday, Feb. 25 as a Web-only series on the newly launched Mother Nature Network (;

Captain Planet has a large global following with more than 176,000 fans on Facebook:  This is the perfect time for kids to be introduced to Captain Planet’s eco-lessons and moms to enjoy the eco-hero they knew and loved. 

If you have an action hero in your house, like I do mine, be sure to check out  ( for Captain Planet on Wednesday, Feb. 25 as a Web-only series on the newly launched Mother Nature Network.



  1. I remember Captain Planet, loved that show. This is a great website!